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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?
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May 21, 2019
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May 21, 2019
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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?

September 22, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 5

The biggest thing Sony must do to save their representation is to have the developers working on PS3 titles tell how the workflows and such are easier to do with the PS3 than they are with other next gen consoles. I think Sony is digging their own fate by keeping everything shut down. They have some great launch titles, but so far from what I've seen with demos, they arent any better than the Xbox 360. Xbox Live will kill them if they dont have an online gaming service. They need to get their reputation back so they can populate the world with the best game console out there.

Luke Weatherlow

While I think the price is high, I do believe you are getting a lot for the money. A Blu-Ray player for $600 is a steal. What I think they need to do, though, is promote how awesome their games are. The games not only HAVE to be beautiful (for a $600 system and $60 per game i would expect nothing less than flawless visuals really), the games also have to be fun. They make a lot of money on their franchise games and that's great but they need to focus more on original games as well. They need some fresh ideas for new games that open up opportunities for new franchise games. Also, they really have to show off the power of the Cell processor. They need to show developers how to efficiently develop for their platform by making some great games. The games are really all that matters. They just need to promote how great their games are and if they are truly great they will do fine.

Dennis Dionne, Self

Sony really need to justify that $600 price tag with more then saying it underpriced because of the Blu-Ray player. I'm willing to bet anything that a good majority of the general public doen't know everything that the PS3 can do, espically being a center of a multimedia hub.

Byron Broadnax

Unfortunately Sony has a real uphill battle here. The pricing of games, accessories and the system put it out of most casual users' grasps and the lack of any killer app really leaves little incentive for any but the most hardcore player. A difficult development process only adds insult to injury. I don't think any amount of press is going to overcome these factors. A significant price decrease and greater availability if they CAN create demand is essential. At this point, delay the launch until March, get some killer, POLISHED apps together, expand their online service, get there manufacturing together and drop the price by $100. Finally, issue a press in the next two weeks release explaining that they don't feel that they have done justice to the fans or developers of the system. In order to make sure they give the experience players expect and the value consumers want they are delaying the launch. Accept guaranteed, numbered pre-orders now for the system (and get that money before it goes into Nintendo's pockets) which includes a free DVD showing the quality of upcoming titles.

Chris McDonough, White Wolf, Inc.

Sony needs to stop trying to make the worlds next super-computer and focus on making a videogame machine. Every week I read news about something wrong with the chips, Blu-Ray, manufacturing, developers leaving, etc. They are trying to force feed everyone the Blu-Ray disc format by adding it to the PS3 which results in overpriced hardware.


I think at this point Sony just needs to take the bullet in the finance department. First off they need to announce a price that will compete with the other two companies. Second they need to provide wide open support for developers. Giving incentives to work on projects for there system, low-cost dev kits, easy access to support, and lot checks that make sense and are stuck too. Then they can hope to make their money back on the number of games they sell. After all, this is not going to make/break them as a company, they have lots of other things to fall back on for profit.


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