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Why Gamers don't Stop Playing Shooter Games?
Shooting games have been in this industry for so many years, yet players don't really stop playing these games, old or new. So why do shooting games never lose their appeal?
03.31.22 | Blog | Yongcheng Liu
Game Dev Digest Issue #133 - State Of Games In 2022
Game Dev Digest Issue #133 - State Of Games In 2022. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.
03.30.22 | Blog | Mike Marrone
Finding gameplay depth in typing games
Can a game where all you have to do is type words be a real game?
03.17.22 | Blog | David Bailly
Why do we play Dark Souls?
This article attempts to explain why this high-difficulty franchise can make tens of millions of players enjoy the "suffering" journey from the perspective of Competence motivation.
03.17.22 | Blog | Jerry Zhang
Why Players become obsessed with “farming games”?
Why does the seemingly monotonous and repetitive farming work attract players nowadays? And what kind of experiences do they actually have while playing? This article tries to give some answers.
03.03.22 | Blog | Yongcheng Liu
Ten Examples of Modern Mobile Game Design
While working on my next book, I had a chance to check out a subset of the modern mobile game scene, and here are 10 games that show how far things have come since the early 2010's.
02.18.22 | Blog | Josh Bycer
Does Intentional Friction Work in Videogames?
Many videogames today are about unique experiences, but what happens when the experience gets in the way of playing the game? Today's post looks at the debate over intentional friction and the often-debated points of art vs. business.
02.04.22 | Blog | Josh Bycer
Game Dev Digest Issue #113 - Visual Effects
Game Dev Digest Issue #113 - Visual Effects. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.
10.11.21 | Blog | Mike Marrone
How to make profit in hypercasual: hints to the 3 main game development stages
Hyper-casual games are all about testing and iterations. Only one in 40 projects becomes profitable. Along the way, industry experience helps. Here you will find guidelines, hints, and resources for hypercasual idea generation, prototyping, and testing.
10.05.21 | Blog | Ilya Trofimov
User Research: Game for fun: negative emotion compensation mechanism
Have you ever felt lost, angry or desperate in a game? Whether it's because the game failed due to the death of the character, or we cannot get the desired items because determined "fate", we will always experience a variety of frustration in game.
09.29.21 | Blog | Yongcheng Liu
Why I stopped finishing RPGs
I noticed it years ago, but I assumed it was my habits that had changed. Then I thought what I found interesting had changed. Of course, it was always the games, I was just too bored to realize what was happening.
09.08.21 | Blog | Ryan Dockter
Can Approachability “Fix” Dark Souls?
Learning how to spot pain points and areas to improve with approachability can be a tough skill to learn, and for today, I'm going to apply that to one of hte hardest games to nail down in this regard -- Dark Souls and soulslikes.
09.02.21 | Blog | Josh Bycer
From Mafia to Among Us: can social deduction evolve as online multiplayer?
As a veteran Mafia player who's lost brain cells playing the game since college and as an aspiring game designer launching my first game on Kickstarter, I will share my two cents on the emergence of online multiplayer social deduction games.
08.12.21 | Blog | Moein Pahlavan
Designing Highfleet, a strategy game with heavy machinery and twirling knobs
Konstantin Koshutin, creator of Highfleet discusses some of the design decisions that went into this new take on the simulation strategy genre.
08.11.21 | News | Bryant Francis
Don't Miss: Making Frostpunk grim without descending to dark comedy
Learn about how Frostpunk managed to tell a grim story without descending into despair or dark comedy.
08.11.21 | News | Bryant Francis
How Difficulty Impacts Motivation in Game Design
Continuing my thoughts on difficulty design, I want to spend a few minutes discussing player motivation and how it can push someone to keep playing a game, or cause them to bow out of a game if they feel stuck.
08.10.21 | Blog | Josh Bycer | 2 Number of Comments 
Focus Home Interactive acquires retro game studio Dotemu for $45.5 million
French publisher Focus Home Interactive has acquired a major stake in retro game developer Dotemu for $45.5 million.
08.04.21 | News | Chris Kerr
Q&A: Defining the detail-driven gameplay of Dyson Sphere Program
Dyson Sphere Program tasks players with building an impossibly massive power source capable of saving all of humanity. Here's how a team of five took on a project of planetary scale.
07.27.21 | News | John Harris
Creating characters for the "Commandos" like game
For me, characters are the most important element in games. Through them, the player projects his experience from the game. But where to find good inspiration for character creation? Everywhere!
07.26.21 | Blog | Zdenko Gurovi?
Debating Difficulty in Game Design
The debate over difficulty in videogames continues to rage, and for today's post, I want to try, once and for all, to explain that difficulty is not a part of accessibility, but an essential element designers need to take note of.
07.21.21 | Blog | Josh Bycer
Legends of Runeterra #2: A dive into its gameplay
In-depth gameplay analysis Legends of Runeterra, the CCG by Riot Games. It explores its mechanics, the mechanics of its closest competitors, how the game has solved their problems, and which are its key innovations.
07.15.21 | Blog | Javier Barnes | 1 Number of Comments 
Game Dev Digest Issue #101 - Upgrade Your UI
Game Dev Digest Issue #101 - Upgrade Your UI. The latest from the free weekly #Unity3d/#gamedev newsletter.
07.02.21 | Blog | Mike Marrone
Creating Blind Drive, an audio sensory driving game experienced through sound
"Another major draw for us was the ability of sound to create a deep sense of immersion quite different from what is possible with graphics," say the developers of Blind Drive.
06.28.21 | News | Joel Couture | 1 Number of Comments 
(UX Design) Methodology of keeping cross-hair design on track
After FPS became a popular game gerne, the crosshair became a reliable partner for players to control shooting in game.
06.08.21 | Blog | Sisi Yuan | 2 Number of Comments 
Espresso Tycoon - video devlog is here!
Check out, what’s going on in the Espresso Tycoon game and how it’s being made. Prepare for building your own coffee business! Remember – a free demo will be released THIS year!
05.18.21 | Blog | Joanna Berezowska

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