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Zenimax amends Oculus lawsuit to accuse John Carmack of theft
According to an amended lawsuit from Zenimax, former employee John Carmack took documents and company technology while leaving the company.
08.21.16 | News | Bryant Francis | 5 Number of Comments 
John Carmack officially leaves id Software
For decades, John Carmack and id Software have gone hand in hand. Today, the studio confirmed that the game industry luminary is leaving id completely.
11.21.13 | News | Kris Graft | 21 Number of Comments 
id Software co-founder John Carmack to receive BAFTA Fellowship
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts will honor id Software co-founder John Carmack with a BAFTA Fellowship at this year's awards ceremony. 
03.23.16 | News | Chris Kerr
Don't Miss: John Carmack on engineering Rage
In this extensive interview conducted while he was at id, legendary programmer John Carmack reflects on the id Tech 5 engine and his mistakes regarding the evolution of console and PC games.
10.16.14 | News | Kris Graft
John Carmack joins Oculus VR team as CTO
John Carmack, the video game industry veteran who is best known for co-founding id Software, has officially joined the Oculus Rift team as its new chief technology officer.
08.06.13 | News | Mike Rose | 18 Number of Comments 
John Carmack explains why he left id for Oculus
John Carmack explains how his failure to arrange a deal between ZeniMax and Oculus VR led to his decision to leave id Software in a new interview published by USA Today.
02.03.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 24 Number of Comments 
Oculus CTO John Carmack is suing Zenimax for $22.5M
UPDATE John Carmack has filed a lawsuit against Zenimax, seeking damages that equal the amount he is still owed from the 2009 sale of id Software.
03.08.17 | News | Alissa McAloon | 4 Number of Comments 
Weekend reading: 300+ pages of interviews with John Carmack
Heads up, devs: If you're looking for a little light reading this weekend, why not check out French programmer Fabien Sanglard's archive of John Carmack interviews from 1996-2008? 
07.06.17 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
John Carmack's advice for mobile VR devs: Iterate, iterate, iterate
"It is possible to check all the boxes and still wind up with a competently implemented game that just doesn’t have any soul,” cautions Oculus CTO John Carmack.
10.01.18 | News | Alissa MCAloon | 3 Number of Comments 
John Carmack and ZeniMax have ended their legal dispute
The legal battle between id Software co-founder John Carmack and current id owner ZeniMax has ended, though a case involving Oculus rages on.
10.11.18 | News | Alissa McAloon
Postcard from the GDC 2004: John Carmack's Keynote
John Carmack presented the programming keynote at the GDC 2004: an hour-long, content-packed, Powerpoint-free presentation. The game programming icon expounded on the future of game graphics and game hardware platforms.
03.24.04 | Feature | Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau
John Carmack's pursuit of the 'holy grail' of VR content
Oculus CTO and video game programming legend John Carmack said at Oculus Connect in Hollywood that for the last year, his focus has been doing the best with what he’s got, hardware-wise.
09.23.15 | News | Kris Graft
John Carmack offers Gear VR game dev advice
At the developer's request, Oculus CTO John Carmack has published a public critique of a Gear VR game with the intent of helping all VR developers better understand and utilize the technology.
05.07.15 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
How John Carmack is bending Samsung's VR strategy
For the last year, John Carmack has been working on mobile VR at Oculus -- in close partnership with phone manufacturer Samsung. Here's his take on what's been happening.
09.19.14 | News | Christian Nutt | 5 Number of Comments 
Zenimax, Oculus in legal dispute, and John Carmack's caught in the middle
UPDATE Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR has led to a fight over rights to virtual reality technology -- and game programming legend John Carmack is in the middle of the dispute.
04.30.14 | News | Kris Graft | 49 Number of Comments 
Video: John Carmack shares his vision for the future of mobile VR
Speaking at GDC 2015, Oculus CTO John Carmack offers 90 minutes of actionable VR development advice, technical details, techniques and strategies you can use to amp up the quality of your VR games.
05.18.15 | News | Staff
John Carmack Reveals RAGE Spinoff Mutant Bash TV for iPhone
id Software co-founder John Carmack announced that an iOS-exclusive spinoff title for the company's upcoming first-person shooter RAGE will soon debut for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
10.31.10 | News | Danny Cowan | 1 Number of Comments 
id's John Carmack Chooses Framerate Over Graphical Fidelity
Despite a history of leading the industry in graphic fidelity, id's upcoming Rage intentionally tones things down in favor of running at a constant 60 frames per second. id's John Carmack tells us why.
08.21.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 25 Number of Comments 
See John Carmack discuss the dawn of mobile VR development at GDC
John Carmack, CTO of Oculus VR and co-founder of id Software, will be speaking about "The Dawn of Mobile VR" for at least an hour and a half (and probably longer) at GDC 2015.
02.10.15 | News | Staff
QuakeCon 2007: An Audience With John Carmack
During the QuakeCon keynote which revealed a lot else besides, id legend John Carmack sauntered out on stage for a fascinating set of comments about id's next project Rage, s
08.05.07 | News | Howard Wen, Texas
Following Acquisition, John Carmack Is Free To Be Himself
When Bethesda parent company ZeniMax acquired id Software two years ago, it freed John Carmack to go back to what he loves best: closing himself off in his office and engulfing hims
08.18.11 | News | Frank Cifaldi | 11 Number of Comments 
John Carmack Reveals Info on Next-Gen Project
08.07.06 | News | Jason Dobson
John Carmack encourages VR devs to 'embrace the grind'
"It takes more than just 'be bold'," the Oculus CTO said today during a 2-hour presentation at Oculus Connect in which he encouraged VR devs to iterate on, optimize, and polish up their games.
10.11.17 | News | Alex Wawro | 2 Number of Comments 
John Carmack steps down as Oculus CTO to explore artificial intelligence
During his time at the VR company, Carmack oversaw the development and commercial launch of the original Oculus Rift headset, its successor the Oculus Rift S, and the standalone Oculus Quest.
11.13.19 | News | Chris Kerr
Oculus to recruit game developers, to work with John Carmack
According to a quote from CEO Brendan Iribe, "you'll see more and more game developers showing up" at the company over the coming months.
01.07.14 | News | Christian Nutt

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