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May 26, 2019
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Opinion: What Makes Combat Fun
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday-opinion piece, Vigil Games' senior designer Mike Birkhead examines what makes combat in video games fun, analyzing titles like God of War, World of Warcraft, and
09.20.11 | News | Mike Birkhead | 10 Number of Comments 
Ethos Before Analytics
In this article, designer Chris Birke takes a look at research, examines what's going on in the social games space, and argues for an approach that puts creative ethos before data-driven design -- but without ignoring the power that game designers wield over players.
09.15.11 | Feature | Chris Birke | 38 Number of Comments 
Dead Island Ships 1M Units In First Week In North America
Techland and Deep Silver's zombie shooter Dead Island has shipped more than 1 million units in North America in its first week on sale, with two million copies due to be sold to retailers by the end of this week.
09.14.11 | News | Mike Rose | 4 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Is Syndicate A Broad Franchise?
In this opinion piece, UK-based game designer Tadhg Kelly analyzes "broad" and "narrow" video game franchises to see which category Electronic Arts' FPS reboot of classic tactical game Syndicate falls into.
09.13.11 | News | Tadhg Kelly | 19 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Capcom Vancouver On Expanding The Universe Of Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record executive producer Jason Leigh discusses the growing catalog of Dead Rising 2 spin-offs, and sheds light on the series' design and production.
09.11.11 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Tom Curtis |  
Opinion: Dressing On The Side, Please
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday-opinion piece, indie developer Mike Slone explains how the dressing that comes from art and theming can completely transform core game mechanics, even in a slot machine.
09.11.11 | News | Mike Slone | 7 Number of Comments 
Opinion: How To Make A Scary Game
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday-opinion piece, NetherRealm Studios' Mike Birkhead examines what what developers need to keep in mind while trying to create scary situations in their games.
09.07.11 | News | Mike Birkhead | 15 Number of Comments 
Scary Game Findings: A Study Of Horror Games And Their Players
In this feature, usability studio Vertical Slice measures player reactions to four Xbox 360 horror games to find out which game is the "scariest," how casual and core players react to the same games, and whether or not they are scared in the same way.
09.07.11 | Feature | Joel Windels | 13 Number of Comments 
Team Meat On Working With Microsoft, Steam 'Powerhouse'
As part of a podcast with sister site, Super Meat Boy's Team Meat discussed their future relationship with Microsoft, the Nintendo 3DS, and why PC gaming "would be dead" were it not for Steam.
09.06.11 | News | Mike Rose | 4 Number of Comments 
Critical Reception: Techland's Dead Island
This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Techland's Dead Island, which reviewers describe as "a schlocky, open-world action role-playing game that favors grisly melee combat above all things."
09.06.11 | News | Danny Cowan | 3 Number of Comments 
Deep Silver Releases Buggy 'Incorrect Version' Of Dead Island On Steam
Deep Silver has acknowledged that it accidentally released an "incorrect version" of apocalyptic zombie shooter Dead Island on the North American Steam service, pledging to patch the title as quickly as possible.
09.05.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 8 Number of Comments 
Defining Resistance 3
Resistance 3's lead writer Jon Paquette discusses the creative process behind the third installment of Insomniac's shooter franchise, and how being on staff and working collaboratively leads to the best story possibilities in games.
09.05.11 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 2 Number of Comments 
Telltale Bringing Retail Back to The Future To PS3, Wii
Telltale Games has announced it's continuing its expansion into the retail games market, signing publishing agreements to bring its downloadable adventure series to PS3 and Wii discs.
08.23.11 | News | Kyle Orland |  
Opinion: The Revolving Door At Atari Approaches Terminal Velocity
Can the latest round of executive hires turn Atari around as the firm focuses on the fast-moving social gaming and digital space? Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at execs who've come and gone -- and he's skeptical.
08.22.11 | News | Chris Morris | 5 Number of Comments 
Moving Forward On Race In Games: Manveer Heir Speaks
BioWare Montreal designer Manveer Heir on how we should bring new types of characters into the medium, and how "it's not video game affirmative action. It's about actually pushing our medium to make better games, to tell better stories in our games."
08.05.11 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 28 Number of Comments 
Interview: Interwave's Palmer On The 'Real Challenge' Behind Nuclear Dawn
It has seen a long and, at times, troubled existence, but the release of futuristic team-based shooter Nuclear Dawn is finally on the horizon. Gamasutra talked to Interwave's Ben Palmer about the game's past, present and future.
08.03.11 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Diablo 3 And Keeping Players At Bay
With fans in an uproar today over Blizzard's anti-modding and always-on authentication policies for Diablo 3, UK-based game designer Tadhg Kelly argues "Blizzard is roughly in the position where MySpace was at its height."
07.31.11 | News | Tadhg Kelly | 59 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Jeff Strain On Undead Labs' One-Two Zombie Punch For XBLA
We speak to veteran World of Warcraft developer Jeff Strain about building open worlds on console using systems that support single-player, co-op, and massively multiplayer titles alike, at his new studio Undead Labs.
07.20.11 | News | Mike Griffin | 2 Number of Comments 
Eidos' Pete Hickman Joins Mediatonic As Head Of Production
London-based Mediatonic announced today that it has hired game industry veteran Pete Hickman as its new head of production, where he will oversee all of the company's projects.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland |  
Designing Better Levels Through Human Survival Instincts
In this article, Westwood College faculty member and trained architect Christopher Totten explores how human psychology is understood by architects, how that can apply to level design, and explores games that use these techniques effectively.
06.21.11 | Feature | Christopher W. Totten | 32 Number of Comments 
Telltale Games Secures $7M In Funding
Episodic adventure game publisher Telltale Games has secured $7 million in a round of funding with private investors, which it says will go towards upcoming product launches and building its existing infrastructure.
06.06.11 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
Welcome To New Marais: Thinking Change In Infamous 2
In this extensive interview Nate Fox, game director for Sucker Punch's Infamous 2, discusses the process the team went through in implementing improvements and changes to its superhero open world game -- and why location matters.
06.06.11 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield |  
Analysis: The Safety Net - Save Systems In Games
In his latest column examining gaming conventions and the pros and cons of breaking them, Gamasutra contributor Jeffrey Matulef considers the role of save systems.
05.24.11 | News | Jeffrey Matulef | 7 Number of Comments 
'Into The Pixel' Adds 17 Pieces To Game Art Exhibit
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced the seventeen pieces of video game concept art that will join its permanent collection this year, it reported Wednesday. The pieces will be shown at E3.
05.24.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi |  
News+Gameplay: Bin Laden Raid
Can games be used to report on the news -- and if so, what do we gain from it? In this article, Bin Laden Raid developer Jeremy Alessi discusses the creative process, final game, public and press reaction, and potential of the newsgame form.
05.20.11 | Feature | Jeremy Alessi | 7 Number of Comments 

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