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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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July 18, 2019
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 7 of 8 Next

Most people are eager to buy the consoles at their launch, not I. There's often tech problems with the first batches, so I'll wait a bit before buying any of the consoles. And also the prices will changes a bit and later will be offered bundles. When that time comes, I'm still unsure if I will get the Wii or PS3...

Sophie P., EA

As a video game professional I'll have to buy both consoles. I'll secure them by pre-order.

Raoul Paraschiv, Gameloft

I'm not living in North America but in Europe and I'm definitely going for the Wii. No doubt about it.


Originally I planned to buy the Wii hands down. But then I started to think about how there are only 400,000 PS3 at launch and only about a million at the end of the 2006. Going back to some good old fashion econ, supply and demand, I could not, as a business person, pass up the opportunity to sell a PS3 on eBay. It would be a good holiday season if I could make enough off eBay to get a HDTV :). So come November 16, 2006 I will be waiting in line at Wal-Mart around 2PM for the midnight launch. However, if Wal-Mart has a line of 10 people then there really is no point to stand in line just to find that they are sold out or they only have the 20gig model left. At that point I will come back two days later and get a Wii and be just as happy, but not nearly as rich. Another reason that I would not get the PS3 is right now they don’t have any games that I would want to play, but that does not mean that I will not get a PS3 ever. When they do finally get a game I want I will own a PS3.


Wii in a line up. I was mostly interested in next-gen gameplay as I can get better graphics than both Xbox360 and PS3 on my PC.

Peter Lolley

I'm buying both systems come launch time through pre-orders made on the same store. I'm buying them primarily as a gamer, not a professional. As far as the Wii is concerned, its innovative remote and how the first wave of games will use it is enough to spark interest for purchase. When it comes to the PS3, it boils down to the same reason of why I got an Xbox 360 at launch: I'm interested in its online features and a couple of games. Lair and Resistance: Fall of Man are two titles I'm looking forward to playing.


I'll be getting just the Wii next week. I'm pretty sure i'll get a PS3, but sometime next year. In fact, if it wasn't for Twilight Princess (the only launch title I want out of both systems), I wouldn't be getting anything next-gen this holiday season.


Nintendo Wii, Queue. Fun oriented casual and cheaper games!

Varun Nayak, Emergent Game Technologies

Australian Response I have pre-order a Wii console at EB games, not because of the release date but because of the way you interact with the console and its games. The revolutionary control that uses real actions to play sports and swing a sword. The PS3 uses the same control system it's been using for the past 2 consoles. There is no innovation in the design. Another reason for this decision is the Price. In Australia the Wii is selling for $400AUD while the PS3 will be just under $1000AUD. If the price of the PS3 drops considerably I would like to purchase a PS3

Adam Hock, Shadow Gallery Comics

I am certainly buying the Wii on launch day and am camping out in the New York area around Time Square where retailers plan a midnight party kickoff. I am interested in the Wii because Nintendo has developed some amazing and innovative products and this is the most amazing one besides the DS. I am just jumping on Nintendo's bandwagon to experience something different for a change.


Wii. Preorder through Toys R Us. I would like a PS3 but the price is too high at the moment.

Justin Bell, Be Natural Music

I shall be buying neither system next week. As a developer, working in 3D specifically, I already have to keep a hefty PC around to continue development. I've found that it's difficult for a console to compete for my attention when my PC can already play the hottest games around without needing to purchase expensive new hardware. Typically, consoles have to prove their worth quite a bit before I'm willing to buy. They need to offer me an experience that I can't get on my PC. USB Gamepads have made it quite easy to remain on my PC with an equal (or better) game experience compared to a console version. After a while, when 3rd party developers have had the chance to test the waters, one or both consoles may do something to stand out to me rather than just carry a couple of exclusive titles. I bought my Nintendo DS Lite because it offers a portable game experience with the potential to be unlike any gaming I do on my PC because of the touch screen. When the PS3 or the Wii can prove that they are capable of the similar uniqueness, then I will gladly buy. The powerhouse Xbox 360 has only a couple titles I want right now that I can't play on my PC. Unless PS3's games prove to be titles I can't pass by, I'm guessing the Wii is my only real prospective buy in this next console generation.

Josiah Colborn, Novo Interactive

I took the resolution not to rush any purchase decision of this importance, from this point on. That means I will not buy anything next-gen this year. I don't even have an HDTV of my own yet... There will be next-gen consoles on store shelves for years to come; well after the initial rush and the sure-to-follow shortage. I can wait. I didn't rush out to buy an Xbox 360 either. The numerous reports of manufacturing vices that followed its launch proved me right in my caution. And what to say of the PS3? That piece of hardware is just as complex as it's Microsoft competitor, if not more. What if the first batch off the assembly line suffers from the same bugs? The steep price (no matter what they say, it's still expensive as hell) is only more incentive for me to wait and see. Nevertheless, I believe millions of people will step on each others heads to get one, take it home, be blown away buy the fancy graphics, instantly forget about all the skepticism of the past months and worship Sony as their god until the new console war in five or six years. As for the Wii, I'm only mildly curious about it. I'll buy Zelda on Gamecube. Besides, consoles of all generations are piling up in my home and there's just no room in my house, or my priorities, to buy new ones. I guess it's the maturity that comes with age... sorta ;)

Pierre-Luc Lachance, Ubisoft Montreal

I'll be buying a Wii on release day here in the UK, and i will not buy a playstation 3 untill the price comes down significantly

Scott Robson, Student

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