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Infinity Blade: A New Era Of Games
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July 24, 2021
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July 24, 2021
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Infinity Blade: A New Era Of Games

April 11, 2011 Article Start Previous Page 3 of 4 Next

Were you surprised at the uptake on this game?

DM: Yeah. I had a...

GM: I wasn't; he was. (Everyone laughs)

DM: Maybe I'm just always scared. I feel like I don't know. The night before our games come out, I'm like, "It could sell a million copies; it could sell zero copies." I don't ever...

LM: And the first time it's like, "Wow! Somebody really bought it!"

DM: The day before Infinity Blade came out, I thought, "We've made a really, really awesome game." I thought, "This is a fun game that I love playing and the team loved playing."

We thought we had something really special, but because of the unknowns of the marketplace... With Shadow Complex, I'm like, "This is a fun game. We're really, really proud of it, and I have zero doubt that it's gonna be a big success," just because it felt like the marketplace was absolutely ready for a title like that.

GM: And we're more familiar with the Xbox/console hardcore gamer market.

DM: Whereas this, I'm like... Who knows

LM: Well, Infinity Blade is the first of its kind, you know? The marketplace is just still developing, so...

DM: And it felt like a new enough genre choice that it felt like there could be literally no market for this, and so I didn't know.

LM: That's all we can do, though, is get it to the point where we feel like it's a good game, and fun to play, and we're proud of it.

SH: We had a moment about four weeks before we shipped where I'd been playing it on the 3GS for a few weeks or whatever, one of the test units that I had on my desk. We got a new build, and I took it on my phone and took it home and played it over the weekend. The first I turned it on, it all just sort of clicked at that point, and was like, "This is gonna be great." It's just doing something that nobody's ever been able to do before.

DM: We knew it was great; it's just great and selling doesn't necessarily [define its greateness]...

SH: That's true; that's true.

DM: But, yeah, within 24 hours it was number one on every chart. It was awesome.

When did Infinity Blade come out in relation to the iPad?

DM: It came out December 9th, so it had already been out for three months.

Oh, God; really? That's all? It feels like it's been out for... It feels like this big, titanic -- oh, that's the wrong word; titanic in the adjective sense, so it's not mean. (Everyone laughs)

LM: We just can't remember life before Infinity Blade!

GM: Because it hit hard and hit big, and you saw it everywhere -- because of Apple. You saw it on every TV commercial during the Super Bowl; you're like "What the heck is this thing?"

Do you have any statistics on whether it's more popular with iPad players? Do you have those kinds of statistics?

DM: We do. It's about 50 to percent are iPhones, so 3GSes and iPhone 4s.

GM: It's around 30 percent iPad and 20 percent iPods.

DM: And then, of the 50 percent that's iPhones, it's like... Is it 40 percent iPhone 4s? Or is it pretty evenly split?

GM: There's a lot more iPhone 4s than other [games] -- just because they're wanting to show it off. And that's shifting over time...

DM: And those numbers pretty much show that that has more to do with the install base of the devices. It's pretty even, if you look at how many iPhone 4s there are, compared to iPads, compared to iTouches. It's pretty even.

GM: The only thing that really surprised us is that, of the iPhones, [relatively] more iPhone 4s than 3GSes got it. But, thinking about it, that makes sense because that's where it really shines. People want to justify their iPhone 4 and say, "See? It's better than all your Android devices." So they wanted it for that reason. But over time that's shifting --

DM: Which is crazy, how many devices there are.

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