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July 23, 2019
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Logitech Reveals First PS3 ChillStream Controller
10.04.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
IT GlobalSecure Announces Game Security Training Program
10.03.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Konami Overturns Patent Ruling
Konami has been granted a controversial patent in Europe for its passing system in soccer games, despite the European Patent Convention (EPO) insistence that methods for playing video games cannot be patented.
10.01.06 | News | David Jenkins |  
Column: 'The Euro Vision: Sweet Music Meets Hard Cash'
The latest edition of Gamasutra's regular 'The Euro Vision' column sees journalist Jon Jordan musings on the disconnect between US and European games companies when it comes to raising investment.
09.26.06 | News | Jon Jordan |  
Letters To The Editor: From Story To Ahhhnuld
Gamasutra has compiled recent Letter To The Editor feedback to some of our notable features and opinion pieces, including Ernest Adams on why "a poorly-integrated story... is a sign of lazy design", David Lannan on Terminator: Future Shock's non-ap
09.11.06 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
AGC: MMO Personalities 'Rant' On Industry
The "MMO Rant" at this year's Austin Game Conference again spawned all kinds of dirty talk, with Gordon Walton and Rich Vogel from BioWare Austin, NCSoft's Scott Jennings and more spewing heartily about the state of massively multiplayer games.
09.06.06 | News | John Henderson, Austin |  
Serious Game To Address Drug Abuse In Children
Virtual experience behavior modification gaming provider, WILL Interactive, has announced Generation Rx, an interactive gaming simulation aimed at addressing the national epidemic of prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse among children betwe
08.28.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Release This: 'Ultimate Saints 'n Tingle'
Our regular column looks at a rapidly heating-up release schedule, with the United States getting Saints Row, Disgaea 2, and Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, while Europe grabs Gangs of London and Japan sees Phantasy Star Univers
08.27.06 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Product: Intel Announces Multi-Core Threading Tools
08.27.06 | News | Simon Carless |  
An Update on Microsoft's Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera Technology
Gamasutra explores the Xbox 360 Live Vision camera's features, its upcoming software, and a number of middleware tools, including depth perception capability from GestureTek that could threaten the unique capabilities of Nintendo's Wii.
08.18.06 | Feature | Frank Cifaldi |  
Feature: Inside the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera
08.17.06 | News | Frank Cifaldi |  
Immersion Continues Loss, Pushes TouchSense For PS3
08.03.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Anascape Files Patent Suit Against Microsoft, Nintendo
Texas-based firm Anascape Ltd has filed a suit against both Nintendo and Microsoft in a Texas district court for infringement on no less than twelve game controller-related patents, the latest in a number of patent suits filed in the game biz recently.
08.03.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Round Up: NHL 2K7 Soundtrack, Wild Hare, MoSys & Wii
08.01.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Product: Bigfoot Networks Releases Killer NIC White Paper
07.26.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Sony Patent Shows EyeToy Spatial Controller
07.19.06 | News | David Jenkins, Simon Carless |  
Sony Licenses Videoconferencing For PlayStation Products
07.19.06 | News | David Jenkins |  
Sony Consoles Targeted In Semiconductor Patent Suit
Pennsylvanian electronics company Agere Systems has filed a lawsuit against Sony for alleged infringement of eight of its semiconductor patents, targeting products including the PlayStation line of consoles.
07.13.06 | News | David Jenkins |  
Analysts Further Speculate On PS3 Protection
07.10.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Immersion Polls Gamers On PS3 Rumble
07.05.06 | News | Simon Carless | 1 Number of Comments 
Mobile Game Analysis Firms Commence Litigation
06.18.06 | News | Simon Carless |  
MoSys Confirms Wii Technology; New Wii Trademarks
Officials from electronics firm MoSys have confirmed that Nintendo?s Wii console will be using the company?s patented 1T-SRAM technology, as Nintendo of Japan trademarks more mysterious Wii-related nomenclature.
06.18.06 | News | David Jenkins |  
Wii To Use NEC Electronics' Embedded DRAM
06.18.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  

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