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Diagnosing Liberty City's crime problems using SimCity
After previously modelling his home town in the new SimCity, UK editor Mike Rose sets about diagnosing the problems with crime and other issues in GTA IV's Liberty City.
03.18.13 | News | Mike Rose | 12 Number of Comments 
Big hits vs. big hits: A cross-generational software sales analysis
At U.S. video game retail, much has changed over the course of the past 10-plus years. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines important generation-to-generation retail video game sales trends.
02.25.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
Take-Two's share price falls as GTA V is delayed
Take-Two Interactive's share price fell as low as 12 percent today, as it came to light that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed until September.
01.30.13 | News | Mike Rose | 8 Number of Comments 
Why GTA V's delay could cause an industry-wide ripple effect
With the delay of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar essentially lobbed a hand grenade into the holiday period -- one that was going to already be plenty chaotic.
01.30.13 | News | Chris Morris | 42 Number of Comments 
Are Game Developers Standing Up for Their Rights?
A comprehensive look at the quality of life issue from EA_spouse onward, this article surveys the efforts of professional organizations, whistleblowers, studios, and governments to protect the rights of game developers.
01.08.13 | Feature | Marie-Josée Legault,Johanna Weststar | 30 Number of Comments 
GDC 2013 adds XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Assassin's Creed III, EA Battlelog talks
GDC organizers have revealed new talks for the upcoming March 2013 conference, involving XCOM: Enemy Unknown art direction, Assassin's Creed III audio scoring, and EA analyzing online game data systems.
01.03.13 | News | Staff |  
Game Developer Magazine's 2012 In Review
2012 has been a big year for the game industry, and here, Game Developer polled accomplished industry veterans and indies alike for their respective takes on what we're glad to be done with, looking forward to working with, year-end shout-outs, and more.
12.31.12 | Feature | Gamasutra staff | 4 Number of Comments 
The 50 Games That Defined 2012
This isn't a list of awesome games from 2012, but instead, it's a list -- containing not-so-great games, games that didn't release, or even will never appear -- of games that are representative of a trend or interesting story that captured the zeitgeist of 2012, and they all say something about what happened this year.
12.25.12 | Feature | Gamasutra staff | 4 Number of Comments 
The 50 games that defined 2012: Part 4
When we think back on 2012, which games will we be able to say left their mark on the industry? Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine staff continue a thoughtful examination of the games that defined the year.
12.18.12 | News | Gamasutra, GD mag staff | 6 Number of Comments 
As Vancouver transitions, Slant Six looks to mobile
Amid a shift in Vancouver's development culture, Slant Six Games has begun focusing on the mobile space with just-released Bowling Dead -- and is optimistic about the future of its community.
12.05.12 | News | Leigh Alexander | 4 Number of Comments 
Microsoft opens new AAA studio in embattled Vancouver
It's been a tough year for the video game industry in Vancouver, but a new Microsoft studio is looking to put the Canadian coastal city back on the map, as it looks to make the next big AAA game for Xbox 360.
11.28.12 | News | Mike Rose | 6 Number of Comments 
Rockstar's Houser: 'Hot Coffee' wouldn't have mattered if it were a book
"It was draining and upsetting - a tough time in the company." - Dan Houser, one of the co-founders of Rockstar Games, discusses the ordeal his company went through during the "Hot Coffee" Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fiasco.
11.20.12 | News | Mike Rose | 46 Number of Comments 
How Can Gameplay Allow Players to Get Creative?
How can creativity be brought into games -- is it even possible? Designer Eddy Lja-Six examines the nature of both creativity and games to get to the bottom of the question: which games allow for creativity, and how do they encourage it?
11.19.12 | Feature | Eddy Léja-Six | 22 Number of Comments 
Game Developer Magazine's Power 50
Gamasutra and its sister site Game Developer magazine have put together a "Power 50" list of people in the game industry who have stood out for doing work in the last year that is new, different, or better.
11.09.12 | Feature | Gamasutra staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Game Developer magazine's Power 50: Art
Gamasutra and Game Developer spotlight ten talented artists in the game industry who've created outstanding work in the past year, championing the developers who inspire us to do better.
11.04.12 | News | GD mag, Gamasutra staff | 4 Number of Comments 
GTA lawsuit fails to defeat First Amendment defense
Purported Cypress Hill singer Michael Washington's lawsuit against Rockstar Games over the alleged use of his likeness in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was dismissed due to First Amendment protections.
11.01.12 | News | Eric Caoili | 11 Number of Comments 
Take-Two reduces losses as Borderlands 2 ships 5M
Take-Two Interactive today reported reduced losses for the last quarter, while reducing its financial outlook for the full fiscal year to reflect its revised release schedule.
10.30.12 | News | Mike Rose | 3 Number of Comments 
This Week In Video Game Criticism: From vulnerability fantasy to journalist drama
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including the "vulnerability fantasy" offered by games like X-Com, last week's game journalist drama, and more.
10.29.12 | News | Kris Ligman | 4 Number of Comments 
Grand Theft Auto V releasing next spring
Grand Theft Auto V, the next entry in Rockstar North's extremely popular open world game series, will release worldwide for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next spring.
10.29.12 | News | Eric Caoili | 8 Number of Comments 
Release This: Assassin's Creed III premieres at retail
Gamasutra's latest custom compiled worldwide release list explores a week that brings Assassin's Creed III, WWE '13, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Zone of the Enders HD Collection to retailers in North America.
10.28.12 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Video: Creating unforgettable characters the Deadly Premonition way
"If you can't remember any of the names of the characters, then you have a crappy game." - Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka "SWERY" Sueherio lays down the law at his design talk at last year's GDC (free video inside).
10.23.12 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 1 Number of Comments 
This Week In Video Game Criticism: From Dishonored to outsider criticism
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including Dishonored's portrayal of women, accepting criticism from non-gamers, and more.
10.22.12 | News | Kris Ligman | 1 Number of Comments 
Rockstar sets up new art unit with Technicolor India
Grand Theft Auto developer and publisher Rockstar Games has partnered with outsourcing firm Technicolor Digital Productions to set up a new artwork and animation unit in Bangalore, India.
10.09.12 | News | Eric Caoili |  
What's Really Going Down in Vancouver?
With studio closures and layoffs, what was once the central city for game development in Canada is currently on the ropes... Or is it? Gamasutra investigates the fate of the city's scene, talking to developers about what's going on and what can be done to save the local industry.
08.17.12 | Feature | Leigh Alexander | 19 Number of Comments 
Will politics kill Vancouver's video game industry?
"Politics could mismanage [Vancouver's game industry] into the Stone Age... We have to stop these guys, and really try to turn things around." - Vancouver game industry veteran and advocate Matt Toner.
08.16.12 | News | Staff | 24 Number of Comments 

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