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April 18, 2021
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Pachter: PS3 To Top 360 In April, GTA, Mario Kart To Lead Sales
Ahead of U.S. sales data group NPD's April report, expected May 15th, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has predicted a windfall sales rise of 113 percent on the backs of Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart, and expects the PlayStation 3
05.11.08 | News | Brandon Boyer | 6 Number of Comments 
Saling The World: GTA IV Repeats U.S. and UK Sales Victory
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled real-time charts see Rockstar's inevitable Grand Theft Auto IV topping multiplatform popularity in North America and the UK, while Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit lead worldwide Nintendo W
05.08.08 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Grand Theft Auto Steals UK Chart Victory
Following early results, Chart-Track has released the full week UK charts showing Grand Theft Auto IV's record breaking figures, as the combined PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ve
05.06.08 | News | David Jenkins |  
Grand Theft Auto IV Breaks Worldwide Entertainment Records
Take-Two has released new data on the worldwide launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, claiming that the game has become the biggest entertainment launch of all time - with first week revenues of $500 million and unit sales of approximately 6 million.
05.06.08 | News | David Jenkins | 6 Number of Comments 
GTA IV Sets UK Revenue, Unit Sales Records
UK sales tracker Chart Track has provided Gamasutra with early first-week results that show Grand Theft Auto IV setting country-wide records for both unit sales and revenue, unseating previous records on Xbox 360, PS3 as well as the all-formats cha
05.05.08 | News | Chris Remo |  
Saling The World: Mario Kart Wii, GTA IV Top U.S. Multiplatform Charts
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled worldwide real-time charts find Mario Kart Wii taking an early multiplatform sales lead in North America, with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Grand Theft Auto IV trailing close b
05.01.08 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Take-Two: GTA IV Success 'Vindicates' Takeover Strategy
Take-Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick has stated that the company?s actions to avoid a hostile takeover from Electronic Arts before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV have been vindicated, following a surge in the publisher?s share prices.
05.01.08 | News | David Jenkins | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: GTA IV: The Immigrant Issue
In his debut opinion piece, British games journalist and producer Simon Parkin takes a critical look at "the most likable Grand Theft Auto protagonist" the series has yet produced, Niko Bellic, arguing that criticism that he unfairly plays up Balka
04.30.08 | News | Simon Parkin | 4 Number of Comments 
Platinum's Kamiya Voices Concern Over Missing Okami Credits
Capcom has omitted the original development team credits from the Wii conversion of Clover Studio's Okami, and original game designer Hideki Kamiya has written an open letter expressing his disappointment - extracts within. [UPDATE: Capcom e
04.30.08 | News | Chris Remo | 7 Number of Comments 
Masthead Chooses SpeedTree For Earthrise MMO
04.29.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Critical Reception: Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV
This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Rockstar's much-vaunted Grand Theft Auto IV, which debuts this week to a Metacritic-averaged score of 99 out of 100 and a wide variety of near-perfect scores - details within.
04.29.08 | News | Danny Cowan | 1 Number of Comments 
Design Lesson 101: Grand Theft Auto III
What has Rockstar taught the industry about game design? With Grand Theft Auto IV now launched worldwide, Raven designer Manveer Heir turns his attention to the lessons of Grand Theft Auto III, particularly what the game has to offer designe
04.28.08 | News | Manveer Heir | 9 Number of Comments 
GameFly: GTA4, Mario Kart Continue Hold Of Top Spots
This week's top rental charts from U.S. game rental company GameFly, representing the most requested games for the week ending April 28th, show Rockstar's GTA IV and Nintendo?s Mario Kart Wii remained fixed at the top two slots, with I
04.28.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Postmortem: Ironclad/Stardock's Sins of a Solar Empire
The Ironclad-developed, Stardock-published PC RTS title Sins Of A Solar Empire has been the surprise 'hardcore' PC game hit of the year so far - and Gamasutra has an in-depth postmortem into its creation.
04.27.08 | Feature | blair fraser,Brad Wardell | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Why More Games Need Subtext
In this in-depth Gamasutra editorial, Editor-At-Large Chris Remo looks at what games - from Ico to No More Heroes - mean to us, suggesting that good gameplay is a great start, but that many game titles may be missing a chance to "amplify or
04.27.08 | News | Chris Remo | 5 Number of Comments 
Release This: Grand Theft Auto IV, Mario Kart Wii Make U.S. Debut
Gamasutra's exclusively compiled worldwide release list examines a major release week that brings Mario Kart Wii to retail stores in the United States, as Grand Theft Auto IV sees a simultaneous release in North America and the UK.
04.27.08 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Bethesda Softworks Opens Asian Publishing Division
Following the company's recently reported expansion into Europe, Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax has announced that it has founded ZeniMax Asia, a new Tokyo-based subsidia
04.27.08 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Codemasters Picks Up Sega Racing Studio
Following an April 9th announcement that developer Sega Racing Studio ceased its operations over concerns of profitability, UK-based developer and publisher Codemasters has revealed
04.24.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Saling The World: The World Ends With You, Persona 3 FES Top U.S. Sales
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled real-time charts takes the pulse of the world and finds Square Enix's The World Ends With You leading North American Nintendo DS software sales, as Persona 3 FES takes top honors on the Play
04.24.08 | News | Danny Cowan |  
The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses
Time for a Gamasutra thought experiment - what books, comics, movies, and dormant game franchises richly deserve to be made into games? The site's editors have banded together, locked horns, and produced this no doubt debatable result.
04.24.08 | Feature | Kyle Orland | 24 Number of Comments 
Sony Europe Confirms Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Bundle
Rumored for some weeks, officials from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have confirmed the release of an official Grand Theft Auto IV bundle exclusively for the PlayStation 3, due to launch alongside the game on Tuesday April 29th.
04.22.08 | News | David Jenkins |  
Rockstar Confirms Midnight Club: LA Dates, PSP Version
Rockstar Games has scheduled Midnight Club: Los Angeles' US release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 9th, with the Europe release following on September 12th. Midnight Club: LA Remix, newly revealed for the PSP, will also arrive on
04.20.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
GameFly: GTA4, Mario Kart Retain Top Slots
This week's top rental charts from U.S. game rental company GameFly, representing the most requested games for the week ending April 21st, show Rockstar's GTA IV and Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii hanging on to the top two slots.
04.20.08 | News | Chris Remo |  
Saling The World: GT5 Prologue Leads U.S. PS3 Sales; Mario Kart Wii Tops UK Charts
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled real-time charts see Mario Kart Wii on top in the UK and Japan, while North American sales are headed by the just-released Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.
04.17.08 | News | Staff |  
Digital Bruckheimer: Cameron Brown On Mercenaries 2
The long-awaited Mercenaries 2 is a key title for EA-acquired developer Pandemic - and Gamasutra talks in-depth to creative director Cameron Brown on the game's creation and influences, from Will Wright to Jerry Bruckheimer.
04.16.08 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 

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