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May 23, 2019
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Point and Shoot: Lessons In Wii FPS Control
As Move and Natal approach, Gamasutra speaks to developers about attempts to get the shooter genre working on Wii -- something that seems intuitive, but has turned out to be a lot trickier than expected.
03.30.10 | Feature | Michael Thomsen | 6 Number of Comments 
Round-Up: Gamasutra Network Jobs, Week Of March 5
In this round-up, Gamasutra highlights some of the notable jobs posted in its industry-leading game jobs section this week, including positions from Sledgehammer Games, Crystal Dynamics and more.
03.04.10 | News | Staff |  
Pre-GDC: Career Pavilion Hints & Tips For Success
GDC's Career Pavilion offers an opportunity to meet recruiting studios and publishers -- in this guide, we get advice from hiring companies on what they're looking for, plus important do's and don'ts.
03.02.10 | News | Mathew Kumar | 2 Number of Comments 
On Changing The Shape Of Interaction
Narrative designer Patrick Redding (Splinter Cell Conviction, Far Cry 2) discusses the techniques employed to create more complex and satisfying character interaction -- including an examination of Conviction's co-op mode, which he directed.
02.25.10 | Feature | Chris Remo | 9 Number of Comments 
Saling The World: Aliens vs. Predator Tops UK Multiplatform Sales
Gamasutra's latest custom compiled charts find Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth topping Nintendo DS sales in the United States, as Aliens vs. Predator leads across multiple platforms in the UK.
02.18.10 | News | Danny Cowan | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Is It Time To Start Pre-Selling Games?
In this in-depth analysis, freelance designer and Core Talent Games founder Tim Carter explains the concept of entertainment pre-sales, and proposes the game industry adopt it.
01.24.10 | News | Tim Carter | 24 Number of Comments 
American In China: McGee On Making It Work In Shanghai
The ex-id and EA employee speaks out on how developing games in his Shanghai-based studio Spicy Horse has given him a new perspective on development process and teamwork, and whether or not those insights could work in Western studios.
01.21.10 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 11 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Assassin's Vs. Demon's - A Good Place To Die
In a Gamasutra analysis, writer/ professor Michael Abbott looks at Assassin's Creed II and Demon's Souls to contrast effects of realistic environments with artist-conceived backdrops.
01.17.10 | News | Michael Abbott | 13 Number of Comments 
Analysis: The Conundrum of Final Fantasy XIII
Gamasutra's Christian Nutt has played Final Fantasy XIII and predicts it will be 2010's most polarizing game. He explores what's left when "RPG elements" are removed from an RPG.
01.07.10 | News | Christian Nutt | 44 Number of Comments 
Opinion: When Is A Game 'Not A Game?'
How much interactivity do games need to be called 'games'? Writer Lewis Denby explores the fine line in this opinion piece, seeking to define what separates games from other entertainment forms.
01.06.10 | News | Lewis Denby | 24 Number of Comments 
Opinion: The 99 Best Free Games Of 2009
Gamasutra teamed up with game criticism weblog Critical Distance to present Christopher Hyde's roundup of the wealth of excellent games being produced outside the "AAA" realm in 2009.
12.30.09 | News | Christopher Hyde | 10 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best Of 2009
Ending out 2009, Gamasutra puts together the definitive compilation of our year-end lists, from disappointments through game of the year and beyond -- with bonus reader feedback.
12.23.09 | Feature | Chris Remo,Christian Nutt,Brandon Sheffield,Danny Cowan,Leigh Alexander,Kris Graft | 5 Number of Comments 
Round-Up: Gamasutra Network Jobs, Week Of December 18
In this round-up, Gamasutra highlights some of the notable jobs posted in its industry-leading game jobs section this week, including positions from Guerrilla Games, Tencent and more.
12.17.09 | News | Staff |  
Analysis: Gungriffon - The Forgotten Conflict
We examine the history of GameArts' lesser-known and decidedly unappreciated Gungriffon games, traveling through each installment for a story of the franchise's challenged history.
11.16.09 | News | Ollie Barder | 4 Number of Comments 
Postmortem: Wadjet Eye's The Blackwell Convergence
In this honest indie postmortem, Wadjet Eye Games' Gilbert discusses the creation of adventure game sequel The Blackwell Convergence, looking at everything from promotion through art direction and engine to analyze what went right -- and wrong -- in the game's creation.
11.12.09 | Feature | Dave Gilbert | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: The Lion's Gate - Majors And Indie Publishing
In this opinion column, designer and Divide By Zero founder James Portnow lays out why major publishers need an indie arm, addressing the major factors that make it both a necessary and feasible model.
11.10.09 | News | James Portnow | 6 Number of Comments 
Valve's Writers And The Creative Process
In a rare interview, Valve writing lynchpins Marc Laidlaw and Erik Wolpaw talk in-depth on the narrative structure and pithy quips behind critically feted games like Half-Life 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead 2.
11.01.09 | Feature | Kris Graft | 12 Number of Comments 
Staying Power: Rethinking Feedback to Keep Players in the Game
In this in-depth article, Microsoft Game Studios user research expert Phillips looks at a simple but vital problem - why people stop playing games, and what feedback we can give them to encourage them to continue.
10.26.09 | Feature | Bruce Phillips | 15 Number of Comments 
The Design of StarCraft II
StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder talks in-depth to Gamasutra on the inevitable difficulties that come with updating a 10-year-old game while trying to steadfastly avoid feature creep, as well as the state of the PC platform and a plethora of design tuning specifics.
10.26.09 | Feature | Chris Remo | 24 Number of Comments 
Analysis: On Red Orchestra, And Flowers
In this analysis piece, Gamasutra looks at the snap, crackle and pop of Red Orchestra -- that rare shooter that actually simulates the cumbersome reality of guns and real bullets, while still managing to entertain.
10.08.09 | News | Quintin Smith | 12 Number of Comments 
Best of GameSetWatch: From American Idol to Fatale
Gamasutra highlights a week's worth of alternative video gaming news and curiosities from sister blog GameSetWatch -- this time, the canceled American Idol karaoke arcade game and Tale of Tales' biblical interact
09.30.09 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Building Experiences The BioWare Way: Greg Zeschuk Speaks
As BioWare finishes up Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, Gamasutra sits down with co-founder Greg Zeschuk to discuss BioWare's design and iteration process, the "leap of faith" of making vast swathes of content many players might never see, and why the company is keeping a close eye on the increasingly successful social gaming scene.
09.28.09 | Feature | Chris Remo |  
Analysis: The Game Design 'Heaviness' Of Demon's Souls
In this game design analysis, we profile Demon's Souls, From Software's stealth sequel to the King's Field games, a "wrecking ball" of secrets and surprises -- and why it's such an important title.
09.16.09 | News | Quintin Smith | 15 Number of Comments 
Analysis: BlazBlue & The Learning Curve
Gamasutra columnist Andrew Vanden Bossche digs into Arc System Works' BlazBlue to find questions about learning curves, how communities share knowledge, and the designer's role in helping players succeed.
09.08.09 | News | Andrew Vanden Bossche | 6 Number of Comments 
PAX 09: Valve's Faliszek: Left 4 Dead 2 Works As 'Cohesive Single Statement'
Gamasutra sits down with Valve's Chet Faliszek to discuss why in a procedurally-driven game like Left 4 Dead 2, a standalone sequel works better as a "single statement" than individual content packs.
09.03.09 | News | Chris Remo | 13 Number of Comments 

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