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April 11, 2021
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Paper Planes

Submitted By: Tarl Telford

Imagination is our greatest natural resource. Feel free to recycle. Or, if you prefer, fold, bend, spindle, and mutilate. It's only paper. Got a dream? Put it on paper.

Paper Planes is the incredible new Massive Online Community (MOC) - the first of its kind to implement console ScrollUp integration. Never again will you look at gameplay as a solitary journey. Imagine a community of creative dreamers, just like you. You'll find every type of player here in Paper Planes. Wander through vast landscapes of user generated content. Interact with other players in museums or challenge a gargantuan mecha to an origami deathmatch in the arena in the Waste Paper Lands.

Where other MOCs give you toolsets to create your space, Paper Planes gives you paper – and plenty of it. Limited world interaction will be a thing of the past after you discover the amazing power of the Spindle Engine, powered in part by the robust Crumple Algorithm.

With your imagination as a toolset and a ScrollUp in your hands, you make your future.

Control Devices

ScrollUp Screenpaper – flexible, bendable, creaseable plastic game screen. Hard to believe that just a decade ago, these flexible screens were considered a rarity. Now with full microLEDs and nanocircuitry, you can take your creations with you. Just synch with your mobile device and bring your creative tools with you wherever you go.

The current model ScrollUp with the Origamix2.1 upgrade allows you to store up to 10,000 models from our database. Whether you're in the middle of a game or waiting for the latest download, just unroll your screen and choose your model. The LEDs will light up, showing where to fold the ScreenPaper. If you're feeling especially creative, you can experiment on your own and save your creations with a single button press. Upload your models to your album or our museum through our encrypted datastream. When you're finished, ScrollUp reverts to its flat state with a single command.

In its flat state, the ScrollUp can function as both a controller and a viewing screen. For controlling movement, just move your fingers in the direction you wish to go. Program the interface for a control keyboard, or shape the item into a joystick. There are truly endless possibilities for this adaptive controller.

As a screen, this unit has infinitely expandable potential for gameplay and advertising. If you pick up a piece of paper in-game to manipulate, the ScrollUp assumes that color. If you rip an advertisement out of an in-game magazine, it assumes that material, allowing for custom folding if you wish to preserve a certain area of the page.

TipTop Gloves – wireless fingertip controllers allow the user to manipulate in-game objects, from folding new origami objects to launching attacks in the Waste Paper Arena. The motion and spatial sensory transmitters in the gloves communicate location, speed, force and grip to the console, allowing precise digital manipulation of in-game objects.

With microLEDs built into the TipTops, eye-hand coordination becomes easier. Searching your memory for a particular fold for a model? Let the TipTops guide your fingers. With intuitive flash patterns these gloves can walk you through even the most difficult origami model. Once the finger LEDs are completely lit, you have completed the movement.

Game World

The world of Paper Planes could best be described as a book of maps. The Planes are separated by walls of aether. This keeps the various sections of the community able to come and go at will. Good fences make good neighbors. Each plane has certain user restrictions, much like user-generated content on wikis and other community websites. The permissions are View Only, Collaborate, Edit, and Delete / Destroy. These are decided on a Plane level by the administrators, but on a local level by the individual users.

For users that enjoy creating original origami content, but don't want to see their creations edited or destroyed, they may set up their home in a View Only plane. For competitive aggressors there are areas of constant chaos and battle. For lurkers who just like to see what's new, the options are also available.

While the community has grown tremendously since launch, the primary Planes that you may currently explore are:

* Waste Paper Lands – arena combat, scavengers and chop shops. Collaboration, editing and destruction at will.

* Dinotopia – danger around every crumpled corner. Monsters of all sorts and battles galore. Collaboration and editing only.

* Faerie Wilds – mystical creatures, fantastic gardens and more. Viewers and Collaboration with permission only.

* Urbania – Find pop culture upgrades and customizations here. Advertisers wanted. Collaboration and editing only.

* Home of the Muses – museums of previous creations, galleries of user content. Viewing only.

* Shoptropolis – storefronts for third-party created content. View Only. Paypal.

In each of these planes you'll find users that have made their base of operations. This has its drawbacks, depending on the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the Plane. With every plane there are mandatory control schemes enforced by the console. For example, when users pass from one plane to another, they agree to be bound by the EULA - which changes the configuration of their controls. So a giant paper robot dinosaur cannot enter into the Faerie Wilds and stomp on everything. Their player controls would be configured to the allowable control scheme for that plane (View Only – stop to smell the paper roses).

With the EULA carefully guarding player interactions in the various Planes, griefing disappears almost entirely.

These can be viewed top down for regional navigation with the game search features. Travel Maps plugins easily make the jump from reporting real-time traffic to guiding game players from place to place. Enter your search destination. Enter your start point. Follow the path. If you desire a ground-view path, it can appear right in front of you.

Each plane has a quest-line that you can follow to increase experience, gain aether and upgrade your collection. Completed quests win the player experience and aether points.

(Paper Planes' full game design document can be downloaded here.)

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