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July 18, 2019
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Former Rockstar North chief Leslie Benzies establishes new studio
Former Rockstar North president and Grand Theft Auto V producerLeslie Benzies is trying to engineer a move back into the games industry after allegedly being forced out of Rockstar.
01.22.17 | News | Chris Kerr | 1 Number of Comments 
Nintendo patent apps suggest Switch has a touchscreen (and maybe more)
A handful of patent applications filed by Nintendo regarding its Switch consolehave today been published online, and they include talk about everything from a touchscreen to a head-mounted VR device.
12.14.16 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
Investors put $4M into new game streaming startup LiquidSky
Samsung and others have poured $4 million in funding into LiquidSky, a startup that aims to stream access to high-powered virtual PCs to mobile devices -- chiefly to play demanding PC games.
09.26.16 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Following Valve's lead, Oculus is adding a VR boundary system for Touch
Oculus' Nate Mitchell has confirmed that the company plans to add a virtual boundary system for Touch development in its next SDK update.
09.13.16 | News | Bryant Francis |  
British Telecom is taking Valve to court over patent infringement
British Telecom, a multinational communications firmborn over 150 years ago as the world's first public telegraph company, hasfiled a lawsuit against Valve alleging violation of multiple BT patents.
08.30.16 | News | Alex Wawro | 12 Number of Comments 
If the rumor about the NX is true, what does that mean for Nintendo?
Is the NX really going to be a mobile/console hybrid with an NVIDIA Tegra and detachable controllers? Gamasutra staffers weigh in on the latest rumor that's set gamerdom aflame.
07.28.16 | News | Staff | 15 Number of Comments 
Starbreeze's latest acquisition is a VR/AR toys-to-life company
Swedish game company Starbreeze is adding another acquisition to its books with the purchase of ePawn, a French firm that takesvirtual reality, augmented reality and toys-to-life tech as its remit.
06.29.16 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Patent filing teases Magic Leap virtual reality headset
A new patent from mixed-reality outfit Magic Leap has given us a glimpse at what the company?s first virtual reality device might look like.
06.07.16 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Texas court affirms game mechanics not protected under copyright law
A Texas judge ruling on DaVinci Editrice S.R.L. vs. Ziko Games, LLC has upheld that board game Legend of the Three Kingdoms does not violate copyright law despite being a clone of Bang!
05.30.16 | News | Bryant Francis | 12 Number of Comments 
Nintendo staves off latest in conga line of patent lawsuits
The US Appeals Court upheld the US Patent and Trademark Office's striking down of a patent on manufacturing technology from Motion Games LLC
05.10.16 | News | Bryant Francis | 1 Number of Comments 
Nintendo fends off 3DS tech lawsuit following retrial
"Nintendo [will] aggressively defend patent lawsuits when our products do not infringe, even when we must do it over many years and through multiple trials."
04.25.16 | News | Chris Kerr | 2 Number of Comments 
Nintendo fends off Wii Remote patent suit appeal
Nintendo has defended itself against a lawsuit that alleged its Wii Remote technology infringed upon patents obtained by UltimatePointer.
03.02.16 | News | Chris Kerr |  
There's a new game streaming service entering beta today: Utomik
The startup's "Netflix for games" platform is entering open beta today at the (temporary) price of $6/month for unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 games.
02.28.16 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
Ubisoft and EA lock horns over 'Ghost' trademark
Ubisoft has contacted the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to stop EA trademarking the word "Ghost", according to a thread on NeoGAF.
01.31.16 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Sony's 'Let's Play' trademark looking dead after second rejection
The company's attempt to trademark the widely used term for use with its PlayStation consoles seems dead in the water for good, this time.
01.26.16 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
EA fails to trademark Unravel in the U.S.
EA has failed to trademark the name of its upcoming 2D platformer, Unravel, in the U.S. because of a "likelihood of confusion" with a children's board game.
01.21.16 | News | Chris Kerr | 1 Number of Comments 
What legal experts think of Sony's 'Let's Play' trademark claim
We asked several attorneys with expertise in patents and intellectual property to weigh in on Sony's attempt to trademark the term 'Let's Play.'
01.17.16 | News | Chris Baker | 4 Number of Comments 
Law firm formally protests Sony's 'Let's Play' trademark attempt
The McArthur Law Firm, which specializes in video game law, is making a show of formally protesting Sony Computer Entertainment's recent attempt to trademark the term "Let's Play."
01.14.16 | News | Alex Wawro | 5 Number of Comments 
Sony's attempts to own 'Let's Play' rebuffed by Patent and Trademark Office
Sony Computer Entertainment America has tried, and failed, to trademark the term 'Let's Play."
01.10.16 | News | Chris Kerr | 6 Number of Comments 
Nintendo prevails in Mii patent case
Judge throws out company's patent claim wholesale -- so never had to decide if Nintendo's arguments were necessary.
12.20.15 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
Patent owner sues EA, Activision, Zynga, and more over sports games
Reports suggest that Virtual Gaming Technologies, LLC is aggressively pursuing a number of publishers over patents relating to realtime data reporting in games.
12.14.15 | News | Christian Nutt | 9 Number of Comments 
New game jam celebrates the return of the interactive loading screen
Indie developer Kai Clavier has organized the first loading screen game jam of the millennium, celebrating the expiry of a patent filed by Namco that forbade the use of interactive loading screens.
12.02.15 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Rejoice! Namco's patent on loading screen minigames expires today
For 20 years, Namco has held a dubious patent on ?auxiliary games? that play while the main game loads. The patent?s period of exclusivity finally runs out today.
11.26.15 | News | David Hoppe |  
7 great minigames that game developers should study
An engaging minigame can deepen a players engagement in the overarching game. We look at 7 instructive examples that game developers should examine closely.
11.22.15 | News | Bryant Francis | 21 Number of Comments 
Nintendo wins lawsuit over the same patent twice in two years
Nintendo beats patent firms Patriot Scientific Corporation, Phoenix Digital and Technology Properties Limited for the second year running. It's the same case, in a different place.
11.15.15 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 

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