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August 18, 2019
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Nintendo prevails in another patent suit, defending its handheld systems
The DS, 3DS, and Game Boy Advance are safe -- as Nintendo successfully defends against a patent infringement suit in an Oakland, California court.
07.20.15 | News | Christian Nutt |  
GameFly launches streaming service, exclusively on Amazon's Fire TV
GameFly has launched -- in a limited fashion -- a brand new game streaming service. Packages range from $6.99 for access to seven games, to $9.99 for access to 16.
06.01.15 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Nintendo comes out on top in latest Wii balance board patent case
Nintendo won another patent lawsuit this week after plaintiffs Ithaca Development and Ithaca Ventures withdrew their 2013 Seattle federal court case over Nintendo's Wii Balance Board peripheral.
05.18.15 | News | Alex Wawro |  
PlayStation Now continues rollout to PS3, with Vita not far behind
Sony confirms that in less than two weeks, its streaming service will roll out to the PlayStation 3... and is already playable on Vita.
05.03.15 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Sony buys OnLive's patents; the service, and company, will shut down
OnLive was once a pioneer in game streaming. Now, after a crash and a rebirth, the company is ceasing operations entirely -- as Sony acquires its patent portfolio.
04.01.15 | News | Christian Nutt | 4 Number of Comments 
How games can shape American culture - and vice versa
Mushroom 11 developer Julia Keren-Detar gave a brief a history of early American board games today at GDC, and showed how the games we make influence (and are influenced by) culture.
03.04.15 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Sponsored: Can great game delivery help avoid an early trip to the discount bin?
The way that you deliver a game -- how you package it up and get it into the hands of your audience -- is critical to defining an exceptional game experience. How will your experience keep them coming back for more?
02.22.15 | News | Jason Thibeault | 1 Number of Comments 
2015: The year we get loading screen mini-games back
Namco patented the loading screen mini-game after including Galaxian in the release of the first Ridge Racer for PlayStation. 2015 is when that patent expires.
01.11.15 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Nintendo wins patent lawsuit aimed at the Wii Remote
UltimatePointer has patents for hand-held pointing devices, with which it said it planned to market laser pointers for business use. Apparently the court didn't see the connection to the Wii.
12.22.14 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Nintendo prevails in yet another patent suit
Though it suffered a major setback in a case against Philips recently, the video game giant has yet again won a case that could have stopped sales of the Wii U.
12.18.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
5 events that shook the game industry in 2014
As the year winds down around us, we zero in on five specific events that rocked the industry in 2014.
12.15.14 | News | Alex Wawro, Kris Graft | 79 Number of Comments 
Nintendo and Philips come to terms, ending lengthy patent fight
Nintendo has signed a patent licensing agreement with Dutch technology giant Philips, closing out a series of patent disputes between the two companies that's been brewing since 2011.
12.01.14 | News | Alex Wawro |  
The game design ramifications of violence
"I'm looking forward to a future in which we're more conscientious about the messages we're putting forward in our media, and I'm also looking forward to games that are patently more novel and interesting."
11.04.14 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Report: China opening intellectual property courts
The country is notoriously hard to do business in, and one reason is that it has a famous disregard for copyrights. Will that change?
11.02.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
New social issue games tackle education, big pharma
Subaltern Games' No Pineapple Left Behind and Twice Circled's Big Pharma are two new games that represent a humorous, provocative approach to social issues.
10.23.14 | News | Leigh Alexander | 26 Number of Comments 
Blog: How to name a game in 5 steps
"It took us almost 4 years to name our game. The process had me adding the US Patent and Trademark Search to my browser bar, and murmuring awful name ideas like 'Savant Horizon' in my sleep."
09.25.14 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Judge invalidates patents, freeing pubs and devs from lawsuits
A production company called Planet Blue has sued a huge number of game companies over the years -- but under new patent law, its patents have been invalidated and its claims dismissed.
09.24.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 11 Number of Comments 
There's a patent battle brewing between Capcom and Koei Tecmo
The two Japanese game companies are gearing up for a legal battle over a 2002 Capcom technology patent that governs how game makers can distribute new content to people who own their games.
08.25.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 4 Number of Comments 
Tribe hopes to foster a new genre of games with Velvet Sundown
What if an adventure game was multiplayer? Tribe Games has spent four years building a platform that can answer that question, and now its hoping to kickstart a new genre of drama games.
08.21.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 5 Number of Comments 
Ubisoft comes out on top in DRM patent lawsuit
Ubisoft has won favorable summary judgement from a U.S. District Court judge that allows it to extricate itself from a long-running legal tussle over DRM patents relating its Uplay service.
06.30.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
After losing patent suit, Nintendo plans appeal
Dutch electronics giant Philips prevailed against Nintendo in UK court, in one of several patent cases it has filed -- but the Japanese console manufacturer isn't taking the loss.
06.22.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
Nintendo loses motion control lawsuit to Philips
Dutch electronics giant Philips has won a patent infringement case against Nintendo, with patents related to the Japanese manufacturers Wii technology.
06.19.14 | News | Mike Rose | 4 Number of Comments 
Nintendo triumphs against yet another patent troll
It feels like Nintendo prevails against patent trolls every other month at the moment -- the company has already beaten three this year, and has just added a fourth to that total.
06.15.14 | News | Mike Rose | 2 Number of Comments 
Nintendo beats another patent troll
Nintendo has triumphed in another patent case -- this time beating a company in Japan at the same time its patents were vacated in the U.S., forcing a dismissal.
05.18.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 5 Number of Comments 
Wizards of the Coast files lawsuit against digital TCG 'clone'
Board game company Wizards of the Coast has filed a lawsuit against Cryptozoic Entertainment, claiming that digital card game Hex: Shards of Fate is a clone of Magic: The Gathering.
05.14.14 | News | Mike Rose | 21 Number of Comments 

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