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May 26, 2019
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Zynga sued over use of personalized game content patents
Intellectual property developer Personalized Media Communications has sued social games giant Zynga in the U.S. District Court, citing infringement of four of its patents.
02.12.12 | News | Mike Rose | 13 Number of Comments 
Virtual Goods - An Excerpt from Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics
Exactly what defines a successful virtual item? Certain Affinity's Tim Fields and Portalarium's Brandon Cotton examine the different types of items that players buy and why -- taking a look at successful games on the market and exploring players' mindsets.
02.09.12 | Feature | Tim Fields,Brandon Cotton | 8 Number of Comments 
Oklahoma bill proposes extra tax on violent games
A new bill proposed in Oklahoma seeks to add an extra 1 percent tax on "all violent games" -- a measure that the Entertainment Software Association has described as "patently unconstitutional."
02.01.12 | News | Eric Caoili | 21 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Calling out the clones
Examining two recent game cloning controversies, UK-based game designer Tadhg Kelly discusses the power in publicly calling out copycats, and how developers can 'win' again those knock-offs.
01.24.12 | News | Tadhg Kelly | 19 Number of Comments 
Minecraft, Intellectual Property, and the Future of Copyright
IP lawyer Greg Lastowka looks at what Mojang has achieved with its massively popular game -- not just creatively, but in terms of shattering the boundaries between player and developer, and what that means in the current internet age.
01.16.12 | Feature | Greg Lastowka | 16 Number of Comments 
What the Copycat Saw: Creative Theft in Mobile and Social Games
What can developers do technologically, legally, and creatively, to combat the wave of copycat games in the social and mobile spaces? Gamasutra speaks to Kixeye CEO Will Harbin, Booyah's Brian Cho, lawyer Greg Boyd, and more.
01.04.12 | Feature | Michael Thomsen | 22 Number of Comments 
Xbox 360 memory card antitrust suit gets settled out of court
Microsoft and accessory maker Datel have settled their respective Xbox 360-related lawsuits against each other, which included allegations of patent infringement and antitrust law violations.
01.03.12 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Gamasutra's Best Of 2011
Another year is ending, and Gamasutra has once again taken a broad look at the ever-expanding face of the industry with a series of articles that identify the games, trends, and companies that have made the biggest impact.
12.29.11 | Feature | Gamasutra staff | 5 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best Of 2011: Top 5 Controversies
Gamasutra editor-at-large Leigh Alexander continues our 2011 retrospective with a look at the top 5 biggest controversies of 2011, rounding up the stories that got the industry talking this year.
12.13.11 | News | Leigh Alexander | 7 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Cyberbullying And Gamers
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday-opinion piece, Itzy Interactive's Kyle Kulyk looks at the cyberbullying problems present in games and gaming sites, and users can do to combat them.
12.13.11 | News | Kyle Kulyk | 17 Number of Comments 
Nintendo General Counsel, SVP Richard Flamm Retires After 19 Years
Nintendo general counsel and senior vice president Richard Flamm, who made headlines fighting against bootleg Pokemon merchandise and Wii patent trolls, will retire after a storied 19-year tenure.
11.30.11 | News | Tom Curtis |  
This Week In Video Game Criticism: From BioShock To Un-Game
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including how BioShock ruined FPSes for one gamer, Modern Warfare 3 as an un
11.28.11 | News | Kris Ligman | 1 Number of Comments 
Nintendo, Third Party Devs Face Exercise Game Patent Lawsuit
Ohio-based Impulse Technology has brought a lawsuit against Nintendo and a number of third-party Wii game developers, accusing them of violating a 1996 patent on motion control technology.
11.21.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 9 Number of Comments 
Doom 3 Source Code Released To Public
Following slight rewrites from id Software's John Carmack to avoid potential patent infringement, the source code behind Doom 3 was made public on Tuesday for open source use.
11.21.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 5 Number of Comments 
Patent Issue Forces New Coding For Open Source Doom 3
An issue surrounding a patent for a specific shading technique has held up a promised open source release for the code behind Doom 3, as programmer John Carmack goes back to make modifications.
11.16.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 19 Number of Comments 
Paltalk Drops Data-Sharing Patent Case Against Game Makers
Paltalk Holdings has voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit that accused a number of prominent game publishers of infringing on a patent for "controlling interactive applications over multiple computers."
11.13.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 3 Number of Comments 
A Story Of GameLayers, Inc.
In 2007 Justin Hall co-founded GameLayers with an ambitious plan to bring an MMO to the Firefox toolbar, before ultimately shutting down in 2009. Gamasutra presents an exhaustive look back at the entire ride.
11.10.11 | Feature | Justin Hall | 10 Number of Comments 
Game Changers
In this article, originally published in the October 2011 issue of Game Developer magazine, we take a look at some of the recent concepts, games, companies, and services that are changing the game industry, for better or for worse.
11.08.11 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 19 Number of Comments 
Nintendo Prevails In Wii Infringement Suit
The U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Nintendo as part of a preliminary hearing, in a lawsuit filed by Dublin, Ohio-based company Motiva.
11.02.11 | News | Mike Rose | 4 Number of Comments 
Sony Buys Out Xperia Play Partner Sony Ericsson
Sony will buy out mobile phone venture partner Ericsson's 50 percent stake for 1.05 billion euros ($1.5 billion) in cash, Sony said Thursday, bringing the Xperia Play mobile gaming platform in-house.
10.26.11 | News | Kris Graft |  
Report: Sony Approaching $1B+ Takeover Of Ericsson Mobile Joint Venture
In an effort to consolidate its mobile business with its increased focus on tablet computers and Android development, Sony may soon buy its way out of its joint venture with Ericsson.
10.05.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 3 Number of Comments 
EA Sues EA
Florida-based fitness supply company Energy Armor is intentionally deceiving consumers with a trapezoidal "EA" logo similar to that used by Electronic Arts, the game publisher recently told a California court.
10.03.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 23 Number of Comments 
Nintendo Sued By UltimatePointer Over Wii Remote Design
Technology company UltimatePointer, owner of the Upoint laser-pointer presentation remote, has sued Nintendo and various retail outlets for the sale of the Nintendo Wii Remote.
09.26.11 | News | Mike Rose | 7 Number of Comments 
AMD, Happy Cloud Partnering To Stream Windows Games To Connected TVs
A partnership between AMD and streaming services provider Happy Cloud aims to bring streaming versions of high-end Windows games directly to compatible internet-connected TVs in the next year or so.
09.26.11 | News | Kyle Orland |  
America Invents: What The New Patent Law Means For Games
Last week, President Barack Obama signed into law marking "first significant reforms to the nation's patent system in nearly 60 years." Gamasutra EIC Kris Graft talks to experts to find out what it means for the gaming industry.
09.22.11 | Feature | Kris Graft | 16 Number of Comments 

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