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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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July 18, 2019
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 8 of 8

Wii is my first choice. 1. PS3 is too expensive. 2. PS3 is much stronger on graphics, but what i need is better game play experience. I'm not saying Wii is sure to be stronger on that part, however, I won't pay extra money for graphics on next gen game-console. As my point of view, "next gen" does not mean only better graphics. 3. Wii's controller is a revolution. Revolution may not be a success at the end, but I'm glad to take part in it. All in all, I think Wii has the potential to bring me more happiness, and now I could get it in a much lower price! :)

Ming Gao, Lancelot's Blade

Nintendo Wii. Sony support and first party support are both lacking. With how much I usually disagree with the man I have to say Nolan Bushnell is correct when he talked about how Sony has always been very arrogant and disrespectful of devs. It was always put up with due to their very large install base. Now that it’s looking like they may no longer have that foothold, developers no longer have to withstand the abuse and poor service.


At this stage, I'll be purchasing a Wii on pre-order (Australia). Not convinced by PS3 as yet, so I'll wait to see it in action before purchasing.


I will be buying a Wii, I'll get one from waiting in line the night before (queue).

Justin Beach, Columbia College Chicago

Wii!! Less than impressed with Sony's back and forth with release dates, hardware, etc.

Matt Wahab, Gameloft

Only a Nintendo's Wii. - I have reserved my console with my company. - Wii is less expensive, has more interesting games, offers new game play, and i already have an xbox 360, so i already have a 'powerful HD' console.


Nintendo's Wii. I am getting my console via a queue. My buying decision was based overwhelmingly on cost. Some of the Wii features look pretty cool too.

Christian Leiva, Academy of Art University

If I can get my hands on one via walking into the store and grabbing it (doubtful), I'll be getting the PS3. If I can't get it then, I'll be waiting until I can pick up one. Even if it means months of waiting. I will be buying it for personal entertainment and for the reasons of potential power. If the release PS3 games are anything like the XBox360 games after a year, think about what the PS3 games will be like when the developers find uses for the Cell and BluRay. Hopefully some of those game studios are willing to push the PS3 as opposed to developing for the least common system(s). Yes, I think graphics, physics, and AI are a very important thing to gaming and I don't think the Wii can compete in processing power. I also think the 360 has a slight disadvantage in raw number crunching as opposed to the Cell Engine. I want detailed and in depth games, not party games (which I think Nintendo does an awesome job at.) I may end up getting a Wii later, but I am most excited about the PS3.


Wii. Pre-Order. Different Gaming experience, and the PS3 doesn't launch down here for ages. So maybe never for that one.


I'll be purchasing a Nintendo Wii at Best Buy. I'll spend the day Saturday securing my place in line and pick the console up at midnight. I chose the Nintendo Wii because I believe in it's ability to shake up the industry and create some brand new experiences in the gaming world.

Brenton Woodrow, Champlain College

Nintendo systems typically have the games that I want to play. So this holiday season, the decision was a no brainer for me. The PS3 is just too expensive for my tastes. I have secured a pre-order at my local game store and plan to pick it up at midnight. My decision was reconfirmed when I played the Wii for the first time at the Montreal International Games Summit. It felt great, the games were fun and I'm definitely excited.

Fernando De La Cruz, 1st Playable Productions

I will definitely be buying both a Wii and PS3, but I doubt I will secure either next week. I didn't pre-order them and I don't have the time to run around looking for one, so I'll likely wait until it looks like I can get one fairly easily, whether in a store or online (but I refuse to buy the ridiculously priced bundles...I just want the console, keep all the other crap).


Personally, I just think the PS3 is not worth 600 USD. There is not much to say about it except it's just...not worth it at all. I do plan to get a PS3, but only after at least one or two years after it's release. By that time, the price tag will be more accurate for it's value and hell, maybe there will be an interesting games line-up by then. I am more leaning towards the Wii right now, seeing its gameplay possibilities and refreshing fun factor compared to the 20 year-old standard controller. So no, I will not go wait in front of the store to get a PS3 and be among some people that brag about their console they have and others don't. And hell, we all know that consoles always have some problems at launch.


Wii only, from an independent toy store in Washington DC. Decision was based on the overwhelmingly positive impression of the Wii I had at E3, equally underwhelming impression of the PS3, the PS3's price.


I'm currently planning on owning both of the consoles. For the Nintendo Wii, I already have a preorder. The main reason behind that decision is I happen to enjoy peripheral based gameplay immensely and while the launch is choked with quick buck titles, like the DS, it's just a matter of time before the good games drop. Plus, as an avid Zelda fan, Nintendo isn't giving me much choice in this matter. For the PS3, I have a preorder but I'm doubtful on whether I'll get a unit. So I plan to camp out at one of the stores which sell at midnight so I can return to work Friday with an unopened PS3 to start the weekend off right. The core factor in this decision is mainly the continuing tradition of the Playstation style game lineups, strong third party support, and some launch titles which I'm excited about. Namely, Insomniac. With Ratchet & Clank, they proved they could make the simple act of shooting a gun fun.

David Sheppard, Frasca International

I have pre-ordered a Wii for the December 8th UK launch. I do not intend to buy a Playstation 3 in March when it is release here.

Anthony Foulkes, Telent Pensions

I live in the Netherlands, Europe, so PlayStation 3 is still a far bit away. I will be getting a Wii early December however. I pre-ordered it at my local gamestore; already did so a while ago so I'm secured of getting one on launch-day. Having played both the Wii and the PlayStation 3 at E3 this year, for me the Wii has become the product to look out for as far as the next-gen consoles. I see a number of titles that are interesting on the PlayStation 3, and the same is for the Xbox 360, but I would have just as glad played those titles on the current-gen consoles. There are only very few titles that really make me feel good about paying a few hundred euro's for these next-gen consoles, where I see little change in what the game effectively brings me. That's what changes with the Wii, and that's why I am looking forward to it. As a reviewer, in the most positive situation, it makes even the lamest game interesting to try out, just to see what they've come up. Besides that, who needs more reasons than The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to buy a Wii. The PlayStation 3 can wait. As it seems now, quite a while. The only title thus far that really gives me the feeling I need to get a PS3 is White Knight Story; the rest of the games so far don't seem to offer me something I can't get on the current-gen and won't make me feel good about putting down 600 euro's.

Martijn Müller, GameLegend

I am going to buy a Nintendo Wii mostly because of the innovative gameplay. The lower price point is also an added bonus. I have a been a Sony fan for quite some time but I have grown tired of the same old controller scheme and gameplay. I made my decision well before Sony revealed their new controller to the press. I'll probably wait until after the christmas season to buy one just in case there are any bugs in the first wave of systems.

Gabriel Reisinger

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