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December 4, 2021
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Interview with id's Graeme Devine
With a game development career that stretches back over twenty years, Graeme Devine has been behind some of the most successful games of all time. Carless catches up with Devine and finds out how things are going at his new digs in Mesquite.
09.16.99 | Feature | Simon Carless
The Creative Intent of Rage
In this extensive interview, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead and artist Andy Chang answer questions about the creative intent of Rage by describing exactly what the team hoped to accomplish from both art and design perspectives.
10.03.11 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 64 Number of Comments 
Dirty Java: Using the Java Native Interface Within Games
Game developers are increasingly applying Java in "unpure" ways: using it in conjunction with C/C++ code. See how to implement dirty Java techniques, and learn how developers like id and Nihilistic applied Java to their projects.
06.10.99 | Feature | Bernd Kreimeier
Ask Gamasutra: What can the game industry expect in 2014?
For 2014's first Ask Gamasutra, our staff tackles the question: What are your game industry predictions for 2014?
01.05.14 | News | Staff | 11 Number of Comments 
Interview: Richard Garriott Is From Mars
You may think you know Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott, but do you really understand Lord British? Gamasutra goes off-topic to chat to Garriott about games as art, his influences, and much more.
02.08.08 | Feature | N. Evan Van Zelfden | 4 Number of Comments 
Where is your mod, now?: How Valve's paid mod program imploded in four days
Valve Software wanted to see amateur modders get paid for their work. But diving headfirst into the tight-knit modding community meant more than ironing out legal and financial issues.
04.28.15 | News | Bryant Francis | 45 Number of Comments 
Interview: On Renegade Kid's DS Moon Shot
Austin-based Renegade Kid has created an unusual niche: developing system-pushing 3D FPS games for the Nintendo DS -- co-owners Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove tell Gamasutra about their methodology, sci-fi adventure Moon, and stretching the DS te
01.26.09 | News | Chris Remo | 1 Number of Comments 
iLang Syne: A Guide To iPhone Game Development In 2009
Veteran developer Alessi looks at the state of the iPhone/iPod Touch game market in 2009, mapping out the pitfalls, engine choices and opportunities of making games for Apple's hit device.
01.06.09 | Feature | Jeremy Alessi | 11 Number of Comments 
Event Wrap Up: CTIA 2005 Mobile Conference
The CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment convention, held in San Francisco’s Moscone West conference hall, included the presence from some of the more notable developers and publishers in the mobile game market, including Jamdat (Doom RPG), Gameloft (War Of The Worlds), and I-Play (Skipping Stone).
09.29.05 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield
SpyParty And The Indie Ethos: Chris Hecker Speaks
Outspoken indie developer Chris Hecker talks about what drives him creatively, the future he sees for the indie movement, and what he hopes to achieve -- "baby steps" in realistic human interaction -- beyond simply shipping SpyParty.
09.09.11 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 7 Number of Comments 
Game Agents: Show Me The Money? Part 1: Introduction, Interview
Like their counterparts in Hollywood, agents in the game industry represent the "talent" - game developers - and negotiate publishing and distribution deals for their clients. In return, the agents take a cut of the deal. Part one of this three-part series on game agents introduces their services, and talks to Zombie co-CEO, Mark Long, about his thoughts on agents.
06.15.03 | Feature | Alex Dunne,Matthew Karch
Postmortem: Treyarch's Draconus
Under funded and under scheduled, Jamie Fristrom discusses what went right and what went wrong during the Draconus development process. He also touches on the tools his team used to make the best of the under funded and under scheduled game.
08.13.00 | Feature | Jamie Fristrom
Educational Feature: A History and Analysis of Level Design in 3D Computer Games - Pt. 2
Indiana University graduate student Sam Shahrani presents a detailed history of the evolution of level design and in-game interactivity from the inception of 3D engines to the near present, in the conclusion of this exclusive two-part Gamasutra educational feature.
04.28.06 | Feature | Sam Shahrani | 4 Number of Comments 
The Strange History Of Gamecock's Mike Wilson
Gamecock co-founder Mike Wilson has a vital business role in game history over the past 15 years - working at id, setting up the influential GodGames, and now running his upstart publisher (Dementium, Hail To The Chimp); in a transcript of the latest Gamasutra Podcast, he talks about his storied career and intriguing plans.
11.14.07 | Feature | Tom Kim | 1 Number of Comments 
Postmortem: ACE Team's Zeno Clash
ACE Team's Zeno Clash story holds intriguing lessons for indie startups on the merit of keeping true to one's artistic vision -- and on the unpredictability of the design process.
10.08.09 | Feature | Carlos Bordeu | 10 Number of Comments 
Best of 2017: Gamasutra's top games, devs, events and trends
We bid farewell to the year that was with this celebration of the top game developers, trends, events, and games that defined 2017 and stand poised to shape the industry for years to come.
12.21.17 | News | Staff
Career Paths in the Game Industry
In this Gamasutra educational feature, long time computer game designer, developer, and manager Mark Baldwin outlines the various career paths available in current game industry and reflects on the industry's evolution.
07.09.06 | Feature | Mark Baldwin | 1 Number of Comments 
A Conversation with Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey
Following from his GDC Europe talk, Palmer Luckey explains what it takes to make a game look and feel right in VR -- and explains that he has some tricks up his sleeve to make sure his headset beats any potential competition.
09.02.13 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 9 Number of Comments 
The Burger Speaks: An Interview With An Archmage
An in-depth interview with Rebecca Heineman, better known as "Burger", national Space Invaders champion, veteran of Interplay, brain behind the cult classics Tass Times, Wasteland, and Bard's Tale III.
12.26.10 | Feature | Matt Barton | 9 Number of Comments 
The Making of Warcraft's Multiplayer
In the continuing saga of the development of the game that made Blizzard's name, Patrick Wyatt discusses the first-ever online multiplayer match of the RTS, as well as explaining exactly how the developer finally got the funds to pursue the game that would make its name.
11.11.12 | Feature | Patrick Wyatt | 11 Number of Comments 
Engines of Creation: An Overview of Game Engines
So you need a game engine? Gamasutra surveys the state of the market in this comprehensive overview of solutions, priced from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
10.27.08 | Feature | jon jordan | 16 Number of Comments 
3D Engines for Games: A Broader Perspective
You've developed an object viewer, a Quake level viewer, a radiosity renderer and a patch tessellator. You know 3D math, OpenGL and the 3DS file format by heart. Now you want to go further -- you want to use this knowledge to develop an entire engine. Does this seem like a large task for you? Well let me tell you, it is. I will not try to tell you how to make a good, playable game. Nor will I tell you how to program any specific parts of an engine. In fact there won't even be a single line of code in this article. The main goal is to enable you to quickly and (relatively) painlessly develop an engine and a game that uses it.
10.12.00 | Feature | Søren Hannibal
Allegro Inspires A New Generation of Independent Developers
Allegro, a game development library that's now over five years old, has established itself as one of the most popular Open Source tools for independent developers. Damon Brown talks with Allegro's creator and explores the community that supports the library.
10.25.99 | Feature | Damon Brown
SIGGRAPH '99 From a Game Development Perspective
What did Daniel do this summer? He explored SIGGRAPH. Now he's bringing you the low-down on SGI, the state of Fahrenheit, Nvidia's NV-10, the latest animation tools, looming trends, and how they did that cool thing in the Matrix.
08.19.99 | Feature | Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau
From The Past To The Future: Tim Sweeney Talks
In a special interview, Epic Games founder and technical guru Tim Sweeney discusses his career, from the company's birth in the shareware revolution through to present and future game technology challenges.
05.25.09 | Feature | Benj Edwards | 13 Number of Comments 

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