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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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January 20, 2020
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 2 of 8 Next

Wii, through a pre-order, and of course PRICE was the deciding factor. Nothing against Sony. I'm sure it will be a wonderful machine, but I'm just not to sure about the stability of the initial batch. Plus, I'm pretty sure there will be a price drop sometime in the second or third quarter of next year ;).


I am going to buy both as games might have a chance to be totally different on both systems and I want to have a chance to compare them. Queuing is annoying but still I prefer that method.

Wojtek Bilinski, Tate Interactive

Already got my Wii, through the company we got it on the launch date. And I'm not planning on buying a PS3. I worked on two Wii titles (and helped a lot of other projects), PS3 is too expensive and I love the Wiimote!

Joel Tremblay, Ubi Soft

I'll pick up two Wiis. One for my home, because I think it will be the first console to really appeal to both men and women (Katamari Damacy brought everyone around the PS2, and we want more). The other, as a Christmas bonus for one of our hired guns -- what better way to say "thank you" to an invaluable gameplay consultant than with a shiny plastic monolith of gaming goodness?

Ichiro Lambe, Dejobaan Games, LLC

I'll get a Wii on the first opportunity, but given the price and available games, I'm taking a wait and see approach to PS3. The games for the Wii interest me, I think it will be more fun to play with my 2-year-old. And for the price, I'm comfortable buying the system and some launch titles.


The Wii will be my first purchase, hopefully through a pre-order. As an aging gamer, I find that innovation and creativity always makes for a better gaming experience. I will eventually get the PlayStation 3, but at a much later date.

William Sims, BroomStixInk

Nintendo Wii (European release Dec 8th) via pre order HMV. The price point and innovation of the console should ensure market saturation.

Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie

I'm buying the Nintendo Wii, by standing in a queue. I already own an Xbox 360, so I've taken care of my HD content. I support HD DVD over Blu Ray. I think Nintendo's future looks very promising and I view the PS3 as the next Sony flop, like Beta, MiniDisc and UMD.

Chad Yurchak, Goodkey Show Services

Wii only. Maybe two. Preordered a few weeks back. As a game designer, I don't really care whether my console has dozens of processors and the capability to produce real-time photo-realistic graphics. Well, it'd be nice, but I'm all about the gameplay, and Nintendo's clearly going to deliver. Is Sony? I'm not seeing any evidence of that so far, so the PS3 will have to wait for game reviews (and a price drop).

Chris Proctor, Bigworld

Just a Wii for me! Pre ordered it. My decision was based on Nintendo's consistent awesomeness as opposed to Sony's ass-ness.

John McCann, Branch Line

My intention is to purchase both but it is likely that I will not see a PS3 for quite some time as I don't see myself standing in line for it. As for the Wii, well, I did stand in line for a Gamestop pre-order, the first time ever in my life to stand in line for anything of this nature. As a fan, I'm much more excited about the Wii. I'm a pretty loyal Sony consumer, but as I did with the 360, I'll probably wait a while for them to work out the kinks. As a developer, I have to have all three platforms, but I'm a pretty patient person.


I am buying only the Wii, by pre-ordering through my company. There is just no debate. Paying 700$ + for slightly better graphic (I have a regular TV so the graphic improvement is minimal) and same old gameplay experience or paying 300$ for slightly better graphic but an entire new gameplay experience, a chance to see some game design creativity and being able to share my hobby with "non-gamers" friends and family. Let me think... I just say, Wii. And the PS3 will wait a long time before it gets in my living room.


Definitely a Wii (already pwii-ordered). The price point of the PS3 and the lack of enticing launch titles makes me as interested in a PS3 as I am interested in getting a root canal.

Ryan Conlon, Gearbox Software

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