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September 30, 2020
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Gamasutra's Best of 2019: The top 10 games of the year
2019 was an incredible year for games--a year so flush with work worth celebrating that it will surely be remembered for years to come.
01.02.20 | News | Staff |  
Gamasutra's Best of 2019: 8 standout Apple Arcade games
Apple Arcade's curated library launched with a number of captivating titles, and those ever-growing ranks include several titles that wormed their way into the daily lives of Gamasutra's editorial team.
12.26.19 | News | Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best of 2019: Katherine Cross' Top 5 Games
Video games had an incredibly strong year, casting a bright spotlight on some genuine artistic beauty amidst a burning world.
12.22.19 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Untitled Goose Game passed 100,000 sales in first two weeks
Devilishly wholesome puzzler Untitled Goose Game has sold over 100,000 copies in two weeks, according to developer House House.
10.15.19 | News | Chris Kerr | 1 Number of Comments 
An untitled Untitled Goose Game analysis
Columnist Katherine Cross examines the ingredients that made House House's fantastic Untitled Goose Game a runaway hit as opposed to a mere cult classic.
10.08.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Can World of Warcraft Classic capture the MMO's original glory?
Commentator Katherine Cross returns to Azeroth in World of Warcraft Classic to evaluate if it can capture the game's original magic.
08.29.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 5 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Less is more - Why Observation's ending fell flat
No Code's voyeuristic space mystery Observation is an excellent game, but the final seconds of storytelling fall flat. Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross explains.
07.08.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Observation's AI is a brilliant narrative device
"There are so many ways to describe the brilliance of No Code's Observation, but the strangest may be the most apposite: it turns everything inside out."
06.06.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: How Draugen lets down its characters
'At its best, this is a story that mints beautiful phrases in a heroically gorgeous setting,' opines writer Katherine Cross. 'But in the end Draugen shyly reaches for something well beyond its grasp.'
05.27.19 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Knockin' on Heaven's Vault: How Inkle designed its first 3D game
Inkle co-founders Jon Ingold and Joe Humfrey break down the design decisions that brought Heaven's Vault to life.
04.30.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Boldly she rode: How Heaven's Vault reinvents adventure games
"Inkle has done something radically original here, a breath of fresh air in a game industry all but stultified by unimaginative impersonations and safe bets," says Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross on Heaven's Vault.
04.21.19 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Take me to the hole: Loss and triumph in Astroneer
It wasn't until columnist Katherine Cross fell into a hole that she truly understood the genius of Astroneer.
04.18.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: After Christchurch - What we owe our game communities
Katherine Cross takes a look at the recent white supremacist terrorist attack in New Zealand, and unpacks what game developers must do to keep extremist views from taking hold in their games' communities.
03.20.19 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Civilization VI's (Green) New Deal
In Civilization VI's latest expansion Gathering Storm, the world fights back and your actions have far-reaching, unintended consequences down the ages and across the whole of the map.
02.25.19 | News | Katherine Cross |  
The sloth behind the scenes of 2019's biggest Twitch stream
The gaming streamer and cyber sloth Casey Explosion discusses how she helped make one of the best stories in gaming news come to life.
02.05.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: The latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey controversy was easily avoidable
While criticism is vital to ensure accountability, it??s safe to say many queer creators are quietly bemused at how the low effort of major studios is rewarded with adulation and infinite second chances.
01.27.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 3 Number of Comments 
Best of 2018: Gamasutra's top games, devs, events and trends
Here we present a roundup of our roundups to make your end of year game industry round-upping that much simpler.
12.30.18 | News | Staff |  
Gamasutra's Best of 2018: The top 10 games of the year
There were so many games that were great in 2018. Here are the 10 games that stood out in the minds of Gamasutra's writers this year.
12.27.18 | News | Staff | 3 Number of Comments 
Opinion: World of Warcraft: Classic will disappoint you
"I fear that World of Warcraft: Classic is unsustainable, and will prove to be incapable of sustaining a meaningful community of anyone other than those committed to burning through the endgame."
11.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Return of the Obra Dinn is a work of art
Katherine Cross examines Lucas Pope's Return of the Obra Dinn, "a mystery that makes a grand and intricate game out of deduction, whose minimal inputs still manage to cohere into syphonic play."
11.07.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
SAG-AFTRA's new agreement opens doors for small-budget and indie games
Katherine Cross takes a closer look at a groundbreaking new SAG-AFTRA agreement for low-budget and indie game productions.
10.28.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Political extremism and gunplay meet in The Church in the Darkness
Columnist Katherine Cross examines the upcoming The Church in the Darkness, a game that confronts the complicated themes surrounding political extremism.
09.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Under the Sea: A look at Beyond Blue and In Other Waters
In the wake of the video game world being rocked by a squall over a puddle it seems fitting to, instead, think about how more substantial bodies of water are being portrayed in forthcoming games.
09.18.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: The dark allure of We. The Revolution
Columnist Katherine Cross examines We. The Revolution, a gorgeous strategy-simulation game from Polish studio Polyslash that puts players in the role of a Revolutionary Tribunal during the French Revolution.
09.12.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Battle for Azeroth and the death of nuance
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross examines World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and how it may have been too quick to set fire to one of its few truly unique ideas.
08.05.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 6 Number of Comments 

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