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May 22, 2019
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Inside the Fire TV: What's Amazon planning for games?
Amazon's Michael Frazzini and Ian Vogel explain what the company's expectations are for its new device's impact on the game market -- and what they hope to accomplish with internally developed titles.
04.07.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 10 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: Of Assassins and Game Jams
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including the meltdown of GAME_JAM and what Assassin's Creed gets right about race.
04.06.14 | News | Kris Ligman |  
Amazon's bid for the living room: The $99 Amazon Fire TV
At a special Amazon event today, the company finally revealed the small black box that it's been working on to slot underneath your living room television: Amazon Fire TV.
04.01.14 | News | Mike Rose | 37 Number of Comments 
'Plot is overrated': Game narrative is all about your characters
"Plot is highly overrated... focus on character." - Tom Abernathy, narrative lead at Riot Games, and Richard Rouse III of Microsoft Game Studios, discuss structure for narrative in video games.
03.16.14 | News | Mike Rose | 22 Number of Comments 
Why game design should feel like taking your player out on a date
Campo Santo's Sean Vanaman spoke at GDC 2014?s Narrative Summit about how designers can create immersive narratives by designing games with an eye towards helping players suspend their disbelief.
03.16.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 3 Number of Comments 
Road to the Student IGF: John Gottschalk on Westerado
While still in school these students convinced Adult Swim Games to host their game, a Legend of Zelda meets Cowboyana Western adventure which emphasizes player agency and "gun-versations."
03.12.14 | News | John Polson |  
Wyoming wilderness mystery Firewatch is Campo Santo's first game
The studio's first project is a first-person exploration game that straps players into the boots of a fire lookout stationed in the Wyoming hinterlands.
03.12.14 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Free-to-play newcomer Next Games reaps $6 million in funding
Helsinki-based free-to-play studio Next Games, founded by former Rovio, Disney and Supercell developers, has raised $6 million in its first round of public funding.
03.10.14 | News | Alex Wawro |  
The Walking Dead comic publisher launches games business
Former biz dev VP for Foundation 9 lands at Skybound, the comics and media imprint launched by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, to lead comic-to-game efforts.
03.09.14 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Premium-priced mobile series The Room blows past 5 million units
With 1.2 million units of The Room 2 solid, the acclaimed franchise has now hit 5.4 million units total, Fireproof Games co-founder Barry Meade reveals.
03.05.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 11 Number of Comments 
GDC 2014 adds Summit sessions from Crytek, Ninja Metrics and more
GDC organizers highlight a few more noteworthy Summit sessions for the upcoming March conference that will help you better understand your players, satisfy their needs and reap the benefits.
02.26.14 | News | GDC Staff |  
Mitch Lasky, Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, and more to speak at GDC 2014
GDC organizers highlight noteworthy Business track talks featuring industry veteran Mitch Lasky speaking about the future of publishers, Sean Plott speaking about community management, and more.
02.20.14 | News | GDC Staff |  
Irrational Games, journalism, and airing dirty laundry
Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander looks back a few years to put the impending closure of Irrational Games into better context, from a game industry and journalism vantage point.
02.18.14 | News | Leigh Alexander | 61 Number of Comments 
Video games and gun violence: A year after Sandy Hook
Following the horrific December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook, the game industry sat down with the Vice President to talk about gun violence. A year later we ask: What's come of that meeting? Gamasutra's Mike Rose reports.
02.09.14 | Feature | Mike Rose | 64 Number of Comments 
Taking on the challenges of being a mom in game development
Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander talks to game developers who also happen to be mothers, about the challenges of balancing work and life, and finding success in a male-dominated industry.
01.22.14 | Feature | Leigh Alexander | 29 Number of Comments 
Microsoft ramps up TV production efforts with reality TV hire
Ari Mark, who helped create the Walking Dead-related Talking Dead talk show for AMC, among others, joins Xbox Entertainment Studios as its head of unscripted programming.
01.22.14 | News | Christian Nutt |  
This Week in Video Game Criticism: Politics of Control
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Zach Alexander on topics including the reported sexual assault in MGS5 and how Papers, Please works as propaganda.
01.22.14 | News | Zach Alexander | 1 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Turning a Telltale game into 'a Telltale experience'
Gamasutra's Kris Ligman speaks with Telltale Games' Kevin Bruner, Ryan Kaufman and Pierre Shorette on what it takes to be the 'Pixar' of game studios.
01.16.14 | News | Kris Ligman | 2 Number of Comments 
Norwegian school using The Walking Dead to teach ethics
Norwegian teacher Tobias Staaby is getting a fair bit of good press today for playing Telltale's The Walking Dead with his students at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary School in Bergen, Norway.
01.16.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 5 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: The design of everyday games
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Eric Swain on topics including the lasting influence of The Design of Everyday Things on the medium.
01.12.14 | News | Eric Swain |  
Get a job: Telltale Games is hiring a senior graphics engineer
Telltale Games (The Walking Dead) is looking for a Senior Graphics Engineer to work on its multiplatform Telltale Tool engine, which spans current-gen consoles, PCs, and mobile platforms.
01.05.14 | News | Staff |  
Fake 'feels': Why The Last of Us and The Walking Dead work on players
The story of one very scary bridge in British Columbia may explain why some Game of the Year discussions ignore the flaws in video games like The Last of Us.
01.02.14 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
This Year in Video Game Criticism: Farewell, 2013
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us Eric Swain's year-end roundup of the best of the best of 2013 games criticism.
12.30.13 | News | Eric Swain | 6 Number of Comments 
5 flawed games from 2013 (that game devs should play)
We've already listed our favorite games of 2013. Now Gamasutra editor Mike Rose picks out five games from 2013 that, while flawed, present ideas for developers to build upon.
12.19.13 | News | Mike Rose | 11 Number of Comments 
Cyber Front, Japanese publisher of Portal, Skullgirls, dissolved
Prominent publisher of Western games including The Walking Dead and Crusader Kings II has announced its dissolution today -- with no warning.
12.18.13 | News | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 

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