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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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September 22, 2019
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September 22, 2019
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 4 of 8 Next

I'll be waiting on both. With all the great games coming out this season, and since I'm not currently working with either of the new consoles, I won't have time to play with either for a while anyway.

Matthew Hayes, Digital Media Collaboratory

I will be picking up a Wii for two reasons. First, Zelda, and second, it's the first console that I think I will be able to play with my 3 year old son. Some of the Wii Sports games look simple enough even for him. As for the PS3, the closer the day approaches, it's becoming clear that I will need to wait in line all night, for a "chance" at getting a PS3. Further to that, most of the games at launch seem to be already available for the 360 and feature a more robust online component. Thought I have to say, Resistance looks sweet!

Robert Davidson, Propaganda Games

I will be getting the Wii if it is available at one of my local retail outlets, if they sell out I can wait for the next shipment (more games would be available then anyway). PS3 strikes me as more of the same thing we've seen for the past several console launches; enhanced graphics, more processing power, and a higher price tag. Wii introduces a new input mechanism that is truly exciting, this is something that could actually spur some innovation in game development and hopefully create a few new genres.


I've pre-ordered a PS3 through Toys R Us. My decision to go with Sony is based on their content (God of War, SOCOM, Gran Turismo, MGS, etc.), and the Blu-Ray player. The Wii looks great and it's something that I want to purchase for myself at a later date. However, I'm going to try to get one for my nephews for Christmas without pre-ordering (dreaming in Technicolor).


I am buying a Nintendo Wii, and stood in line for a pre-order a couple of weeks ago. The decision was based on (1) my 12 yr old son's request, (2) high cost of PS3, and (3) feedback from those who have experienced using the Wii at E3 and others was more positive.

John Bowen, Zarg Music

I will be picking up the Wii and not the PS3, and I preordered via a local GameStop. I took the morning off work to wait in line for a preorder. The decision came down to cost and launch titles; the PS3 is very expensive and its launch lineup doesn't have anything I want that I can't get for the 360. It's entirely possible I will pick up a PS3 next year (especially as I'm working on a title for it), but for now there is simply no reason to.


I've been watching this generation of consoles closely, and after acquiring as much information as possible, I've decided to purchase a Wii, but not the PS3. As of right now, there's nothing on the launch list for Sony's PS3 that catches my eye as a must-have title. Nintendo, on the other hand, is making a massive statement with releasing two of their "older crowd" franchises at launch, Zelda and Metroid.

As far as acquiring a Wii, I'll just show up at Toys'R Us on Sunday afternoon after the crowd goes away. There was a similar panic when the GameCube was launched, and the Toys'R Us had enough in stock to appease a casual afternoon crowd. Since there are several major retailers within a mile of each other here, (Target, TRU, Walmart, etc), I feel certain that I'll be able to locate one, even after the initial release frenzy clears. SO, while everyone else is waiting online at midnight, I'll be well rested to play all Sunday afternoon. ;)

Randy Wilson, Broken Attitude Studios

Club Nintendo, the official magazine of Nintendo here in Mexico, gave me a Wii in their "15th anniversary cover design contest!" I've been a big N-fan since my childhood so, my answer is clear, I prefer fun, good price, variety & replay value, I prefer Nintendo!

Lisandro Contreras

I'm planning on buying a PlayStation 3, provided i can find one, or rather when I find one on a shelf somewhere. My decision is based on overall technological supremacy. This will be the top of the line console. And who other to pull it off than Sony?

Brenden Chase, Xerox Business Services

I will definitely be buying a Wii. Why? Because I can afford it. With the exception of Assassin's Creed, I don't really see anything that would warrant spending $1,000 dollars on a system.


I'm buying a Wii on launch day. I was not able to get to a store early enough to preorder, so I'll probably head out on the evening of the 18th to get one at midnight. The Wii is going to give me great new versions of existing games & genres (Zelda is must buy, Monkey Ball is always fun, etc), and more importantly, it has the potential for new and fun ways to play. I look forward to playing Wii Sports with my wife, cutting down Yakuza in Red Steel, and performing surgery in Trauma Center. Wii offers experiences no other system can. The PS3 is way too expensive, doesn't have a must-buy game, and seems to be offering nothing but high-def versions of games I've been playing for the last six years. Next year I'll probably decide between a 360 and PS3 for "standard" gaming, but I'm in no rush. I can get hundreds of those same types of games for $20 or less for my PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube.


Neither, I'm happy with my 360. The supposed benefit of a Blu-Ray player in the PS3 isn't enough to make me break the bank to buy it. And despite the weak graphics and lack of HD support, I was tempted to buy the Wii. But then Nintendo packed in a game I didn't want and vied to charge me fifty bucks for it. I've already bought the 360, and there's more games for it than I have time to play, so getting another system would just be gluttonous.

Dale Mulcahy, Activision

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