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May 24, 2019
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Pay-To-Flay: Examining microtransactions in Mortal Kombat X
F2P monetization mechanics are seeping into premium game design, and with Mortal Kombat X selling "Easy Fatality" consumables, Gamasutra asks: how do you monetize without compromising game design?
04.20.15 | News | Alex Wawro | 41 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Game of Thrones to game preservation
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Zach Alexander on topics ranging from choice in Telltale's Game of Thrones to responses to the Entertainment Software Association's position on games preservation.
04.12.15 | News | Kris Ligman |  
Bloodborne: You are the experience points
Tim Rogers takes us on a tour of Bloodborne's design -- and that of the Souls series, while he's at it -- to explain what makes the games work as well as they do.
04.09.15 | News | Tim Rogers | 51 Number of Comments 
Get a job: Telltale seeks a Cinematic Artist
Got a passion for crafting great cutscenes? The folks responsible for The Walking Dead are looking for an experienced cinematic artist to join the team at Telltale's San Rafael, CA office.
04.02.15 | News | Staff |  
'T.M.I.': Preserving the suspension of disbelief through ambiguity
What information should you tell the player, and what will shatter their immersion? We investigate.
03.09.15 | News | Phill Cameron | 7 Number of Comments 
Art Direction Bootcamp: An expert roundtable Q&A
Seasoned artists from Naughty Dog, BioWare, Hello Games and Deep Silver Volition answer community questions, ahead of GDC 2015's Art Direction Bootcamp.
02.19.15 | News | Andrew Maximov |  
See the future of VR game development at GDC 2015
Developers interested in charting a course through the new frontier of virtual reality game design would be wise to look for advice from trailblazers at the 2015 Game Developers Conference.
02.16.15 | News | Staff |  
Road to the IGF: Elegy for a Dead World
There's an awful lot of discussion about the right approach to narrative in games. Elegy for a Dead World's approach is striking. It asks the player to collaborate in the creation of its story.
02.15.15 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Road to the IGF: Inkle's 80 Days
How do you build an IGF award-nominated interactive fiction game? We chat with 80 Days co-creator Jon Ingold to find out as part of our ongoing Road to the IGF series of developer interviews.
02.12.15 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Road to the IGF: XRA's Memory of a Broken Dimension
We talk to Ezra Hanson-White about Memories of a Broken Dimension as part of our Road to the IGF series.
02.12.15 | News | Phill Cameron |  
Postmortem: Deck13 Interactive's Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen from developer Deck13 launched on next-gen consoles and PC, where it shot to the top of the Steam charts. There were successes for the Demon's Souls-inspired game, but they didn't come easy.
02.11.15 | News | Jan Klose, Thorsten Lange | 8 Number of Comments 
Game Design Deep Dive: The save system of Alien: Isolation
How going "old-school" with game saves -- they're manual! -- created a sorely-needed sense of tension in Creative Assembly's first-person horror-shooter Alien: Isolation.
02.10.15 | News | Gary Napper | 15 Number of Comments 
Alien: Isolation leads this year's list of BAFTA nominees
Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation narrowly beat out competition from Far Cry 4 and Monument Valley to claim the greatest number of nominations for the 2015 BAFTA awards.
02.09.15 | News | Alex Wawro |  
With Walking Dead in the rearview, Campo Santo focuses on the future
We talk to Campo Santo founder Sean Vanaman on leaving Telltale, securing funding and managing the expectations after The Walking Dead.
02.01.15 | News | Phill Cameron | 1 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Madden to Monopoly
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Jill Murray on topics ranging from Madden cheats to better board games for your children than Monopoly.
02.01.15 | News | Jill Murray | 3 Number of Comments 
Interactive storytelling a top priority at new studio from Brothers designer
We talk to Hazelight's writer and director Josef Fares about the transition from Starbreeze to forming an independent studio, as well as his thoughts on the state of interactive story telling in 2015.
01.22.15 | News | Phill Cameron | 5 Number of Comments 
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Coming Out on Top to Commander Shepard's Origin Story
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Johnny Kilhefner on topics ranging from black and queer representation in games to what it means if Mass Effect's Commander Shepard was originally a woman.
01.18.15 | News | Johnny Kilhefner | 1 Number of Comments 
Telling stories with gravestones: How Boon Hill raises the dead
Professional video game and comic writer Matthew Ritter has had a rather unusual obsession, ever since he was a kid: gravestone epitaphs.
01.15.15 | News | Kris Graft |  
Kevin Bruner takes Telltale CEO reins, as Dan Connors steps back
After over a decade, co-founder and CEO Dan Connors is stepping down; in his place, co-founder and CTO Kevin Bruner will be assuming the chief executive role. We speak to the execs.
01.11.15 | News | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
Telltale putting 'a lot of energy' into creating new, original IP
The studio behind The Walking Dead is moving into creating its own original IP, newly installed CEO Kevin Bruner confirms to Gamasutra.
01.11.15 | News | Christian Nutt | 2 Number of Comments 
Get a job: Telltale Games seeks a Studio Technology Manager
The folks responsible for The Walking Dead are hiring an experienced game studio manager to work alongside the studio head and production teams at Telltale's San Rafael, CA office.
01.06.15 | News | Staff |  
This Year in Video Game Criticism: The Games That Shaped 2014
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Eric Swain from the entirety of 2014. From the year's biggest releases to social and cultural issues affecting games, let's see what had the critics talking!
01.04.15 | News | Eric Swain | 2 Number of Comments 
More esteemed developers, artists join IGF Jury Panels
The juries behind the GDC 2015 Independent Games Festival take form as an exciting lineup of lauded developers and industry professionals sign on to decide the finalists for the March awards.
01.04.15 | News | Staff |  
Best of 2014: Gamasutra's Top Games of the Year
Making a definitive "best of" is impossible, thanks to the diversity of games out there. But Gamasutra's small staff, naturally, played a whole lot of games this year, and we all have strong opinions about the ones we loved.
12.22.14 | Feature | Christian Nutt,Brandon Sheffield,Kris Graft,Alex Wawro,Leigh Alexander,Phill Cameron | 10 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best of 2014: Alex Wawro's Top 5 Games
As the temperature drops and the game industry continues its sleepy shuffle through the holiday season, many of us turn to reflect on a simple question: what the hell was this year in games all about?
12.17.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 2 Number of Comments 

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