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May 27, 2019
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The Boneyard: The Most Important Part of Your Character is Invisible
In a visual arts-specific article for Intel's Visual Computing microsite and originally published in Game Developer magazine, Bungie's Steve Theodore discusses skeletal construction and animation for game characters, looking at "strategies for taming the skeletal hordes without ending up in the graveyard."
08.04.09 | Feature | Steve Theodore |  
Challenge: The Automyth, Or Automated Monomyth
In his latest distinctive Gamasutra opinion piece, Reset Generation/Pocket Kingdom co-creator Scott Foe explains the Campbell 'Hero's Journey' monomyth, and challenges designers to... automate it?
08.04.09 | News | Scott Foe | 16 Number of Comments 
The History of Robotron: 2084 - Running Away While Defending Humanoids
In the latest in a series of Gamasutra-exclusive bonus material originally to be included in Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton's new book Vintage Games, we examine classic twin-stick arcade shooter Robotron: 2084 and the sub-genre of frantic games it birthed.
08.04.09 | Feature | Matt Barton,Bill Loguidice | 11 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Don't Look Back - Cavanagh's Alternate Game Viewpoints
Writer and designer Emily Short looks at storytelling techniques in Terry Cavanagh's unique indie games Don't Look Back and Judith to uncover "the methods by which a masterpiece will one day be written."
07.20.09 | News | Emily Short | 2 Number of Comments 
Anatomy of a Combat Zone
In this detailed design article, Blue Castle (Dead Rising 2) level design director Bridge examines how you design memorable, tactical combat areas for first/third-person shooter games.
07.15.09 | Feature | Josh Bridge | 15 Number of Comments 
Game Design Essentials: 20 RPGs
In the latest in his popular Game Design Essentials series, writer John Harris examines 10 games from the Western computer RPG (CRPG) tradition and 10 from the Japanese console RPG (JRPG) tradition, to figure out what exactly makes them tick -- and why you should care.
07.02.09 | Feature | John Harris | 30 Number of Comments 
Opinion: How To Tackle Work For Hire
Should your studio take on work for hire? Sometimes -- in this opinion column, Divide By Zero's James Portnow tackles the deceptively complex issue and breaks down the whens and hows.
06.25.09 | News | James Portnow | 11 Number of Comments 
Itagaki, Team Ninja Veterans Form New Studio
Former Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive team head Tomonobu Itagaki is returning to game development, forming a new studio with several of the other Team Ninja members who joined him in leaving Tecmo.
05.27.09 | News | Leigh Alexander | 6 Number of Comments 
A Convoluted Conversation With Martin Hollis
Former Rare developer and N64 Goldeneye 007's director, Martin Hollis, has returned with the unique Bonsai Barber for WiiWare, a tree/haircutting title with some unique features - and talks to Gamasutra about his career and the new title.
04.26.09 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
Exploring A Devastated World: Emil Pagliarulo And Fallout 3
Fallout 3 lead writer and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo on the creative process of everything from the main game to DLC to understanding and implementing user desires -- and how people saw the game as an Oblivion sequel.
04.24.09 | Feature | Chris Remo | 7 Number of Comments 
Best Of Indie Games: A Balancing Act
Sister site The Weblog rounds up some of the top indie games debuting in the last week -- including a gravity-altering puzzle platformer, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, and more.
04.02.09 | News | Tim W. | 1 Number of Comments 
Catching Up With EA Partners: David DeMartini On Biz, Alice, More
Electronic Arts' third-party division EA Partners has signed up Grasshopper Manufacture and now American McGee's Spicy Horse for an Alice sequel - so where now? Gamasutra talks to David DeMartini...
03.20.09 | Feature | Chris Remo | 1 Number of Comments 
Best Of Indie Games: Puzzles From Pandora's Box
Sister site The Weblog rounds up some of the top indie games debuting in the last week -- including some roguelikes and a pandora's box of puzzlers.
03.19.09 | News | Tim W. |  
Games Of 2020 - The Winners
What will games be like in the year 2020? Gamasutra's competition gave away 20 GDC All-Access Passes and had more than 150 excellent entries -- here are the winning essays.
03.08.09 | Feature | Danny Cowan | 6 Number of Comments 
Global Game Jam 2009: A Worldwide Report
Gamasutra goes behind the scenes at the Global Game Jam, which saw 1650 developers make 370 games at 53 worldwide locations in just 48 hours.
02.24.09 | Feature | Stephen Jacobs | 3 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Quake Live, Community, And Its Vault Into Immortality
As Quake Live launches, writer Michael Walbridge recounts his experiences with Id Software's free-to-play first-person shooter -- which blends casual gaming features with a hardcore, competitive userbase.
02.24.09 | News | Michael Walbridge | 1 Number of Comments 
Critical Reception: Sony/Guerrilla's Killzone 2
This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reviewer reaction to the Guerrila-developed, anticipated first-person shooter sequel Killzone 2, which commentators describe as "a fantastic addition to the PS3 catalogue -- averages, feedba
02.24.09 | News | Danny Cowan | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Where Do Fighting Games Go From Here?
In this personal opinion piece, Japan-based journalist Nayan Ramachandran considers Capcom's challenges with making Street Fighter IV more approachable for casual gamers, and why fighting game enthusiasts often reject those accessibility efforts.
02.22.09 | News | Nayan Ramachandran | 10 Number of Comments 
Intelligent Brawling
How do you make a great third-person brawler? THQ's Smith cross-examines titles from God Of War to Ninja Gaiden and beyond to analyze the hot genre.
02.19.09 | Feature | Tom Smith | 13 Number of Comments 
Release This: Street Fighter IV Hits U.S. Consoles
Gamasutra's latest exclusively compiled worldwide release list explores a week that brings Street Fighter IV Stateside, as the Nintendo DS hosts awaited localizations of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Fire Emblem: Shadow D
02.15.09 | News | Danny Cowan |  
Road To The IGF: Tale of Tales' The Graveyard
Continuing interviews with the 2009 Independent Games Festival finalists, Gamasutra talks to Tale of Tales about The Graveyard, a short but thought-provoking game about old age and death, nominated for the Innovation Award.
01.29.09 | News | Eric Caoili | 3 Number of Comments 
From Intellivision To Today: Talking To Don Daglow
Don Daglow was one of the first five Intellivision programmers, an early producer at EA, and started the now-dormant Stormfront Studios 20 years ago -- this Gamasutra interview quizzes him about Shark! Shark!, the 1983 video game crash, and more.
01.29.09 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Frank Cifaldi | 6 Number of Comments 
Interview: On Renegade Kid's DS Moon Shot
Austin-based Renegade Kid has created an unusual niche: developing system-pushing 3D FPS games for the Nintendo DS -- co-owners Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove tell Gamasutra about their methodology, sci-fi adventure Moon, and stretching the DS te
01.26.09 | News | Chris Remo | 1 Number of Comments 
Postmortem: Capcom/GRIN's Bionic Commando Rearmed
In this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, Capcom's Ben Judd analyzes 2D update Bionic Commando Rearmed, from pricing to online play decisions.
01.25.09 | Feature | Ben Judd | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Controlling Fear in Game Design
In this Gamasutra opinion piece, pseudonymous game designer Spitfire looks at using fear in game design, setting it up in opposition to the usually-desired control, and asking: "how we can use core design techniques to scare a player?"
01.25.09 | News | Spitfire | 20 Number of Comments 

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