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Revitalizing The Legacy: An Interview With Taito's Keiji Fujita
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June 26, 2019
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Revitalizing The Legacy: An Interview With Taito's Keiji Fujita

January 11, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 7 Next

It's kind of funny. Do you know if Taito has plans to do more things of that style?

KF: I think Taito's roadmap for console games is [mostly] remakes of the old games -- just like what I'm doing for the mobile phone in the U.S. The new version of Space Invaders, called Space Invaders Extreme, will be released [in February 2008] for the Nintendo DS, and Arkanoid [was recently] released for the DS as well, together with the optional game controller. Exit will be released for the DS as well, and Cooking Mama 2 is also [released]. I think they're targeting more for DS because of the [size of the] market. They're trying not to develop games for Xbox and PlayStation 2. They're trying to minimize the focus to the DS and PSP.

Although downloadable titles seem appropriate, like obviously Exit is coming out. I don't know if there are more plans for XBLA or PSN stuff.

KF: I think Taito actually participated for the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii. The games are already available in Japan, and I hope such games will also be available in the United States in the future. [Since this interview was conducted, Bubble Bobble has launched for Virtual Console in the U.S.]

I would hope that Taito will bring more original titles like Exit out on those platforms. I think that would be good.

KF: Do you think I should make Exit for mobile phones? Actually, we did release a game for mobile phones in Japan.

It's a tough question. I think it would work if people played it, but that's the problem, of course -- getting people to play things when they have no idea, and it'll never show up on the deck.

KF: Exactly.

The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is maybe.

KF: That's exactly the same as my opinion. That's why I'm focusing more with Cooking Mama, because people recognize the game title. Of course, the multiplayer version first, which is one of the key products for 2008, and of course Space Invaders' 30th anniversary.

Exit didn't do too well, on PSP in the U.S., right?

KF: That is sold by Ubisoft.

Yeah. I think it will do much better on XBLA.

KF: And I hope it's [better than] PSP. (laughs) I think they made the wrong choice for platform. But the DS one is coming up in Japan, so it should be followed by the U.S. as well.

Yeah, the DS one is coming soon. The graphics are squishier, but it looks okay. XBLA will be good. One thing about Cooking Mama versus Exit is that Exit is based on time, and obviously all phones have different processor speeds in the U.S., so it might be very difficult to get the time right on everything, whereas Cooking Mama is not as much based on time-based stuff, except if you're stirring things. That's the only time.

KF: Cooking Mama relies on the touch screen, so it's technically unable to be developed for the mobile phone. So we changed the game control functions to make it work with phones. There are two modes... As I mentioned, I'm trying to launch this game.


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