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October 20, 2017
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Registration is now open for GDC 2018!  
by Staff [10.18.17]
This will be the 32st edition of GDC, the world's largest and longest-running event for game developers, and you can register right now by visiting the official GDC 2018 website!
Audio, GDC, Smartphone/Tablet, Social/Online, Indie, Serious, Console/PC, Art, Production, Programming, Design, Business/Marketing

EA closing Visceral Games and overhauling its Star Wars game 3
by Alissa McAloon [10.17.17]
Update Electronic Arts is closing down the studio and handing its Star Wars project to EA Vancouver to shift it from a linear adventure to a 'broad experience.'

Andromeda dev chalks up some of the game's problems to a lack of diversity 2
by Alex Wawro [10.20.17]
"This is what happens when, I think, you have a homogeneous leadership," veteran dev Manveer Heir (formerly of BioWare) told Waypoint. "The leadership of Mass Effect: Andromeda was all white men."
Console/PC, Serious, Indie

Two charities unite to help hospitalized disabled kids play games 4
by Alex Wawro [10.18.17]
This week the charitable organizations AbleGamers and Gamers Outreach announced a partnership that will see them working together to provide more accessible video games to hospitalized children.
Business/Marketing, Serious

Epic Games sues alleged Fortnite cheaters over EULA violations 4
by Alissa McAloon [10.12.17]
One of the two had been previously banned as many as nine times.
Console/PC, Serious, Social/Online

Telltale's Batman seemingly shows real image of assassinated ambassador  
by Alissa McAloon [10.06.17]
Update An image used in-game to depict the aftermath of a bank robbery shares an unsettlingly strong resemblance to a photo of the late Andrei Karlov.
Art, Serious

Connecting educators with the unique teaching ability of games  
by Joel Couture [10.03.17]
Santeri Koivisto, CEO of TeacherGaming, looks to connect teachers with the educational value in games like Kerbal Space Program, Epistory, and Democracy 3.
Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC, Serious, Indie

New deal brings the voice actors' union strike to a (tentative) end 3
by Alex Wawro [09.25.17]
On Saturday both sides reached a deal that brings the strike to a (tentative) end, though it does not include the royalty payments voice actors were pushing for.
Business/Marketing, Serious

The Full Throttle Remastered FMV Pipeline: Part 1  
by Trevor Diem [10.18.17]
This blog post is a multi-part overview of the FMV Pipeline for Full Throttle Remastered. Starting from the 20-year old LucasArts archives, we'll go through a series that investigates how we were able to achieve our remastered FMVs.
Programming Console/PC Serious Indie

Design approach in citizen science games, until EVE Online  
by Claire Baert [10.17.17]
I discussed with developers and scientists their approach to design citizen science games. The conversation revealed some issues that the game industry could help solve.
Design Serious Indie Smartphone/Tablet

Confessions of a Non-Neurotypical Person 3
by Ramin Shokrizade [10.17.17]
A recent Guardian article suggests that industry, at a strategic level, is warming to the idea of utilizing non-neurotypical workers. Intolerance is still the norm in the workplace, with improved understanding key to success and harmony.
Business/Marketing Production Serious

Melbourne International Games Week - The Lead-Up  
by Meredith Hall [10.17.17]
Melbourne International Games Week (and PAX Aus) is upon us. My team at Ultimerse is about to dive into it for the very first time with our upcoming release, Paperville Panic.
Business/Marketing Production Console/PC Serious Indie VR

The Homeless Game Developer Week 2  
by Jonathan Neves [10.16.17]
In need of a career boost, follow game designer and producer Jonathan Neves as he takes a journey from one location to the next in pursuit of job placement and professional satisfaction. Part 2
Serious Indie

2K — Novato, California, United States
We Need Someone to own and begin efforts at building and planning tools and pipeline for our development. You will work closely with artists and designers to develop tools that both enable their work and make it more efficient. You will be working across pipeline and in the Unreal Editor to build new tools and make existing tools better.

2K — Novato, California, United States
We Need Someone to lead development of our AI Systems in a strongly narrative and systemic game. We have high ambitions for tying AI and storytelling together and it will be your responsibility to crystallize that ambition and design the AI systems from the ground up. You will be in close collaboration with Design leadership to flush out the designs for world AI systems, NPC archetypes, and AI behaviors. You will lead the AI team in achieving those objectives. You will also be expected to help push our conception of what is possible in this arena doing as much to advance the ambition as you will attempt to build it.

2K — Novato, California, United States
We Need Someone to lead development of our gameplay systems in a strongly narrative and systemic game. You will work closely with design to advance and implement the vision for the gameplay systems. In this role you will sit across the intersection of design, engineering, animation, audio and user experience. You will be expected to be fluent across all of these disciplines and be able to help everyone achieve their respective ambitions. We believe that a truly good gameplay engineer is one of the hardest positions to find and we hope that you are that person.

Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency Inc. — San Diego, California, United States
Senior Unreal Engine Systems Engineer

2K — Novato, California, United States
We Need Someone to lead and direct our core engineering team. You will be a vital member of the team's leadership team and co-direct the engineering team with the Gameplay Technology Director. The pair of you can work out the details of exactly who owns which system but nominally yours might include: rendering, animation, pipeline, tools, and any new core systems that we require. You will be responsible for collaborating with the rest of the leadership team and, through those conversations and your own inspiration, helping to set and sell the vision for the engineering department.

Treyarch — Santa Monica, California, United States
Video Game Producer

voidALPHA, Inc. — Emeryville, California, United States
Software Developer

Yacht Club Games — Marina del Rey, California, United States
Senior 3d Art Generalist

iGotcha Studios — Stockholm, Sweden
3D Game Animator

Infinity Ward / Activision — Woodland Hills, California, United States
Senior MP Animator
Infinity Ward, developer of numerous award winning games, including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, is seeking a Senior Multiplayer Animator, with experience in game development and a passion for First Person Shooters.