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June 16, 2019
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Building games for HTML5, not with HTML5
"Rather than trying to emulate native mobile games with HTML5, we as developers need to develop games specifically for HTML5 ? taking advantage of the unique offering it brings."
09.05.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
The 10 best HTML5 games of 2013 (according to an HTML5 dev)
HTML5 picked up some steam in 2013, and Austin Hallock runs down the 10 games built on the technology that made the biggest impact -- from a developer's standpoint.
01.08.14 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Getting HTML5 to work -- on Wii U
The promise of HTML5 is true cross-platform development. With that in mind, Lost Decade's Matt Hackett tried running some HTML5 games on Wii U's GamePad -- here are the results.
12.09.12 | News | Matt Hackett |  
The HTML5 open standard has been finalized
Nearly two years after the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) said that the HTML5 project was "feature complete," the group now says that the open standard for HTML5 is ready to go.
10.28.14 | News | Mike Rose | 6 Number of Comments 
Spil Games is gunning for HTML5 in a big way
Casual game network Spil Games today announced that it will invest $5 million in developers creating HTML5 games during 2014, as the company looks to push the HTML5 platform.
12.03.13 | News | Mike Rose | 6 Number of Comments 
HTML5 game creation tools PlayCanvas unveiled
A team of game industry veterans has revealed PlayCanvas, a cloud-hosted platform for HTML5 game creation that aims to solve numerous complexities within the HTML5 technology.
06.26.12 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
AppMobi releases HTML5 game acceleration tech for Android
AppMobi has released the public beta for DirectCanvas, its acceleration technology for HTML5 games and apps that are on Android devices, and that use the HTML5 canvas element.
03.06.12 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Unity Will Support HTML5 When It's 'Right For Games'
Unity Technologies has said that its Unity engine, which currently supports a variety of platforms, will eventually support HTML5, but that it is waiting for "the moment HTML5 is right for games."
11.29.11 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
See Epic's Unreal Engine 3 running in HTML5
Unreal Engine 3-powered, HTML5-ready demo game, designed to work within any standards-based browser with HTML5 and JavaScript, Epic Citadel is now open to the public.
05.01.13 | News | Kris Ligman | 22 Number of Comments 
Instant-access games that live everywhere -- the real pull of HTML5?
Most developers are attracted to HTML5 because of its portability across platforms, but for NonStop Games, co-founded by ex-Wooga head Henric Suuronen, "HTML5 is the glue that brings the internet together."
07.11.12 | News | Christian Nutt | 16 Number of Comments 
Blog: How the mobile HTML5 game dev landscape has changed in 16 months
An overview of a shifts in the market for developers' tools in the HTML5 landscape -- not comprehensive, but a snapshot of the evolution of the technology.
02.28.16 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Blog: Reaching the limits of HTML5
What problems will an HTML5 developer face when working on an art-intensive game? This post runs through troubles with memory management, graphical effects, and sound.
11.13.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
YoYo Games Releases GameMaker: HTML5 Tools
GameMaker creation tools developer YoYo Games announced today the launch of the HTML5 version of its game tools, allowing users to develop content playable in any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform.
09.21.11 | News | Mike Rose | 4 Number of Comments 
Blog: The state of HTML5 in mid-2013
It was in style, then it was out -- but is it now heading back to prominence? HTML5 developer Przemyslaw Szczepaniak thinks so, and he details the state of the language in this blog post.
06.09.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Using HTML5 for dynamic educational games
HTML5 developer Przemyslaw Szczepaniak considers the possibilities for using the platform for dynamic educational games to be used on tablets and smartphones in classroom settings.
05.21.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
HTML5 game publisher FRVR secures $3 million in funding
FRVR, a game publisher that deals heavily in HTML5 titles, has secured a $3 million investment at the close of its seed funding round.
07.17.18 | News | Alissa McAloon |  
What to do when your HTML5 game runs slow on mobile devices
"Both solutions can make an HTML5 game run at playable frame rates on mobile devices, but there are 2 main disadvantages to this approach."
10.08.14 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Developing HTML5 games in 2013: A look back
From platform issues, to tools and even commercial performance, HTML5 developer Matt Hackett looks back at a year of tumult for the development platform.
12.22.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Blog: A peek at Flash's updated HTML5 functionality
Adobe is revamping Flash's ability to generate HTML5 versions of projects, and this post takes a look at how the functionality works in a pre-release build.
12.09.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
SPIL Games: HTML5 To Overtake Flash In Three Years
SPIL Games, one of the largest online webgames companies, has announced that all 47 of its online portals are now based in HTML5, with CEO Peter Driessen saying, "in three years the majority of web games will be in HTML5."
08.31.10 | News | Simon Parkin | 26 Number of Comments 
A quick guide to making a game in HTML5
A blog post that acknowledges technical limitations of working with HTML5, while offering solutions for developing high-quality mobile games using the nascent technology.
03.21.13 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
HTML5's performance inconsistencies a challenge to developers
As part of a new Gamasutra feature, developers discuss the challenges and opportunities HTML5 creates -- and performance issues are "a big, big problem" according t
01.09.12 | News | Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
HTML5 is (finally) feature complete
This week marks a major milestone for HTML5, as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published the complete definition for the language's specifications.
12.17.12 | News | Mike Rose | 6 Number of Comments 
Big Viking Games handed $21.75M to create 'next gen HTML5 experiences'
Mobile and social game developer Big Viking Games has netted $21.75 million in funding to create "next generation HTML5 experiences."
11.02.16 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Gree wants to sidestep App Store with HTML5 push
As other companies hold off on their investments in HTML5 game development, one of the leading mobile game companies is expanding its efforts within the web technology.
11.13.12 | News | Kris Graft | 2 Number of Comments 

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