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July 19, 2019
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Symantec Granted Patent On Software Patches, But Says It Won't Enforce
Symantec announced that it was granted two patents on technology for updating software via the Internet, which could allow the company to collect royalties from companies -- including game developers and publishers -- that employ similar techniques.
02.08.01 | News | Alex Dunne |  
Gamecom To Acquire Global VR
Arlington, TX-based GameCom announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Global VR, a manufacturer of PC-based virtual reality arcade games.
01.09.01 | News | Alex Dunne |  
Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Five, Stability Before Security
If most of your game was public domain, the players would support the majority of it themselves. Players would have to petition the Open Source community to improve the stability and security of the infrastructure. Players would pay their ISPs to deliver the software and host the servers. You just sell the game content.
12.25.00 | Feature | Crosbie Fitch |  
3dfx Sells Out
In the wake of increasing losses, 3dfx is planning to close its doors.
12.14.00 | News |  
3dfx Rulings
10.15.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Xbox Trademark Dispute
09.21.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Aureal Buyout Approved
09.21.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Sony Court Date
09.05.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
3dfx Defense
08.29.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Nvidia Sues 3dfx
08.27.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Dance Dance Suit
08.17.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Designer's Notebook: Breaking the Rules (Ernest Goes To The Movies)
As a game designer you have to be very sensitive to what your audience will and won't put up with. It's not credibility; most computer games aren't remotely credible. I can only describe it in terms of its opposite: when a game doesn't have it, its players frequently yell "Bull!" at the screen and throw down the controller.
07.05.00 | Feature | Ernest Adams |  
Sony Drops Suit
06.29.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Chopping Down the Tech Tree: Perspectives of Technological Linearity in God Games, Part Two
In the second part of his detailed look at technological evolution as it relates to God Games, Ethan Watrall, a trained archaeologist, tackles a new set of variables that influence the development of a society -- including science, religion, politics, and war.
06.06.00 | Feature | Ethan Watrall |  
The Blobs Go Marching Two by Two
The challenge of accurately modelling organic shapes and the they way they slop, splash, waddle and plop has caused many game artists to crumple under the pressure of recreating such phenomena. Jeff Lander shows how to use meta-goop to create and manipulate organic objects.
05.21.00 | Feature | Jeff Lander |  
Connectix Decisions
05.16.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Sega Import Investigation
04.19.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
3dfx, Intel Cross-License
04.03.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
GDC Wrap-Up: Graphics at GDC
This year's Game Developer Conference offered ten to twenty parallel tracks of keynotes, lectures, workshops and roundtables, complemented by up to six sponsored sessions, some of which covering a full day - and all that following two days of full-day tutorials. Such an abundance of offerings forces attendees to cull and prioritize, and Bernd Kreimeier, our graphics eyes at the conference, had a distinct preference for OpenGL.
03.28.00 | Feature | Bernd Kreimeier |  
Aureal Turmoil
03.26.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Rambus Names Sega
03.26.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Two, Cyberspace and Twelve Monkeys
If there were any doubts about the inevitability of the Internet's potential, Crosbie has set out to undermine them in this essay about building "cyberspace." (Did you know that term is still around?)
03.12.00 | Feature | Crosbie Fitch |  
03.06.00 | News | Quang Hong |  
Nova Logic Patented
02.17.00 | News | Quang Hong |  

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