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N+: Beyond The Postmortem
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June 24, 2019
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June 24, 2019
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N+: Beyond The Postmortem

March 21, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 4 of 5 Next

I wonder if... because Jeff Minter came out, and he was really upset about how people were buying remakes of stuff more than...

RB: Well...

(laughs) Yeah, I know. But I wonder if Tempest sold better than Space Giraffe. That's what I want to know. That would be the final nail in the coffin.

RB: We saw something recently. It was one of those really inaccurate... I forget what site it is, but they just check the leaderboards.

NW: I saw that too. It was not really fair, because it depends on how long it takes to get a leaderboard score. I remember the Space Giraffe one was really low, but I'm not sure if it's because it takes a while. I basically zoned out after two deaths. I was like, "Okay."

RB: The retro games thing I also don't get, because Double Dragon is not a game you ever need to play again. It was great. It was so good. But who's buying that if there's a demo? So many games since then... it's like, '40s movies you can appreciate, but when you get into the early '20s and the teens, it stops being...

Well, there's some stuff in there.

RB: Oh no, but there's a lot of like, "It's people walking out of a door!" because that was new then. But that's been superseded to the point where you can't do it anymore. I wish... was it you who came up with the idea? Like, why don't they split-fork it so that there's Live Arcade Retro and Live Arcade Original titles? That would eliminate 50 of the hundred things you have to support.

NW: I think that would help anyway. The way you sort through games right now is... they didn't change it.

RB: It's still better than Wii, where it takes five minutes to load each three games or whatever, and it doesn't remember where you were.

They also don't have a hard drive.

RB: Yeah, I don't know how WiiWare is going to work for that. That doesn't make any sense.

They didn't really plan for that, I don't think. But hey, that's all right!

One stupid thing I want to say with the Double Dragon thing -- I did buy some of those little avatars, though, because they were so disgusting-looking that I had to. There's some guy with big giant eyebrows and he was drawn like by a five-year-old. In HD.

RB: The Abobo?

Yeah, I think it was. I had to buy it.

RB: That's another thing. We wanted to put our Gamerpics and themes, like the N+ ones, for free, because we figured, "Who even buys themes?" It's not worth 500 sales. Why not everyone have it for free?

Because then it's good as marketing, and it's people who are fans who get something. It's like, everyone wins. But apparently they have a policy where you're not allowed to. But apparently that's a lie, because you can get Halo...

MS: The Live Marketplace page says, "Some of these you can get for free, and some of these will set you back a few."

NW: You can get Halo themes for free and Grand Theft Auto themes for free.

RB: Oh, really?

I imagine the reason those are free is because Rockstar paid for free themes. I'm not sure.

MS: But it's not an option for us. Just blanket not an option. It's so superficial.

RB: It seems retarded to charge. Who buys those? Why not make it... how much money are they making? It's like a hundred dollars.

MS: Then again, I guess they're pretty desperate for money these days.

RB: If they changed the 60-watt bulbs in their offices to 40, they'll make like ten times more money than if they made all the themes for free.

NW: That's awesome. I like that.


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