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The State of PlayStation Network: John Hight Interviewed
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September 22, 2019
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September 22, 2019
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The State of PlayStation Network: John Hight Interviewed

March 4, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 6 Next

This is something that's probably not your area of expertise, but do you know if we will ever see any of the Japanese PlayStation 1 titles coming over here within the PlayStation Store? I know it's not quite your area.

JH: I'm pretty darn sure they will, but I don't know which titles.

So it'll be title-by-title. You won't just open the store up, necessarily.

JH: And here's the deal. Even with those titles, you want to make sure that they look good and play fine, but there are rights issues. Unfortunately, our legal team has to go through and determine, "Okay, what exactly are the rights on this?"

I don't think they ever contemplated, in that time, having a digital distribution for the titles, so a lot of it is going back and clearing it up with the original authors and making sure they're okay with us selling each game.

I'm pretty impressed with the ability to download some of these games to the PSP. Do you think that we'll be able to see more original titles downloadable from the PS3 to the PSP?

JH: Yeah. We actually have a couple that are at least in concept phase right now.

That's quite a good thing, for me anyway. I play on the train most of the time, so I've been waiting for a vehicle through which we can get smaller-type game content in that sort of way. So keep doing that. (laughs)

JH: Well yeah, we want to see things that are made for the PSP. It has a unique interface, and games always feel better when they're built for that particular platform.

Have you heard anything about WiiWare yet? What I've heard is that it will be releasing games on a larger scale. Like, the only limitation is something like one game per publisher per month, or something like that. I don't know how much you've heard about it.

JH: No. Unfortunately, I really don't.

Are you worried about mindshare? Because they have a dominant number of platforms.

JH: I think a lot of the gamers that we work with on things that we look for in games... we're always looking at the visual side, gameplay, and audio, and I think the PS3 is unquestionably the most powerful hardware out there. What that translates to for our artists is that they can really make some beautiful stuff.

I think that we've tried to break the mentality people have of downloadable games somehow being for kids, or trivial, or are somehow of a lesser quality than their counterparts that are selling for $60. Instead, they're different. There's different gameplay.

They're little capsules of gameplay that are very specific, and they entertain in one particular area. But the quality overall is very high. With flOw, it's full 3D graphics, 1080p, 60 hertz, THX sound. I think that's what makes that a worthy experience.

I don't think we're necessarily going to talk to the same developers. I think that some games will probably be well-suited for the audience Nintendo has found. I don't know that we have exactly the same audience for our two platforms.


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