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May 27, 2019
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How indies made an impact on a generation of game consoles
Gamasutra's Mike Rose looks back on the previous console generation with a focus on the rise of the indie developer.
11.18.13 | Feature | Mike Rose | 5 Number of Comments 
In narrative games, self-expression doesn't mean 'empowerment'
In a narrative-focused session, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman talk about their approach to choice as player self-expression -- and how that doesn't necessarily equate to making players feel "powerful".
11.17.13 | News | Leigh Alexander | 5 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: Shiny new boxes, dull new games
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Erik Fredner on topics including the reception of Call of Duty: Ghosts and the present console transition.
11.17.13 | News | Erik Fredner | 1 Number of Comments 
Spector: Go emergent - game design is not all about you
At NYU's PRACTICE game design conference, Warren Spector talked about how player-driven, emergent game design is preferable to other modes of approach, and explained why it's worth the tech challenges and risk.
11.15.13 | News | Leigh Alexander | 37 Number of Comments 
New Thief ditches quick-time events. What's your take on QTEs?
Some players and game designers despise quick-time events. Some think quick-time events are?not the worst thing ever. What do you think?
11.14.13 | News | Kris Graft | 45 Number of Comments 
Romero, Santiago, Lemarchand on thinking outside the game
These developers, responsible for games like Train, Uncharted, and Journey spoke about their non-game inspirations at GDC Next, offering creative lessons.
11.06.13 | News | Christian Nutt |  
How to make your games better to stream, according to Day[9]
Sean "Day[9]" Plott has found fame as a streamer of games like StarCraft II -- and offers here ways in which developers can make their games better for streamers and audiences both.
11.04.13 | News | Christian Nutt | 4 Number of Comments 
GDC Next 10: Toejam & Earl creator on making a 'sweet, simple, genuine' game
"You don't need great complexity to touch people." GDC spoke with HumaNature Studios founder Greg Johnson about the inspiration behind Doki-Doki Universe for his upcoming GDC Next 10 talk.
10.29.13 | News | Patrick Miller |  
GDC Next 10: How Dr. Strangelove inspired CounterSpy
How Bond movies, Dr. Strangelove, and Impossible Mission inspired GDC Next 10 speaker David Nottingham to make CounterSpy.
10.21.13 | News | Patrick Miller |  
Going it alone: Adventures in self-publishing
Double Fine, Renegade Kid and Semi Secret have seen both sides of the publishing spectrum. Here, they share their self-publishing stories, and discuss whether studios should go it alone.
10.03.13 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
Bored with violence, Goldeneye 007 director makes a game all about love
Former Rare head of software Martin Hollis' fatigue of "kill" as a gaming verb has led him to develop a fascinating outdoor installation about emergent group play and matchmaking, Aim for Love.
10.02.13 | News | Leigh Alexander | 7 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Making horror games a little weirder in Ethan Carter
"The one distinct element of weird fiction for me is the fact that it's about fear, but not about jump scares, and it's about macabre, but not about gore." -- The Astronauts' Adrian Chmielarz on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
09.24.13 | News | Kris Graft | 2 Number of Comments 
Portugal: The rise and fall of a video game industry
Even though the video game industry is rapidly shifting away from physical goods and expanding into digital realms that know no boundaries, the game industry still doesn't exist everywhere.
09.23.13 | News | Mike Rose | 28 Number of Comments 
Tokyo Game Show - just another game event
Independent game developer and Gamasutra senior contributing editor Brandon Sheffield examines what the shrinking size of the Tokyo Game Show actually means.
09.22.13 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 6 Number of Comments 
Mark of the Ninja, Walking Dead devs join up under new studio
Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson, as well as three other industry veterans from studios including Telltale have come together under a new independent studio, Campo Santo.
09.18.13 | News | Kris Ligman | 1 Number of Comments 
The ridiculous open-world humor of Saints Row 4
Gamasutra sits down with Volition creative director Steve Jaros and principal designer Scott Phillips to talk about the philosophy of Saints Row 4's humor, love of characters, and player empowerment.
09.10.13 | News | Kris Ligman | 6 Number of Comments 
How Grand Theft Auto 5 found its heart of darkness
"It was eye-openingly depressing." Rockstar co-founders Dan and Sam Houser speak to the influences, themes and aspirations of the upcoming successor to their most franchise, Grand Theft Auto 5.
09.08.13 | News | Kris Ligman |  
Animal Crossing's Strange, Unresolved Conflict
While some are learning about the peculiar pleasure of Animal Crossing thanks to the series? latest release on Nintendo 3DS, the game has long charmed and puzzled players and critics. Game designer, critic and academic Ian Bogost takes a look back at the 2002 original GameCube version.
09.04.13 | Feature | Ian Bogost | 7 Number of Comments 
What's Next? Wind-Up Knight's Chris Pruett on the future of games
GDC Next advisory board member and Robot Invader founder Chris Pruett talks future games: "Infrastructure is enabling new types of games...It's also scaring a lot of traditional game devs out of their wits."
08.28.13 | News | Patrick Miller | 9 Number of Comments 
Tales of porting games to microconsoles
If you are trying to make a decision regarding whether or not it's worth putting in the effort to port your games, make sure to give these stories a read, as they may well hold the key to how your porting job would progress.
08.26.13 | Feature | Mike Rose |  
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From violence to the Holy Grail of game design
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including meaningful game violence and a 'Holy Grail' for game design.
08.26.13 | News | Kris Ligman |  
Telltale bringing Walking Dead to Ouya
Telltale has announced via its official blog that it is bringing its critically acclaimed and commercially successful The Walking Dead series to Ouya "this winter."
08.26.13 | News | Kris Ligman | 4 Number of Comments 
Five takeaways from GDC Europe 2013
The GDC Europe conference is over for another year, and as partner event Gamescom begins to wind down on the press front, I've been collating the various tidbits that I've taken away from this week.
08.22.13 | News | Mike Rose | 2 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Gone Home to Xbox Live
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Eric Swain on topics including Gone Home and dealing with Xbox Live customer support.
08.18.13 | News | Eric Swain | 1 Number of Comments 
Riding the adventure game resurgence
Anyone who closely follows the adventure game scene will no doubt be aware of both Ben Chandler and Francisco Gonzalez. Here, the pair talk about their upcoming project together.
08.14.13 | News | Mike Rose | 5 Number of Comments 

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