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May 20, 2022
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Congress turns its eye toward loot box regulation in letter to developers
Several Congresspersons led by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) are urging large game companies to adopt improved standards for loot box design.
08.09.21 | News | Bryant Francis | 1 Number of Comments 
The New Metaverse Economy
Sponsored: New technologies and movements are starting to cater to a new culture of immersion. The companies, games and experiences that embrace those technologies will be the real social and economic winners.
06.27.21 | News | Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy, IMVU/VCOIN
Disney is apparently interested in indie devs using its IP
If you’re an indie developer interested in making a Disney video game, Disney might want to talk?
06.15.21 | News | Bryant Francis | 2 Number of Comments 
Play Ventures raises $135 million to invest in game startups
VC fund Play Ventures has raised $135 million to invest in video game startups, beginning with a $1.5 million pre-Series A investment into Indian mobile studio All Star Games.
04.05.21 | News | Chris Kerr
New to coding? Here's why Python is a strong place to start
Sponsored: Or are you already a programming pro, experienced Minecraft modder, or Lua-savvy Roblox creator? Find out how you can put your expertise to work and teach kids game development with iD Tech.
02.07.21 | News | iD Tech
Blog: Building an arcade cabinet for the 21st Century
The unique challenges of designing a custom arcade cabinet in an indie game development studio and the time necessary to complete a game hardware project.
02.07.21 | News | Gamasutra Community
Celebrating tech's unsung women pioneers, Romero calls for game dev gender parity
"This is about diversity, not exclusion," veteran game maker Brenda Romero said today in her GDC Summer talk on the hidden histories of women in computing. "It’s important for us to get to equal."
08.03.20 | News | Alex Wawro
Get a job: Carnegie Mellon University is hiring Game Design Teaching Track Faculty
Join us as we diversify our project-based curriculum and prepare our students to build the entertainment professions of the 21st century.
03.18.20 | News | Staff
Scopely acquires Marvel Strike Force dev FoxNext Games from Disney
Disney has agreed to sell FoxNext Games and its subsidiary Cold Iron Studios to Scopley for an undisclosed sum.
01.21.20 | News | Alissa McAloon
Blog: Is your 21st century games career what you thought it'd be?
Video game careers aren't straightforward. There are more paths than becoming a studio employee, growing a company, or shooting for the indie dream. How do you think yours will look in the '20s?
01.19.20 | News | Gamasutra Community
Gamasutra's Best of 2019: Katherine Cross' Top 5 Games
Video games had an incredibly strong year, casting a bright spotlight on some genuine artistic beauty amidst a burning world.
12.22.19 | News | Katherine Cross
An untitled Untitled Goose Game analysis
Columnist Katherine Cross examines the ingredients that made House House's fantastic Untitled Goose Game a runaway hit as opposed to a mere cult classic.
10.08.19 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Deep Dive: Telling Lies - Making a mechanic out of scrubbing video
Sam Barlow, writer and director of FMV game Her Story, offers a fantastic breakdown of the video scrubbing mechanic of Her Story follow-up Telling Lies.
10.07.19 | News | Sam Barlow | 1 Number of Comments 
The Strong Museum receives grant to fund exhibit on the cultural impact of video games
The grant aims to fund the creation of a 24,000-foot exhibit exploring the influence of electronic games on cultural history.
09.25.19 | News | Alissa McAloon
Report: Disney plans to sell Marvel Strike Force dev FoxNext Games
Disney reportedly plans to sell FoxNext Games, the development studio it acquired less than a year ago as part of its $52.4 billion acquisition of many 21st Century Fox assets.
09.10.19 | News | Alissa McAloon
PlayStation's former portfolio strategy head is now tackling game licensing at Disney
Disney has tapped John Drake as its vice president of business development and licensing for games.
07.14.19 | News | Alissa McAloon
Sweeney commits to human moderators & quality filters for Epic's Games Store
"So we're not going to see asset flips," the Epic founder told Gamasutra at GDC this week. "And we're going to explicitly say no to porn games or other intentionally controversial games."
03.21.19 | News | Alex Wawro | 24 Number of Comments 
Marvel Strike Force dev FoxNext Games opens up indie dev fund
The fund aims to fuel indie devs focused on innovation, experimentation, and "a certain amount of creative risk."
02.06.19 | News | Alissa McAloon
Come see this fantastic lineup of films at the 2019 GDC Film Festival!
Across the three days a wide range of documentaries and other filmed material based around the video game medium will be screened, some for the very first time -- so don't miss it!
01.22.19 | News | Staff
Opinion: It's 'Store Wars' in the 21st century
In this opinion piece, SuperData Research founder Joost van Dreunen examines the new digital store rivalries between Steam, Epic and a host of others - who will reign supreme?
12.04.18 | News | Joost van Dreunen | 3 Number of Comments 
21st Century Fox sinks $100M into social streaming platform Caffeine
"We are excited to partner with Caffeine and build something special for fans in the growing live social streaming esports and gaming space."
09.04.18 | News | Chris Kerr
Game design portfolio-building tips from a Creative Assembly vet
In this helpful article, Creative Assembly senior designer Simon Mann describes ways to think like a designer and help build a strong game design portfolio to get yourself noticed.
04.16.18 | News | Simon Mann | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Octobo wants to be your kid's best friend
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross checks in on the development of Octobo, a cuddly blue octopus educational toy from developer Yuting Su that's brought to life by the addition of a tablet.
03.28.18 | News | Katherine Cross
25 years on, devs reflect on the influence and impact of Star Fox
An original Star Fox programmer (who also coded the stretchy Mario 64 face) joins other devs influenced by his work to talk about the development and enduring legacy of Nintendo's first Super FX game.
03.22.18 | News | Jon Irwin
Cold Iron Studios acquired by FoxNext Games
Just one year after opening its doors, the game developer Cold Iron Studios has been picked up by FoxNext Games.
01.16.18 | News | Alissa McAloon

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