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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?
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May 22, 2019
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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?

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It's more like what can Sony do to convince us of PS3 dominance? They need to ensure unprecedented fan fair at launch but they can't, too many people are questioning the steep, dual price points. They need to match PS2 launch sales but that won't happen since the US will only receive 400,000 units (we received 500,000 PS2s in 2000). And they need to position their new console to be in every living room in the future--but how can they when it makes more sense to buy a Wii and 360 for the price of one PS3?

So what can they do? Wait. That's it. The one, significant part of their market strategy that remains intact is the long term approach mentioned by the Sony brass at E3 last May:

  1. It's a high-end product, which means it should last longer than the competiion.
  2. The quality of games don't reach full stride until three or so years into the product's life, by then the PS3 will be more affordable.
  3. The PS2 still churns out a profit so releasing a lower-end console would only compete with it.

And so we wait. It's the only thing we and Sony can do. But the problem is we, as consumers and developers, don't excactly have a reputation for patience.

Matthew Allmer, Rendered Vision

They need to start a PR campaign to include as much eye candy as possible. The ads a few years back where they showed the "PS9" as a virtual reality machine really set them apart from the competition. Right now, you see nothing. They are saving all the ammo for when the hardware is ready, but they need to start yesterday. Nintendo and Microsoft will take away some market share, but Sony does not want to lose those on the fence.

Honestly, the only company I see doing well in their launch is Nintendo, because they won't have the latest and greatest hardware and be selling the consoles at a great loss. They'll have solid titles to boot already. And lo and behold, Nintendo has this entire campaign in full steam around the Wii controller and saying that they are the ones creating the evolutionary changes. Sony, get some eye candy out there as soon as possible. Start running NFL ads. Start running college game day ads. Start running Sci Fi Channel ads. Who Wants to Be a SuperHero would have been a phenomenal opportunity to get ads that say Sony is coming...are you ready?

Scott Frost, Qwato Interactive Studios

With a price point at less than 40% of Sony's higher-end PlayStation 3 model, could Nintendo's Wii nab a significant majority of Sony's marketshare?

Sony will have to demonstrate, for a change, an interest in its target audience. They have been on top so long that they think they can get away with anything and now it's biting them in the you-know-what. They need to radically change the way they do business, which for the past couple of years has been to sell cheap crap at ludicrously inflated prices based on the strength of the Sony name (consoles as well as most of their electronics).

Sony needs to stop insulting their customers by flat-out lying about the capabilities of their console, stop trying to ram their proprietary technology down everyone's throats to reap the royalties of owning the next mass media device. Focus on the gamer: it is supposed to be a game console after all, not the next "VHS" or "DVD".

They no longer have the head start they had with PS1 and 2. They lost the lead, they've lost interest in their customers, they've lost touch with reality with their E3 2005 claims (BTW, what happened to Killzone?), they've lost all touch with humankind with their laughable marketing campaigns, they'll soon lose their exclusive 3rd-party developers, and Wii is the final nail in the coffin. What should Sony do now? Pray maybe. But I doubt even God can afford the PS3, and besides, like everyone else He'll be too busy playing the Wii by year end and using his omniscience to consider the endless new possibilities of the controller to listen.


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