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N+: Beyond The Postmortem
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June 18, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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N+: Beyond The Postmortem

March 21, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 5

I think that Nexon is going to release a full game for free. Have you heard of their MMO Mabinogi?

RB: No.

It's a game that's out on the PC in Korea and it's just launched here, and they're going to release it on the 360 in Korea. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the "free to play, pay for items" model. I think that's going to be the first one. Maybe it'll change after that.

RB: Xbox Live is perfect for that. As far as I knew, it was always like, "No, you can't do that." But I guess if Nexon's behind it...

Nexon wouldn't do it if not for that, and also Microsoft Korea wants to get stuff going. I think there have only been like 20,000 360s sold there.

NW: But we have Korean as well!

MS: That's right! N+ will be up there.

RB: It's worldwide. Now the four people in Japan who have Xboxes... We've met one of them!

MS: They'll be all over it.

Did you have to do all the localization stuff on your own?

RB: Yeah. Well, we had to pay for it.

MS: Because we published.

NW: We tried doing it like... do you remember that Japanese version?

RB: Yeah. We Google Translated for Tokyo Game Show. We really wanted to get them to show it at their thing. But the people we hired to translate it, the deadline wasn't for like a month later, so we tried to do it ourselves.

NW: You only had to have the main menu, remember?

RB: The stupid thing is, Microsoft said, "No, there can't be any English." But if you look at even Japanese games, there's English all over. There's "Start."

MS: We went to see them at the Tokyo Game Show.

RB: We took pictures of what they did show, and there was English all over it. It was more like, there was another "us getting dicked around," so it was an excuse to not...

Did it wind up becoming embarrassing?

NW: Actually, yeah. But they never showed it in the end. We did the translations, and then it went through some internal person who actually knew Japanese and he like, "Yeah, you know, 'back' in the menus is actually 'somebody's back'. So let's not put that in."

MS: It was not good enough. Unfortunate.

RB: But we did show the game at PAX, which was fun.

MS: That was awesome.

Yeah, I saw it there. Was the reaction good?

RB: Yeah. That was, though, when we first realized that we needed to make the demo easier. We made it so much easier. We went four passes through all the levels, flattening all the bumps in difficulty.

MS: Compared to the Flash version, Xbox is a piece of cake, in the beginning.

RB: Well, except for the end. It still gets up there. The beginning is so smooth. But there's still people at the launch party who still could not get past the first level. It took them half an hour. It's just not good when you see that.

But definitely at PAX, there was nobody who could beat the first level, because it needed wall-jumping. But there's a tutorial now. Hopefully someone will look at the tutorial.

So what are you guys going to work on now?

RB: Well, Nick's got that racing game.

NW: We're trying to self-publish at one point. We're just going to build it. It's like, "Let's build it, and then see what we do with it." We don't want any outside...

It's good that you can do that.

NW: Well, we can only do it for so long, of course. But for the time where we don't have to get outside money, that also means that we don't get outside opinions, which is great. That's what we want. Hopefully we'll get there.

RB: We're doing [recently announced next title] Robotology, hopefully.

MS: Not hopefully. We are!

RB: Well, hopefully we'll get back to it soon. Since summer, we've put it on hold to do N+. We figured it would be like, "Okay, a couple of months." That sort of ballooned. Also, the handheld versions are dragging...

MS: They keep getting delayed.

RB: They were supposed to be in December. Now they're out in April.

MS: We'll get back to it eventually.

RB: Yeah. But definitely Robotology.

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