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October 20, 2019
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Downscaling, upscaling, same-scaling: Porting to Switch and under-powered consoles
We chatted with some of the top porting houses and the author of Arcade Perfect to find out the current state of porting games to Nintendo's immensely popular Switch.
10.17.19 | News | Andrew King | 2 Number of Comments 
Legislators condemn action against Hearthstone pro in letter to Activision Blizzard CEO
United States senators and representatives have penned a letter to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, condemning Blizzard's decision to punish a Hearthstone player's pro-Hong Kong comments.
10.17.19 | News | Alissa McAloon | 6 Number of Comments 
A look at the studio-building process at Avalanche Malmo
Avalanche Malmö studio manager Sara Ponnert discusses the process of building a studio from the ground up.
10.17.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Building a basic story bible for your game
Ubisoft Massive lead writer Anna Megill shares explains how to build a story bible for your game that can help communicate core narrative elements to the rest of your team.
10.17.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
How Crows Crows Crows launches games multiple times for max marketing impact
Crows Crows Crows marketing director has some advice for indies looking to boost their sales by creating multiple "launches" for their games.
10.16.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Red Thread Games' methods for story-centric game design
Red Thread Games creative director and co-founder Ragnar T√łrnquist discussed the methods the company uses to make unique storytelling games.
10.16.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Making beautifully personal games with Nina Freeman - GDC Podcast ep. 3
Nina Freeman is a designer at Tacoma developer Fullbright, and is also known for making intensely personal games like Cibele. She joined us to talk about how she takes autobiographical topics and turning those into brilliantly evocative games.
10.16.19 | News | Kris Graft |  
Designing for disaster in Finji's Overland
Game designer and Finji co-founder Adam Saltsman discusses some of the design ideas that brought Overland to life.
10.16.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
College Hearthstone team hit with 6-month ban after showing 'Free Hong Kong' sign
One week after the original infraction took place, Blizzard has issued bans to the members of the American University Hearthstone team that held up a 'Free Hong Kong' sign during an event stream.
10.15.19 | News | Alissa McAloon | 4 Number of Comments 
A guide for devs to battle (and convert) their online haters
Hanna Fogelberg, CCO of Landfall Games, offers a guidebook for how developers can handle online haters based on the development of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.
10.15.19 | News | Bryant Francis | 1 Number of Comments 
Registration is now open for GDC 2020!
Sign up now to attend GDC 2020 at a discount price and gain access to the global game development community for a week of unmatched education, inspiration and networking in San Francisco!
10.15.19 | News | Staff |  
Blog: A look at scavenger hunts in two modern adventure games
A brief look at bow the secondary adventure mechanic of scavenger hunts shows how some titles, like God of War, create rewarding gameplay and replay-ability.
10.14.19 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Fine-tuning for the 'action hero' feel in PlayStation's VR game Blood & Truth
PlayStation??s London Studio has been a leading creator of showcase PlayStation VR experiences, and at XRDC today director of VR dev Stuart Whyte shared some of what the team has learned.
10.14.19 | News | Alex Wawro |  
How Raw Data dev Survios succeeds by recycling its own tech
Survios has been building VR games for years, and today at XRDC studio cofounder Alex Silkin gave a talk about why the studio builds its own systems and tech for each game -- and why you should too.
10.14.19 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
The real buildings that inspired Control's Oldest House
Remedy Entertainment's Control launches at just the right time to lean into Brutalism with an intensity I'm not sure we??ve seen before.
10.13.19 | News | Ewan Wilson | 1 Number of Comments 
Owlchemy's audio wizard offers tips on making the most of music in VR
Music is a critical aspect of game design players often overlook, and at XRDC in San Francisco today Owlchemy??s Daniel Perry shared some tips on how to use it well in virtual reality.
10.13.19 | News | Staff |  
DIY thumbsticks and clay creations: How Google designed its Stadia gamepad
What goes into designing a new gamepad? Given most of them share a striking number of similarities, you'd be forgiven for thinking the answer to that question is 'not much.' If only.
10.10.19 | News | Chris Kerr | 1 Number of Comments 
IGF 2020 accepts over 550 innovative and exciting entries!
These submissions came in from a diverse and widespread selection of veteran indie game makers, first-time entrants, and students, all of whom will compete to win at the IGF Awards in March!
10.10.19 | News | Staff |  
Reminder: Know and abide by your XRDC Code of Conduct!
If you're coming out to XRDC in San Francisco next week, make time to read through the Code of Conduct and commit it to heart -- violating it is grounds for removal from the event, with no refunds.
10.10.19 | News | Staff |  
Ubisoft is making animated shows based on Rayman, Watch Dogs, and more
Ubisoft has unveiled plans to bring more of its franchises to TV through a new run of animated shows based on a handful of the studio's games.
10.09.19 | News | Alissa McAloon | 1 Number of Comments 
Coming to XRDC next week? Help make it a more sustainable event!
The environment is important, so XRDC organizers take a quick moment to talk about what's being done -- and what you can do -- to help make it a more sustainable event in a more sustainable industry.
10.09.19 | News | Staff |  
Behind the HONK: An Untitled Goose Game Q&A
Everyone seems to be honking a bit more than usual with the recent release of House House's brilliant Untitled Goose Game. We speak with programmer Nico Disseldorp.
10.08.19 | News | John Harris | 1 Number of Comments 
Former CEO of Bungie founds new multi-studio AAA game company
The person who for years led Halo and Destiny developer Bungie has re-emerged with a new multi-studio game company that plans to create triple-A games within a non-traditional business structure.
10.08.19 | News | Kris Graft | 2 Number of Comments 
Sony confirms PlayStation 5 release window, teases new gamepad tech
On Tuesday Sony confirmed its next-generation console will be called the PlayStation 5, and will be launching in time for holiday 2020.
10.07.19 | News | Chris Kerr | 1 Number of Comments 
Deep Dive: Telling Lies - Making a mechanic out of scrubbing video
Sam Barlow, writer and director of FMV game Her Story, offers a fantastic breakdown of the video scrubbing mechanic of Her Story follow-up Telling Lies.
10.07.19 | News | Sam Barlow | 1 Number of Comments 

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