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May 22, 2019
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The Miller's Tale: 3D Realms' Scott Miller
In this exclusive Gamasutra interview, we talk with 3D Realms (Duke Nukem, Prey) founder and CEO Scott Miller on the dangers of original IP, why episodic content doesn't work, and the future of the company's troubled flagship mascot.
11.29.06 | Feature | Jason McMaster |  
3D Realms' Miller Calls For Steam Spinoff
As part of an exclusive feature interview with Gamasutra, 3D Realms' Scott Miller has called for Valve's Steam digital distribution service to spin off as a separate company, sugge
11.28.06 | News | Simon Carless |  
Column: 'Playing Catch Up: Shadowrun's Paul Kidd'
Today's Playing Catch-Up, a weekly column that dares to speak to notable video game industry figures about their celebrated pasts and promising futures, speaks to Paul Kidd, co-designer on Beam Software?s celebrated 1993 action RPG Shadowrun.
11.01.06 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Column: 'Playing Catch Up: Stormfront Studios' Don Daglow'
Today's Playing Catch-Up, a weekly column that dares to speak to notable video game industry figures about their celebrated pasts and promising futures, speaks to Stormfront Studios founder, CEO and president Don Daglow.
10.18.06 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Round Up: PSP Price, Uru Live, Archlord Contest
10.05.06 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Column: 'Media Consumption: Bizarre Creations' Gareth Wilson'
For this week's Media Consumption, a column that looks at the media and art diets of our favorite industry personalities, we spoke to Gareth Wilson, Design Manager for Bizarre Creations' Project Gotham Racing 3.
10.02.06 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
AGC: Keynote - Vernor Vinge On The 'Inside Out' Cyberworld
Award-winning science fiction author Vernor Vinge, speaking at the Austin Game Conference, gave his vision of a future in which connectivity was literally in the air around us, discussing ubiquitous connectivity and "post-human" capabilities.
09.10.06 | News | Mark Wallace |  
AGC: Koster Says Game Industry Dinosaur 'Doomed'
Renowned MMO designer Raph Koster warned the Austin Game Conference on Thursday that the game industry was undergoing a radical shift that few game companies understood, and that the industry as we know them today would likely become extinct without adapt
09.07.06 | News | Mark Wallace |  
Book Excerpt - Playing to Win: Becoming the Champion
In this extract from game designer David Sirlin's book, the author advocates 'self-improvement through competitive gaming' - applying Sun Tzu's 'Art Of War' to gaming principles with intriguing results.
09.07.06 | Feature | David Sirlin |  
Q&A: NaturalPoint On TrackIR's Head Motion Tracker
Gamasutra chats to NaturalPoint regarding the company's TrackIR product, a PC game control device that tracks the user's head motions using reflective markers, as the firm suggests of motion control: "Gyros and accelerom
09.03.06 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Book Excerpt and Review - Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
In today's Gamasutra feature, we reproduce the first chapter of Charles River Media's 'Game Writing: Narrative Skills For Videogames,' and follow it up with a review of the book's entirety by Gamasutra regular Brad Kane.
08.24.06 | Feature | Richard Dansky,Brad Kane |  
Book Excerpt: 3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop
In today's other main Gamasutra feature, we provide an excerpt from the first chapter of Luke Ahearn's new book, '3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop,' which touts itself as teaching its readers "how to think like a games artist."
06.21.06 | Feature | Luke Ahearn | 1 Number of Comments 
Book Excerpt: 'Better Game Characters By Design'
In this extract from Katherine Isbister's latest book, 'Better Game Characters Through Design,' the author explores the importance of body language, drawing examples from such diverse products as Sony's Ico and online virtual community 'There.'
06.01.06 | Feature | Katherine Isbister |  
Event Wrap Up - Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code
The recent Toronto-based exhibition 'Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code' displayed the works of artists working in video game modification, and Gamasutra talks to some of the artists to learn the thoughts and motivations behind their fascinating work.
04.06.06 | Feature | Mathew Kumar | 1 Number of Comments 
The Second Longest Journey: Interview with Ragnar Tornquist
Gamasutra sat down with Funcom Writer/Designer Ragnar Tornquist to discuss the completion of the long-awaited sequel to The Longest Journey, as well as linear storytelling in games, the importance of good localization, and what to expect in the next generation of game development.
04.02.06 | Feature | Christopher Woodard |  
GDC: Experimental Gameplay Workshop 2006
As in past years, last Wednesday's Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC played to a packed house. Beyond standing-room only, the lecture hall was crowded enough to concern and irritate the local fire marshal as presenters unveiled the latest batch of experimental gameplay goodies.
03.29.06 | Feature | eric-jon waugh |  
Student Feature: Story Mechanics as Game Mechanics in Shadow of the Colossus
In this student feature, USC's Ben Sherman deconstructs Sony Computer Entertainment's Shadow of the Colossus, focusing on how its gameplay mechanics, rather than its storyline, are able to evoke emotion in the player.
03.27.06 | Feature | ben Sherman |  
Wrap-Up: 2006 Consumer Electronics Show
Following the recent 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Frank Cifaldi's exhaustive report looks at both the widely reported Sony and Microsoft keynotes, but also delves further into odder game exhibitors such as Gizmondo and Commodore.
01.19.06 | Feature | Frank Cifaldi |  
How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days
Hailing from the the Experimental Gameplay Project at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center, the authors of this article give tips and insights into quickly churning out game prototypes, drawing from their experience in making 50 games in one semester with a team of only 4 grad students.
10.25.05 | Feature | Kyle Gray,Kyle Gabler,Shalin Shodhan,Matt Kucic | 12 Number of Comments 
Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Seeing What Sticks: Developing a Katamari Sequel
This keynote from GDC Europe featured Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi giving an open and personal look into the making of its sequel, We Love Katamari, including his admission that he had never planned on making a sequel.
09.01.05 | Feature | Kieron Gillen |  
Blogged Out: Publisher Risk, Talk Shows, MMO Terrors
07.07.05 | News | Jim Rossignol |  
Question of the Week Responses: Video Game Patents
Spurred by the controversial article regarding software patents by Ross Dannenburg and Steve Chang that Gamasutra published last week, we present the answers to: "Do you agree with the concept of patenting specific video game concepts, either game design ideas or technical innovations?"
06.08.05 | Feature | Quang Hong |  
GDC 2005 Proceeding: Handling Complexity in the Halo 2 AI
How can you add complexity to a brain while maintaining the transparency of a small system? In this proceeding, Damian Isla describes some of the techniques Bungie used in the design of the Halo 2 AI in pursuit of a beautiful, clean and ultimately scalable brain architecture.
03.10.05 | Feature | Damian Isla | 2 Number of Comments 
Book Extract: Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games - 'Perceiving'
In an extract from Funge's book, he deals with how an AI programmer obscures information from NPC AI to make it behave more realistically and less 'perfectly', looking at visibility, noisy sensor, and predictor percept-related issues.
01.20.05 | Feature | John Funge |  
Soapbox: Technoholism - A 12-step Recovery Plan
In a wide-ranging, combative Soapbox essay, UK-based designer Kelly takes the opportunity to brand the games industry as 'technoholics', "addicted to the ability of new technology to anesthetize fear of the future", and suggests a 12-step solution to this apparent dilemma.
12.28.04 | Feature | Tadhg Kelly |  

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