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Memorial: Composer Ryu Umemoto
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August 19, 2019
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August 19, 2019
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Memorial: Composer Ryu Umemoto

September 25, 2012 Article Start Previous Page 4 of 4


"It was him who invited me to work on the arrange album Ketsui, which was from Cave Inc. That was the first time for me to work on an album together with the other composers who I never knew, who were no one to do with the company I used to work for. Since then, I have met lots of the great composers and all has inspired me so, Umemoto-san was actually the one who opened up my world. I really appreciate him so much." - Akari Kaida (Composer, Okami, Breath of Fire III, Dino Crisis)

"I did an internet radio with Umemoto-san and Hally, so we were quite close. He even did mastering for my best-of album. When I was about to reach 50, he encouraged me, saying, 'You can still do music when you are a senior!' Also, he was one of a few people who understood my music. To be honest, I am still struggling to get over his death. But let's be strong and move forward." - Koji Hayama (Composer, Cho Aniki)

"Like so many others, I discovered Ryu Umemoto through his work with FM synthesis, buying some soundtracks on a whim. Quickly I became obsessed. The music was amazing, after all...

"It surprised me how curious he was about everything, always looking for inspiration and opportunities. Seeing with fresh eyes, like a newborn, but processing it as the very intelligent man he was. There are many things I could say, but it's hard to bring Umemoto-san justice in words. His music speaks for itself, and his actions spoke loudly to me. He was a good friend and remains an even greater inspiration." - Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Composer, Castle Story)

"Umemoto-san, I am deeply shocked. When I was not well, he gave me an advice: 'Zen would be good for it.' I occasionally do it still. Please rest in peace." - Yuzo Koshiro (CEO, Ancient, composer, Streets of Rage, Actraiser, Etrian Odyssey)

"In August 2011, he left the world in such a hurry. He would say, 'Death is not something you lament about.' I think so, too. He left us a gift that we cannot see." - Takeaki Kunimoto (Former audio director, Hudson Soft, composer RoboWarrior/Bomber King, Milon's Secret Castle)

"Ryu Umemoto was a very close friend. We had the same name, the same birthday (his was one year late), and we were both game composers. The music of Ryu Umemoto amazed me so much. I consider myself as his number one fan even now. However, I don't actually think that Ryu Umemoto has truly left us. He was someone who would just go off to many places alone, so I think he is just doing that again. We won't be able to hear his new music, but I am sure someone will inherit his musical legacy. Of course I would like to be one of them." - Ryu Takami (Composer, EVE burst error, GroundSeed, Deathsmiles)

"'On the contrary, I would not know what to do, if I am told that I can do anything,' he told me. He would enforce himself some kind of 'restriction' every time he was making music. Instrumentation restriction, chord progress restriction, and so on. When I offered a gig with an order 'Let's have this restriction,' he had a grin on his face and gladly accepted it. I will always appreciate him!" - Hideki Higuchi (Composer, R.U.R.U.R, Instant Brain, Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba)

"Hally and Ryu Umemoto were the reason that I had the ability to realize a dream of mine and contribute to a Japanese video game release, as Umemoto gave me the chance to arrange Ketsui and eventually Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label. I owe him a lot, both in my career and in my music style. He's greatly missed." - Jake Kaufman (Composer, Contra 4, Shante, Mighty Switch Force!)

"At a glance, Umemoto seems unorganized, but you would not think so if you listen to his music. He called me his teacher often. Yet I did not teach him anything, and I even think that I learned more things from him.

"So we are no longer able to listen to his new music of his. I will live listening to the music he left behind. There is some music that Umemoto left. I think the best thing I can do for him is to complete the music. This will be accomplished by the album Cyberphonic 3." - Keishi Yonao (Composer, Asuka 120%, Instant Brain)

"I still mourn his death. Umemoto and I were friends who would drink together several times, and participate on a lot of projects together for Cave and Egg Music. Umemoto and I met for the first time five years ago, and he was quiet about his own life. Thank you, Ryu Umemoto." - Manabu Namiki (Composer, Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou, Espgaluda, Ketsui, Tekken: Blood Vengeance)

"17 years ago I met Ryu-san, and we promised, 'Someday, let's make our game together.' We were so close to make the promise come true with Instant Brain. It fills me with sadness that we could not finish it. Because of Ryu-san, I came this far after joining this industry. He was not only the one I respected the most, but also the oldest friend of mine in the industry. Ryu-san, I thank you." - Makoto Asada (Producer, Cave)

Special thanks to Shota Nakama for translations and assistance with correspondence.

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