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July 23, 2019
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Sony Sued By US University
10.26.03 | News | David Jenkins |  
3DO’s Army Men Sold!
08.18.03 | News | David Jenkins |  
Immersion Settles with Microsoft
Immersion resolved its patent dispute with Microsoft which agreed to pay a total of $35 million for licensing rights to Immersion's sense-of-touch (haptic) technology.
07.29.03 | News |  
An Interview With Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford's resume in the industry is impressive, including time at (the original) Atari, co-founding the Computer Game Developers Conference, developing the old classic, Balance Of Power. Yet his outspoken views on the industry have made him a somewhat controversial figure. In this interview, he speaks up about the direction the industry's going, what's wrong with it, and what it might take to fix it.
06.04.03 | Feature | Simon Carless |  
Audio for Mobile Devices
Over the past few years, many advances have been made in audio for console and PC games, for good reason: the hardware is evolving quickly and now supports impressive audio capabilities. In contrast, the audio capabilities of cell phones and other mobile platforms are limited. Fortunately the functionality of these devices is growing by leaps and bounds, and that's beginning to offer some interesting possibilities for game developers. This article outlines the current and emerging audio technologies available for games in the mobile marketplace, via a survey of mobile audio development, authoring and player technologies from a high-level perspective.
05.28.03 | Feature | Martin Wilde | 1 Number of Comments 
Macrovision Reveals SafeDisc-DVD
05.15.03 | News |  
NovaLogic Appoints New Member To Board of Directors
NovaLogic has announced that John Fitzgerald has joined the company's Board of Directors.
01.27.03 | News |  
GDC 2002: Game Scripting in Python
Scripting languages allow rapid development of game behavior without the pitfalls that await the unwary C++ programmer. Using an existing scripting language saves the time and cost of developing a custom language, and typically gives you a far more powerful language than you could create on your own. Python is an excellent choice for a game scripting language because it is powerful, easily embedded, can seamlessly be extended with C/C++ code
08.20.02 | Feature | Bruce Dawson | 1 Number of Comments 
Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Seven, Security is Relative
Security in cyberspace is a different kettle of fish compared to many computer systems. Cyberspace entertainment only has to be useful to the majority of its users --entertaining. That means it can tolerate a small amount of vandalism still remain useful. This is quite unlike a system required for commerce. We still have a headache of course, but at least we only need to keep the system around 90 percent clean, rather than 99.99 percent. Of course we?ll still strive to stamp out corruption, but our system failure threshold is more achievable than one might at first assume.
08.04.02 | Feature | Crosbie Fitch |  
Infogrames Snags Shiny -- For $47 Million
Interplay found a buyer for its Shiny Entertainment unit, possibly saving the publisher from financial collapse.
04.24.02 | News |  
Intellectual Property: The Game of Swords and Shields
Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets present variations on the theme of securing ownership rights to a wide assortment of intangible creations. This article presents a summary of general principles of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret law.
03.21.02 | Feature | Stephen Rubin |  
Paraform Announces Paraform 3.0
02.20.02 | News |  
Immersion Fiscal Results Show Growing Reliance On Royalty Revenue
Immersion, the developer and licensor of haptic feedback technology which yesterday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft and Sony, announced its Q4 and fiscal 2001 results.
02.11.02 | News |  
Immersion Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Microsoft, Sony
Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of haptic feedback technology, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc, and Sony Computer Entertainment of America.
02.10.02 | News |  
Canadian Firm Files Four Patents Related To 3D Graphics
IPROS Corporation, designs and develops leading edge mathematical co- processors, announced that it filed series of patents by the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva (, which could have consequences for game developers.
12.11.01 | News |  
Alias Wavefront Granted Five New Patents
Several of Alias Wavefront’s employees have recently been granted patents from the U.S. Patent Office for innovations in 3D animation and surface modeling software development.

12.05.01 | News |  

Nvidia, E&S Enter Into Technology Sharing Agreement
Nvidia and Evans & Sutherland today announced a strategic alliance comprising three elements.
10.16.01 | News |  
Exploring the Business Side of Making Games
The game industry is driven by highly intelligent, creative people and, usually, undisciplined managers elevated to their roles through the demonstration of exceptional abilities relating to software development -- not project management. Di Davies looks at project management from a non-game industry perspective.
09.06.01 | Feature | Dianna Davies | 2 Number of Comments 
Microsoft, Xbox Technologies Settle Trademark Dispute
Microsoft has prevailed in its trademark-dispute case with software holding company Xbox Technologies over the use of the Xbox name for Microsoft's upcoming console.
06.17.01 | News |  

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