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May 19, 2019
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Disruptor Beam lays off staff as part of 're-focusing' effort
Update The layoffs come just over a month after the release of the studio's latest game.
10.09.17 | News | Alissa McAloon | 2 Number of Comments 
Get a job: Skydance Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer
Skydance Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer to work on cutting-edge story-driven VR games and design and create innovative player experiences in Marina Del Rey, California.
10.01.17 | News | Staff |  
Classic Postmortem: No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in HARM's Way
Fifteen years ago today, the campy shooter No One Lives Forever2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.?S Way was released. To celebrate its anniversary, we present this classic postmortem of the game's development.
09.28.17 | News | Craig Hubbard | 3 Number of Comments 
Thimbleweed's Jenn Sandercock on moving beyond nostalgia in adventure games
"Many old games were frustrating because of design mistakes, not the actual core gameplay mechanics. We can make a new adventure game using the old mechanics in a way that doesn?t feel frustrating."
09.27.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 12 Number of Comments 
Game Design Deep Dive: Maintaining tension in Nex Machina
"We needed to cut as much of excess fat as possible and figure out what was really necessary to get the feeling you are on the "knife's edge"." - Henri Mustonen, Senior Level Designer at Housemarque.
09.21.17 | News | Henri Mustonen | 1 Number of Comments 
Owlchemy shares lessons learned making Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality
At VRDC Fall 2017 today, Owlchemy's Alex Schwartz and Devin Reimer talked about what they'd learned in making the game, from making death feel comfortable to doing portals the Rick & Morty way.
09.20.17 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
Former Zynga VP of games Pete Hawley named CEO of Telltale Games
Pete Hawley, formerly of Zynga and EA, has been brought on board as the next CEO of The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games.
09.13.17 | News | Alissa McAloon |  
Crafting Tooth & Tail, a gamepad RTS that aims 'to Hearthstone StarCraft'
Using StarCraft as an emotional target, what we did is we took the genre, we boiled it down to its components, and we rebuilt it," dev Andy Schatz tells Gamasutra in a chat about Tooth & Tail.
09.11.17 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Opinion: In praise of Tacoma's character Sareh Hasmadi
In a game peopled by rich characters whose failings and struggles were central to the story, Sareh Hasmadi stood out as exceptionally nuanced and human.
09.05.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Payday 2 sales help Starbreeze offset rising costs
Starbreeze brought 8 million new players into the Payday 2 community by giving the popular heist title away for free.
08.23.17 | News | Christina Cheuk |  
Get a job: Be a Sr. QA Engineer at Disruptor Beam
Disruptor Beam is looking for a Sr. QA Engineer to be responsible for the testing of its platform services, data pipelines, and the integrate these services into its product portfolio in Framingham, MA.
08.14.17 | News | Staff |  
Devs share the highs and lows of working on Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands
Campo Santo's latest Quarterly Review features a meaty oral history of Tales from the Borderlands which chronicles the game's rollercoaster development and mixed success.
08.07.17 | News | Alex Wawro | 2 Number of Comments 
Telltale veteran Harrison Pink joins Blizzard to help oversee Diablo
Tales from the Borderlands co-creator Harrison Pink has joined Blizzard as a senior designer on the Diablo team.
07.19.17 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Jordan Weisman revisits the BattleTech franchise he co-created
The new Battletech PC game harkens back to the the 1980s wargame. "My original 35-year-old tabletop design is both our biggest asset and also one of our biggest challenges," says Jordan Weisman.
07.16.17 | News | Alan Bradley | 3 Number of Comments 
Next Games acquires mixed reality specialist Lume Games
The Walking Dead: No Man's Land developer Next Games has acquired mixed-reality specialist Lume Games for an undisclosed fee.
07.16.17 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Get a job: Disruptor Beam is hiring a Sr. QA Engineer
Disruptor Beam is looking for a Sr. QA Engineer to take responsibility for testing its platform services, data pipelines, and more as a member of its team in Framingham, MA.
07.16.17 | News | Staff |  
Opinion: Rebooting The Secret World as Secret World Legends
The very notion of this game being an MMO is being walked back, somewhat. The big marketing splashes call it a "SHARED-WORLD ACTION RPG." Not exactly catchy. SWARPG, perhaps, pronounced swar-pee-gee?
07.12.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 8 Number of Comments 
What developers are saying about the design of Nintendo's Arms
Developers are buzzing about Nintendo's unique fighting game for Switch. We gathered impressions from ten devs about Arms's gameplay, controls, aesthetic, unlocks, multiplayer, and more.
07.10.17 | News | Joel Couture | 1 Number of Comments 
Designing each of the 50 weapons in Dead Cells to feel distinctive
"The basic sword is pretty boring ? you just hack and slash. But then, the next iteration of that sword might be, if you?ve got less than fifty percent health, then it does critical hits at all times."
07.06.17 | News | Joel Couture |  
Environment art isn't about 'making pretty things', what's it about?
Jason Hickey, lead environment artist on Insomniac Games' upcoming Spider-Man offers practical tips about what it takes to be a great environment artist -- and no, it's not all about making pretty things.
06.20.17 | News | Jason Hickey | 7 Number of Comments 
Nine Australian indie games receive government funding boost
Film Victoria has provided an undisclosed amount of funding to nine games being created in Victoria, supporting over 40 game development positions in the process.
06.15.17 | News | Alissa McAloon |  
Q&A: Ken Rolston's development secrets of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Here's the full transcription of Gamasutra's epic livestream chat with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's lead designer Ken Rolston.
06.08.17 | News | Alex Wawro & Bryant Francis | 4 Number of Comments 
Get a job: Disruptor Beam is hiring an Associate Product Manager
Disruptor Beam is looking for an Associate Product Manager to perform product analysis, assist feature prioritization, and improve the overall user experience as a member of its Massachusetts-based team.
05.30.17 | News | Staff |  
Get a job: Be a UI Artist at Telltale Games
Minecraft: Story Mode dev Telltale Games in San Rafael, CA seeks a UI artist to design, create and implement user interfaces across multiple platforms and languages.
05.18.17 | News | Staff |  
Get a job: Disruptor Beam is hiring a Game Designer
Disruptor Beam is looking for a game designer to join its team in Framingham and work with a team of producers, designers, engineers, product managers, and marketers to create free-to-play mobile games.
05.16.17 | News | Staff |  

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