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February 25, 2021
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February 25, 2021
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Korea Rising: Five Crucial Interviews

January 4, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 17 of 21 Next

Can you talk about the other projects you have going right now?

YK: Milman 2 is on the booth there. That's actually our first online game. But the sad story was that even though we developed it before Audition, at that time, our programmers' quality was not that good. Their game design was very unique, funny, and simple, but technically, it needed support. So as I said, we had several titles to develop, and we had to choose one. At the time, we decided to give up Milman. Last year, we started to develop the game with a very good team, and now we are ready to release it. The reaction of users is quite good now.

So since you got enough money from Audition, you're able to do the other games you wanted to do?

YK: Yeah. You know what? While we were developing Audition, we also had many different types of game scenarios, but at the time we didn't have money. Now we have cash, so now it's like, "Let's do it!" (laughs)

Is T3 still independent, or has someone tried to purchase you yet?

YK: No. We're independent.

Are you going to stay that way?

YK: It might be changing. We might be going public.

That's different from getting bought. That's probably better, actually.

YK: Maybe in the U.S., hopefully. I need to say "no comment" about that. That's my duty.

Aside from things you can't talk about, what is next for T3?

YK: We have ten more pipelines.

Ten? Wow.

YK: We have 370 developers now.

That's quite impressive. So ten separate teams?

YK: Yes. We have 80 members in Shanghai. They're all in graphic design.

Is everyone else in Korea? All the rest of the developers?

YK: Yes. And two are in London! (laughs) So they are making ten different types of games. It's all very different -- a very new genre of FPS, and a new genre of strategy, and role-playing, and some simple and mixed ones. Sports, as well.

It sounds like you're taking some risks now.

YK: Yes, because I'm not God, so I'm not sure which one will be a hit. For Audition, I also didn't expect this much success. So who knows? We're preparing for the future. I think each game has unique points, so each team will be competing with each other. We'll see who will be the winner.

It seems like a good idea to try and do a lot of different ideas at the same time. Then you can actually experiment and see what works. Not a lot of people seem to want to try to do different things right now.

YK: Yes, [doing too many] different things [is] too tough. So slightly different and slightly unique... people can feel sort of cozy with it. If it's too different, they don't even try, because it's too tough to learn.

It's good that you're doing that, because when most companies become big, they become like, "Okay, now we have to be really safe. We have to make sure each game is a hit every time."

YK: It's not possible.

Yeah. It's a bad way to do business, I think, because you're just making your market smaller and smaller that way.

YK: Yeah. We saw some of our seniors who did big successes, but later on, now they are struggling. We won't make that kind of mistake again.

Yeah. I've seen a lot of that, especially in this market. It's happened many times.

YK: And also many people are young. The good thing about our company is that our senior has a big dream. He's not only a game graphic designer or programmer, he's kind of management side. So he's drawing a big forest, not just a tree. That's a good thing for our company's future, I think.

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