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April 11, 2021
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Play Everywhere

Submitted By: Angie Oikawa


A. Essence Statement & Future Trend Overview

Play Everywhere! is a diverse collection of casual, social gaming experiences that integrate easily into a persons everyday life. PE! is a mobile "game platform" that allows people to choose virtual "Smart Game Objects", customize them, and place them into real world locations for friends to find and play with.

With the PE! platform, real world "Location-Based Gaming" blurs the lines of fantasy and reality, allowing society to strengthen its overall creative expression and empathetic connections.

Play Everywhere! draws upon and projects into the future of several current key trends including the mobile functionality and tight feature integration of the GPS-capable iPhone, the real life intuitiveness of the Wii, and various layers and ad hoc events within the social networks of Facebook. I believe that mobile technology will become even more widespread offering powerful media platforms with much higher computing power, bandwidth and visual fidelity.

Whether it is an evolved smart phone with a high resolution holographic display, or glasses that allow a person to superimpose virtual objects into the real world, there will likely be a widely-accessible mobile platform that can allow people to participate in virtual reality enhanced, location-based gaming.

B. Play Everywhere! Example Gameplay Experiences

1. Receiving something from a friend:

Imagine you are on your way to work, and suddenly you receive a notification on your phone telling you that your friend has left something for you at the coffee shop you go to. You stop by on the way to work, scan the area with your information device, and a large statue rises up from the ground which only you can see. It asks you a joke that only you and a best friend would know.

2. Leaving a surprise for a friend:

It's your anniversary and you want to do something really unique for your wife. You surprise her at work with a notification that there is something waiting for her at home. She comes in, scans the area and is greeted by a flock of doves who sing to her and drop rose petals across the hall way into the bedroom where you are waiting for her.

3. Flash Mob alerts:

You're out taking a walk one day and you're notified of a New "Flash Mob" destination. You are told to wear a pink shirt and meet in a specific location at a certain time. You get there and there are 200 people wearing pink, but no one knows why. You get a message telling you to walk 5 blocks to another location, where you find out that you just did a walk to raise money for breast cancer.

C. Key Features

- Brings gaming into a person's daily life; they don't have to adapt to the constraints of gaming on consoles and computers, the fun is where you choose it to be.

- Friends, family, strangers - any two people who share something in common can share in one of these casual experiences.

- The experiences are fun and personalized, and have the potential to add a whole new layer to life, in an easy and accessible way.

- Provides players with the freedom to express deeper, use their imagination to it's full potential in a fun, "sandbox" environment that is familiar to them.

- The future of social gaming/networking engages people on an emotionally fulfilling level, and creates an experience that allows people to feel more connected.

D. Key Current Trends:

Some examples of how current trends project into this experience.

1. Facebook:

- The world becomes your wall. Instead of a "Wall Post", a person can make a "World Post" and leave a Smart Game Object for one or more people in a real world location.

2. iPhone:

- Accessible and portable, to make strong use of location based devices. (like GPS)

3. Wii:

- Brings real world conventions to us, like sports, and yoga, into our daily routine.

- Take it a step further, bringing your own fun to coffee shops, your school etc.


Play Everywhere! s is a game platform that allows anyone to invite their friends into a simple game experience that ties into their daily lives. The key to the simple, location based fun of Play Everywhere! is the concept of Smart Game Objects.

A. Smart Game Objects

These objects allow players to choose or create a large variety of casual gaming elements and superimpose them into real-world locations. Players can either choose from a library of pre-created objects, or go to the Game Construction Workshop to modify or create their own. These objects then become available to the wider Play Everywhere! community.

- A virtual object that can be selected from a library or created from scratch.

- These objects come with game logic, which can be Artificial Intelligence (e.g. a talking statue that asks riddles or simply insults someone in a personalized way), a puzzle (e.g. place the seed into the pot and watch it sprout into a tree with "magical" fruit), or something with a clear gameplay objective (e.g. a large robot chases you and you need to shoot it with your ray gun in vital areas until it is disabled).

- An object can be tagged to any location in the world, and can be accessible to one person, or to many people.

- Through a mobile information device (like an iPhone), these objects can be created and shared anytime, anywhere.

B. Social Networking:

Play Everywhere! is a gaming platform integrated tightly with a strong social networking community.

1. How to get into the game; Receiving Friend invite:

- Receiving notification, click a link, and connect to a GPS map showing you the location of your item.

2. How to get others into the game; Sending Friend invite:

- Create an item in the game Construction workshop and invite friends through any communication medium.

a. To leave an item for your friend:

- Choose an item by using already created ones from the website, or create your own with the Item Creator Tool.

- Enter location you want to leave the item.

- Enter your friends email or other contact information.

- Friend instantly receives the notification on his phone, showing the location of the item on his GPS.

- Friend shows up at location and scans area.

- To make item visible, friend must speak a password via voice recognition or other secure method.

C. Game Construction Workshop:

Here is where you find, create or customize your personal items. This is your ability to plant an interactive object anywhere in the world and choose to have it public or private.

1. How to find an item to place in the world: Library:

- Open library and see what's there. Customize the item.

- Ability to take an object from the library and place it into the world. These objects come with a set of conditions such as: AI, Scores, Puzzle Mechanics, etc.

- Take objects and place them in the real world to use as we choose using GPS and location-based functionality on mobile devices.

2. How to customize or create your own items: Tools:

- Simple, easy to pick up, browse library and choose an item.

- Library is adaptive and learns from your preferences, the more you use it the more it delivers you what youre looking for simialar to the iTunes genius.

- Choose the theme of your world or participate in another person's theme.

- Items have gameplay logic and conditions such as AI - items can interact with you, each other, and other players.

D. Additional Fun Gameplay Examples:

- Set up a scavenger hunt for your next birthday party.

- Leave sexy clues for your husband to find on your anniversary.

- Write a poem for your crush across an entire building.

- Travel into space without leaving your bedroom.

- Play a practical joke on your best friend by leaving a surprise package at their door.

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