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April 11, 2021
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Games Of 2020 - The Winners

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Submitted By: Jake Sones

I have been to the year 2020. Time travel was perfected in late 2019 and it was shortly afterwards discovered that you can only move backwards through time and you can only move once.

I decided that this was the perfect time to come back to so abuse my knowledge of the future and win an all-access pass to the 2009 GDC… also, I left my sports almanac in the future and this is the only thing I figured I could cheat at.

In the future, all videogames fulfill 3 different criteria:

1) They are portable systems. Gone are the days of clunky machines attached to large display units. The only older systems that generate any interest among collectors are the Nintendo DS and the iPhone (which has yet to become passé or outdated).

2) They promote physical interaction. There are strict governmental regulations about the amount of couch potato time that each citizen is allowed. It may sound harsh, but it got us out of the depression. The Wii is considered the grandfather of modern gaming.

3) They use cutting edge technology. This is going to be the most difficult to explain to you as none of it has been invented yet.

With these three rules in mind I had considered discussing several different modern amusements from the new style of Frisbee (it keeps score and displays it in 3' tall giant floating letters) to laser boards (imagine light bikes from Tron combined with the hoverboards from Back To The Future 2… no pun intended).

I decided that the obvious choice was to try and explain RetroSpectacles, the one system that no person is without.

Using advanced scanning technology, the RetroSpectacles analyze the world around you and modify your perception of it. In order to enhance your experience, they network with your friends to ensure that you both perceive the same thing.

For example, if you were to enable a monster hunting game, the RetroSpectacles would scan your environment and hide a monster within it appropriately. If you had decided to look in the forest behind your house then you and your friends would be able to work together to find and fight the monster.

This is what it looks like without RetroSpectacles, or just using a “standard” game of pretend:

This is what it looks like to you and all of your friends with RetroSpectacles:

Once you've found the monster, you can turn that stick in your hand into a magical sword, you could have created this sword beforehand using RetroSpectacles: Blacksmithing, or you could have found it in the treasure horde of a monster that you had previously defeated:

RetroSpectacles aren't just limited to objects that you encounter, they can also be used to change who you are. Clearly you would have a better chance of defeating that forest yeti if you happened to be… oh, I dunno… A ROBOT?!

In addition to modifying how you perceive the world, RetroSpectacles handle all of the backend systems necessary to create an entire interactive experience. It knows by how you're flailing your arms that how you're moving your arms that you're attempting to invoke the magical powers of your sword and send a sonic wave at that yeti, it can detect your furious blinking and correctly interpret that as robotic laser eye blasts unleashed upon the foul beast.

It also knows how much damage each of those should do to the creature and that it would retaliate with its frost breath attack, which causes you to see the world in a cold blue light for a few seconds.

There are several built-in objects that RetroSpectacles recognize by default. Of these, the most widespread has been a favorite among those wealthy with imagination and those blessed with natural pretend for many generations.

Observe the simple transformations applied to the cardboard box once viewed through the RetroSpectacles.




As you can see, RetroSpectacles are clearly far superior to a standard imagination. Through the advanced shape and environment recognition, you'll never be at a loss for pretending.

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