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May 20, 2019
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New Tricks: Scott Blackwood Talks Skate And Skate 2
EA Black Box's Skate has dethroned the long-running Tony Hawk franchise in sales, and with a follow-up imminent, Gamasutra talks to exec producer Scott Blackwood on design and tech fundamentals.
10.17.08 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: Why Halo's Multiplayer Almost Didn't Make It
One could argue that the multiplayer component in Bungie's original Halo: Combat Evolved single-handedly made Microsoft's Xbox a staple in college dorms nationwide and gave the fledgling console a foothold. Multiplayer designer Hardy LeBel tells Ga
10.09.08 | News | Chris Remo | 3 Number of Comments 
The Designer's Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! IX
Designer Ernest Adams is withholding the confections again, taking big design mistakes to task in this ninth installment of his seminal series.
10.09.08 | Feature | Ernest Adams | 23 Number of Comments 
Interview: The Mega64 Effect
As game video pastichers Mega64 continue to make large slices of the Internet happy, co-creator Rocco Botte explains to Gamasutra how they don't kowtow to 'the man' while providing gleeful promo videos -- revealing a Dale Earnhardt skit that never came t
10.06.08 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Leigh Alexander | 1 Number of Comments 
A New Vocabulary For Development: Chuck Beaver And Dead Space
The M-rated sci-fi horror game Dead Space may potentially be another important milestone in EA's renaissance -- we talk to senior producer Chuck Beaver on gore, no cut-scenes, and our medium
09.29.08 | Feature | Chris Remo | 9 Number of Comments 
David DeMartini on the Renaissance of EA Partners
EA Partners has quickly become a publishing powerhouse -- now working with Valve, Epic, id, Crytek, Harmonix, and Grasshopper -- here, GM David DeMartini explains the state and future of EAP.
08.21.08 | Feature | Chris Remo |  
Atari: The Golden Years -- A History, 1978-1981
Following his article on Atari's genesis, game historian Fulton returns with an amazingly detailed piece on Atari's 'golden years', from the rise of the Atari 2600 through Asteroids and Battlezone.
08.20.08 | Feature | Steve Fulton | 23 Number of Comments 
Redefining Game Narrative: Ubisoft's Patrick Redding On Far Cry 2
Ubisoft Montreal's Far Cry 2 has one of the most ambitious open-ended, emergent game narratives ever - and Gamasutra talks to its guardian, Patrick Redding, about just how he can pull it off.
07.17.08 | Feature | Chris Remo,Brandon Sheffield | 11 Number of Comments 
Defining Dialogue Systems
In an in-depth Gamasutra analysis piece, Ellison looks at the universe and history of player-NPC dialogue in games, analyzing titles from Mass Effect through Facade to The Sims and beyond.
07.08.08 | Feature | Brent Ellison | 11 Number of Comments 
Implementing Training: The Secret Of Winning The Development War
How can game developers best organize formal ongoing staff training? Blitz Games (Sneak King) art director Nash discusses how the UK developer went about it in this in-depth Gamasutra feature.
07.02.08 | Feature | John Nash |  
Defining Boundaries: Creating Credible Obstacles In Games
'Why can't I jump over that wall?' In this intriguing design article, Sidhe's Griffiths (Gripshift) spans Halo to Half-Life to examine usability-related issues - and solutions - for frustratingly invisible and unbreakable barriers in games.
06.30.08 | Feature | Gareth Griffiths | 18 Number of Comments 
Bungie In 2008: Reflecting On Halo 3, Moving Beyond
With Halo creator Bungie newly independent, Gamasutra sits down with staffers Brian Jarrard, Mike Zak and Chris Butcher to discuss the creation of Halo 3 and the company's attitude going forward.
06.02.08 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
Game Design Essentials: 20 Atari Games
Atari Games, in its heyday, produced some of the most brilliant game designs the world has ever seen - from Marble Madness to Tempest and beyond - and Gamasutra compiles the 20 essentials throughout the company's long arcade career.
05.30.08 | Feature | John Harris | 11 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: Mark Rein On Unreal Engine 3, The State Of Epic
Unreal Engine 3 is the dominant game engine in the next-gen marketplace - but what's in the future for it and its creator Epic Games? Gamasutra talks in-depth to Epic VP Mark Rein on Unreal Tournament III, engine licensing, and the state of the mar
05.29.08 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Q&A: Bethesda's Hines Talks The State Of Fallout 3
With the first Fallout franchise entry in a decade only months away, Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines talks in-depth to Gamasutra about development on the post-apocalyptic title is 'way ahead' of Oblivion, why Bethesda paid for the entire 04.30.08 | News | Chris Remo | 4 Number of Comments 
Ken Levine on BioShock's Narrative Drive
2K Boston/Australia's BioShock is a key game in the evolution of gaming narrative - and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, creator Ken Levine expands on his GDC talk to reveal just how it was put together.
04.24.08 | Feature | Mathew Kumar,Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses
Time for a Gamasutra thought experiment - what books, comics, movies, and dormant game franchises richly deserve to be made into games? The site's editors have banded together, locked horns, and produced this no doubt debatable result.
04.24.08 | Feature | Kyle Orland | 24 Number of Comments 
A Western Initiative: Svensson On Capcom's Digital Future
Capcom may be best-known for its Japanese-created franchises, from Street Fighter to Devil May Cry, but it's working hard to make Western-focused games and digital download a priority - VP Christian Svensson explains more.
04.14.08 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield |  
A Japanese RPG Primer: The Essential 20
The Japanese role-playing game is a surprisingly important genre for developers to study - both in terms of gameplay and storytelling, and Gamasutra presents an 'Essential 20' explaining and chronicling the top JRPGs of all-time.
03.19.08 | Feature | Kurt Kalata | 32 Number of Comments 
Interview: When 'Good Naughty' Girls Make Games
Already controversial cellphone game Coolest Girl In School takes a refreshingly direct look at girls' experience of high school - Drew Taylor chats to creative director Holly Owen about the game's genesis and aims.
03.13.08 | Feature | Mathew Kumar |  
Interview: When 'Good Naughty' Girls Make Games
Already controversial cellphone game Coolest Girl In School takes a refreshingly direct look at girls' experience of high school - Drew Taylor chats to creative director Holly Owen about the game's genesis and aims.
03.11.08 | News | Drew Taylor | 6 Number of Comments 
GDC: The Future of Story In Game Design
In a conflict-filled panel on the future place of stories within game design and (therefore) the place of writers in development teams, Deborah Todd tried to keep the verbal sparring of a group of developers including Denis Dyack and Matthew Karch from el
02.20.08 | News | Mathew Kumar | 8 Number of Comments 
GDC: Ken Levine Speaks: Empowering Players to Care About Your Stupid Story
Ken Levine, president and creative director of 2K Boston and creator of the renowned story of BioShock, started his packed talk at GDC with a somewhat snarky revelation -- "I'm not really a fan of game story." He moved forward to explain the narrat
02.19.08 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
The History of Dragon Quest
While Final Fantasy can grab a lot of the limelight, the Dragon Quest/Warrior games make up one of the most important RPG franchises of all time - Gamasutra goes in-depth to chart the series' more than 20-year design evolution.
02.04.08 | Feature | Kurt Kalata | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Punk's Not Dead - Why No More Heroes Matters
One of the most fascinating games of 2008 thus far is Grasshopper Manufacture's critically acclaimed No More Heroes, and TimeGate Studios designer Steve Gaynor analyzes the u
01.31.08 | News | Steve Gaynor | 3 Number of Comments 

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