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Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A?
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November 19, 2018
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November 19, 2018
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Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A?

July 13, 2009 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 5

It is. I mean, this was my quote of E3 -- after XSEED announced Fragile, following up on Retro Game Challenge -- XSEED is my favorite publisher of Namco Bandai games.

SB: Right.

Which is just bizarre. I mean, things are changing, right?

AC: This is a big test for everyone, because, I mean, Atlus has taken Demon's Souls. XSEED has taken Fragile. We have Nostalgia, [Muramasa: The] Demon Blade. It's really what people have tested, to see what has everyone got to offer. It's a big test for everybody.

But I think there's something that we have going on that none of the others really have. We have the creative side especially, with Ignition, and that's something which is very special. Very special.

SB: Yeah, and hopefully this year at Tokyo Game Show, we're hoping to have a presence there, and if so, I think it would be very exciting. One to watch.

It's an interesting market to be in.

Ignition Entertainment/Matrix Software's Nostalgia

Did you guys have any reaction to anything that came out of the E3 press conferences, as pertains to Ignition?

SB: I went to all three press conferences, and the big talk this year is, of course, motion controllers -- again. As you know, both Sony and Microsoft unveiled camera-based motion-sensing peripherals.

And the Wii MotionPlus.

SB: And the Wii MotionPlus. And Nintendo announced the biometrics thing [Wii Vitality Sensor], that senses your biometrics. Lots of new add-ons, and gizmos, and gadgets. And while Ignition has never done anything that uses such gimmickry, we're not opposed to it.

And if it is going to be a new segment of the market, we're open to exploring that. Another big focus of the press conferences was digital distribution, and we're eagerly experimenting and exploring potentials for digital distribution, on all platforms.

OK, so, I'm going to put something back at you...

SB: All right.

You guys said you're all gamers, and you all have a passion for games, and obviously the titles you've released are obviously very hardcore. Just me personally, that appeals to me as well. But when it comes to something like these motion controllers and God-damned things that clip on your finger...

SB: Yes. (laughs)

Is your company in a position to take advantage of the Wii Fit kind of market?

SB: I think so. In the past, games like Mercury and Zoo Keeper were very casual, and those were two of the biggest hits that we've ever had, so we're not afraid to do those things. But I think our true passion does lie in hardcore games. We can't ignore the masses. And I like puzzle games; I like goofy, funny things; I love Wii Sports, so...

Do you like Wii Fit?

AC: Why do you think he's looking so good? (laughs)

SB: I appreciate and respect Wii Fit. Whether or not we'll have a Balance Board game this year? Probably not. But I'm not opposed to it, if you can make it fun.

I think a lot of game companies forget to focus on their strengths, for sure, and that can lead down a bad path. So if you're focusing on your strengths, I can't be too critical, but at the same time...

AC: I think it's really important you look at the type of team we've built, and the type of people that we have in management. I have to tell you that my first love is still, and Shane can tell you, Shadow of the Colossus. You know, I've got posters, all of the figurines around in my office. That's probably been my first love; it's a wonderful game.

But I think even if we indulge [ourselves with] the product that we're making... You'll see, as it goes further, when we get more prepared, you'll see what we're making, and I think it's going to be something very special, and I think people are going to be very surprised.

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