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April 11, 2021
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March 9, 2009 Article Start Previous Page 11 of 21 Next

Big Game Hunters

Submitted By: John Daly

It's just an average day at your job. Noon swings around and it's time to amble out of the cubicle farm and venture outside into the city to find some lunch. You put on your slick steel framed Hunters Glasses, place your Hunters earpiece, and with black and white Hunters Gloves on, step out of the building and onto the street.

After a block suddenly your dark tinted shades switch to a red tint. A silky female voice echoes in your ear, “Players within range. Good Hunting.” The glasses are acting as a WiFi enabled computer screen.

You swivel your head to scope the scene and find someone standing out within the red crowd as a white outline. The man with the white outline is scouting the area as well, trying to find who else is in the game right now.

You get within range, pack a virtual snow ball with your gloves, approach slowly, wind up and throw with all your might the virtual snow ball at the man with the white outline.

“Player Eliminated,” says the female voice, “Uploading Statistics.”

The man in white turns to see you and drops his head in shame. He walks up and introduces himself, “Nice shot man. I couldn't find you.”

Your screen remains red as you discuss strategy with the new friend. Suddenly, a blue ball flies by your head.

You spin around to find another person with a white outline. Stay on your toes, there's more than one player within range. You form a ball yourself and continue the volley. Meanwhile, all the people without Hunters Gear go about their business and look at the Hunters players as just people jumping and swinging their arms. They are not even aware of the game taking place. This is Big Game Hunters.


Big Game Hunters is the future of first person shooter games. Think having a snowball fight with 1,000 people and the playing field is an entire city. Big Game Hunters will consist of a variety of different game modes with the most popular being “Free-For-All” mode.

The object of the game is to find other players (or Hunters) by looking through the Hunters Glasses, use the Hunters gloves to form a virtual snowball that only people wearing Hunters Glasses can see, and throw it at the other player.

If you hit them, that person is eliminated from the tournament. Meanwhile, they are trying to hit you as well. Players have registered on the Big Game Hunters website for FFA tournaments and the person with the most hits wins the tournament.

How Does It Work?

Big Game Hunters will be active over the wireless networks of cities or neighborhoods. In 2020, wireless technology is ubiquitous, fast, and free. Think 3G Network on steroids. Lots of steroids. Players will purchase the Hunters Gear at any local entertainment store or via the Big Game Hunters website. The gear includes:

Hunters Glasses

These glasses can work as regular sunglasses when not playing but are constantly synching with the Big Game Hunters servers. They are also pinging out into the world around you for any other Hunters who may be around.

If another Hunter comes within 50 yards of you, the glasses change to a red tint and create a white aura over the other player. You can still see everything else going on in the world around you, just the other player will stand out.

The glasses will constantly be downloading information based on the other player's movements and transmit your movements as well. If they form a snow ball (more on that later) you will see them doing so. If they throw it, you will see it fly through the air. If it does not hit a Hunter, the ball will keep floating through the air until it exits the 50 yard zone.

Hunters Earpiece

The earpiece will connect to the Hunters Glasses and provide you with running commentary when another Hunter comes into play. The programmable voice will let you know when your screen goes red that another player is nearby with the phrase “Players within range. Good Hunting.”

The voice will also provide your current score, ranking, and time left in a tournament per request by navigating through the screen using your gloves (more on that next.)

Hunters Gloves

The Hunters Gloves are what make the game fun. Once your glasses go red and you enter into Hunter View. Each movement with your gloves becomes calculated and sent out to the servers and other players.

By bringing your hands together as if to clap, then pulling them apart as if shaping an orb with clay. You create a “blue snow ball” in virtual space nobody can see but Hunters. This orb stays in your hand until you move your arm like throwing a baseball. The ball will then “fly” through the air and hit something.

The location of the ball, its speed and trajectory will be calculated through your Hunter computer (the glasses) and sent out to the other players so they can track its movements on their screens. The right hand of the gloves will also have arrow keys and a few buttons to bring up menus within your Hunters Glasses. The menus can access statistics like hits you've made, top player, time left in the tournament, etc.

Game Modes

Hunters will register or create games via the Big Game Hunters website. On the site, Hunters can sign up for Free-For-All Tournaments in select cities with large numbers of people. These tournaments will be capped at time lengths of anywhere from a week to a month. It does not have to be just games with strangers.

Hunters can setup private games and tournaments for their friends or coworkers. Match types can be anywhere from “Last Man Standing” where players get eliminated (like the above scenario) or “Most Hits” where it is just throw as man snow balls as much as you want.

Other modes can include Team Matches and Capture the Flag (there are designated flag spots the player must place their Hunters Gloves over to grab the “flag” and return to their base.)


Big Game Hunters becomes a real life FPS where players are constantly moving and playing in their own world. It becomes harmless fun with boundless potential. Players are physically active, on their toes at all times, and constantly with a smile on their face when playing Big Game Hunters.

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