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August 3, 2020
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Law & Order II Title Withdrawn As Censorship Row Continues
Officials from British budget publisher GSP have confirmed that they have withdrawn the game Law & Order: Double or Nothing from sale in the UK, following tabloid reports that the game includes an image of murder victim James Bulger.
06.19.07 | News | David Jenkins |  
Exclusive: Sony San Diego Shifts Developers To PSN Games
Talking to Gamasutra, SCEA San Diego producer Jim Molinets has revealed that his internal team at the studio has "shifted focus" from large-scale PS2/PS3 titles into three PlayStation Network PS3 downloadable games, underscoring Sony's support for digital
06.19.07 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Staff |  
Manhunt 2 Denied Rating In UK
The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has announced it has rejected Rockstar Games? Manhunt 2, making it illegal for the game to be supplied anywhere in the UK, for what the BBFC calls "its unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone."
06.18.07 | News | David Jenkins |  
Manhunt 2 Given AO Rating By ESRB
Rockstar Games' PlayStation 2, PSP and Wii title Manhunt 2 has officially received an AO rating, according to a tersely worded statement from parent publisher Take-Two, which says the company "strongly believes" an M rating is more appropriate.
06.18.07 | News | Staff |  
Take Two Reveals $50m 360 Content Deal, Wii/DS Focus
In an investor call following its June 11th earnings report, Take-Two executives revealed that Microsoft are paying the company $50 million for its exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV<
06.17.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
What Father's Day Means To Game Developers
Does being a father change the way you think about making video games? Brenda Brathwaite gathers first-person opinions from luminaries such as Sid Meier, Rob Pardo, and a host of other developers, in our Father's Day special report.
06.15.07 | Feature | Brenda Brathwaite |  
Saling The World: Trusty Bell Exceeds Sales Expectations in Japan
Our latest "Saling The World" column, covering top real-time sales in every region, shows a solid debut for Japan's Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Trusty Bell, and a surprising lack of interest for titles such as Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
06.14.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Persuasive Games: Designing For Tragedy
In his latest Persuasive Games column, Ian Bogost looks at the controversial V-Tech Rampage Flash game, which deals with the Virginia Tech tragedy, asking: "If V-Tech Rampage offers an example of an unsophisticated, negligent take on the tragedy, what would a thoughtful, conscientious one look like?"
06.13.07 | Feature | Ian Bogost | 3 Number of Comments 
Saling The World: Mario, Lara, Sims Drive Sales Worldwide
This week's "Saling The World" column, covering top sellers across the globe, features the continuing leadership of Tomb Raider: Anniversary in the UK, as The Sims 2 sees another worldwide surge in popularity with H&M Stuff.
06.07.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Crackdown Tops Develop Award Finalists
Organizers of the Develop Conference & Expo in the UK have announced the finalists for its accompanying Develop Industry Excellence Awards ceremony, with Realtime Worlds's Crackdown taking a record seven nominations across multiple categories.
06.07.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Establishing A Beachhead In A Crowded Genre
How do you make a game that will stand out apart from countless other similar titles? Harmonix designer Chris Canfield (Guitar Hero II) thinks he knows, and cites standout examples of game design as Nintendo's Wii Sports and even Harmonix's own franchises, in this vital game design article.
06.05.07 | Feature | Chris Canfield |  
Saling The World: Mario, Lara Top U.S. and UK Charts
Gamasutra's latest "Saling The World" column, charting worldwide top five best sellers, sees Mario Party 8, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and Forza Motorsport 2 dominating consumer interest in the United States and the UK.
05.31.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Saling The World: Mario Strikers Charges UK, Forza 2 Impresses in Japan
Gamasutra's "Saling The World" column, revealing real-time rankings in the U.S, U.K., and Japan, this week sees Mario Strikers Charged Football debuting to brisk sales in Europe, while Forza Motorsport 2 debuts at an impressive n
05.24.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Bing There, Done That: EA's CCO Talks... Everything
In a rare interview, Electronic Arts CCO Bing Gordon has shared his vision for the world's largest publisher, discussing key EA investment Spore, why the Renderware owner has now licensed Unreal Engine, and just why his company didn't support the Dreamcast.
05.23.07 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield |  
Gears of War Sweeps EMA Awards
The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) has announced the winners of its 2007 Video Game Home Entertainment Awards, with Gears of War taking home four awards including game of the year, and Guitar Hero II winning the most innovative ca
05.22.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
IGDA Video: What Makes A Next-Gen Game?
Have we entered the next generation of games, or is it still to come - and what precisely does being next generation mean? Within, video of a recent panel from IGDA's San Diego chapter in which a panel of writers from OXM, PSM, Play, OPM, EGM, and Game De
05.20.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Q&A: Tamte On Destineer's Four-Pronged Approach
As Destineer announces its Indianapolis 500 Legends historical arcade racer, we speak to company president and former MacSoft founder Peter Tamte about four-brand philosophy, the state of Mac gaming, the company's work with the government, and how
05.20.07 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Rockstar Reveals GTA IV Special Edition
Representatives from Rockstar Games have announced the first details of the forthcoming PS3/Xbox 360 special edition version of Grand Theft Auto IV due for release on October 16th, including an art book, soundtrack CD and duffel bag.
05.20.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Saling The World: Osu! Tatakae! Odin Sphere
This week's "Saling The World" real-time charts, specially compiled by Gamasutra, report a large slip in sales for former chart leaders Spider-Man 3 and Command & Conquer 3 in the U.S. and Europe, while Odin Sphere and the
05.17.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Capcom Profits Down In Mixed Full Year Results
Officials from Japanese publisher and developer Capcom have released FY2006 results, revealing profits that fell an overall 16 percent, but sales up by 6 percent on strong performance in Japan from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and Rockstar?s Gran
05.17.07 | News | David Jenkins |  
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Announced For Xbox 360, PS3
Though few details have yet been revealed, Rockstar Games has announced that the latest in its top selling racing franchise Midnight Club will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2008 as Midnight Club: Los Angeles.
05.15.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Saling The World: Spider-Man 3, 360 Command & Conquer 3 Climb High
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled "Saling The World," covering the top five games for every major console and region, shows ports of the popular Spider-Man 3 hitting the top of North American and UK charts, and the 360's Command
05.10.07 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Ray Tracing: A Japanese Game Market Expose With Ray Nakazato
Feelplus' president Ray Nakazato (Lost Odyssey) talks to Gamasutra about the business of games from a Japanese perspective, revealing exclusive insights on titles from Ninety Nine Nights to the Sakaguchi-helmed RPG, and beyond.
05.07.07 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 1 Number of Comments 
GameFly Charts Again Dominated By Spiderman 3
This week's top rental charts from U.S. game rental company GameFly sees Activision's recently shipped movie tie in Spiderman 3 accounting for the top two requests across all platforms for the week, followed by EA's Xbox 360 port of Command & Co
05.06.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Game Ad Agency 822 Gets New Studio, Business Director
Representatives of 822 Digital, billed as the first "game-dedicated" ad agency has announced an expansion of its studio and services with a new print division and new director of business following its first year in business.
05.06.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  

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