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April 11, 2021
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Household Chores: Broom Breeze

Submitted By: Wesley Wiebe

The object of the game is to sweep the floor clean of debris.


It is controlled with any type of broom as you sweep up in your home. You wear 3D computer image displaying glasses with cameras on them. These cameras send data back to the PC or videogame console.

The house has already been digitally modelled by playing a different game that had the players looking around the house while wearing the glasses. The glasses can show a digital layer and a see-thru layer. The see-thru layer is so the player does not get disoriented with their enviroment. The digital layer defined by the console in this example is for productive fun.

Chief design concepts and innovations

The 2 chief design concepts are to sweep away water on the floor to reveal the real floor. The second is to splash or softly create waves of water while the sound and sights of a windy breeze interact with the 3D water on the floor and the player.

The 3 chief design innovations are to provide a more enjoyable and relaxing experience while sweeping, secondly, use data from a digitally modelled home in a cyclically, productive and fulfilling way and third the ease of use.

Minute-to-minute gameplay

Before the game starts you choose where you want to pile the dirt. (The water will collect into a fountain there when swept) Once the game starts, the floor will look like there is a 2 inch layer of water on it.

As you sweep, naturally with any type of broom, the water ebbs and flows based on your broom interacting with it. The water will form into small water fountains where there is piles of debris, the fountains will get larger and larger with more debris. It will take a pre-chosen amount of sweep passes to fully move the water (mostly people probably would choose 2 passes) to show the floor water free.

The way the broom looks to interact with the water is like running a broom through 2 inches of bath water. A secondary interaction is that the speed and accumulated sweep passes will increase the breeze sound and digital wind will blow on the water.

Finally, when the sweeping is done it's time to pick up the debris, when the dust pan is put over the fountain the fountain becomes plugged until you pickup the debris. Once the debris is picked up the fountain overflows like a geyser for awhile. When the sweeping task is over there will be little geysers certifying another successful swept floor.

Controls and extra detail and imagination

The player controls a broom while sweeping.

Additional layers will accompany the game. Broom breeze is seen as a layer over sweeping. Layer examples: Flower Fun where flower pettles are on the floor and must be swept into mini tornados, Kitty Catcher : sweep the playful kitties into the kennel to quiet them, Beach Bum Breeze where sounds and sights of the beach abound, sweep the sand away and look out for the palm trees. These work while still showing 30 - 90 % of your external enviroment.

Additional Info

Socially and fulfilling - The family will have a challenge picking who will sweep next because of the fulfilling and entertaining feelings they will get from Household Chores: Broom Breeze.

Lifestyle Integration - Scheduling can be used since the player will probably use the glasses atleast a few times a week for many things. The act of sweeping will integrate easily , just add glasses, for a dramatically different experience.

Complex hand or body gestures - This game uses speech recognition and hand recognition to choose layers, options and to know players desired actions.

Worktime - This game could work seamlessly into your sweeping worktime.

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