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The Ouya Experience: What game developers think so far
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April 7, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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The Ouya Experience: What game developers think so far

July 22, 2013 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 5

Do you plan on releasing another game on Ouya? Was your first game worth the effort?

Rami Ismail, Super Crate Box (Vlambeer)

Who knows? If it's a title that'd work on the Ouya, we might consider it - for Luftrausers  it's too late at this point, we're releasing that soon and we really want to start focusing on the games we're making after that. 

Eric Froemling, BombSquad

I still have a lot of things I want to add to BombSquad, but if I were releasing another game today I believe I would put it on Ouya.  Especially with the other Android consoles confirmed (and rumored) to be coming soon, writing the type of game that can work well on Ouya seems like a fairly worthwhile investment.

Ryan Wiemeyer, Organ Trail (The Men Who Wear Many Hats)

Since we use Unity, it should be easy enough for us to port some of our smaller games to Ouya. I would like to for an upcoming arcade style game, but based on the performance of Organ Trail so far... I don't know that it would be worth it for some of our larger projects.

After spending some time with the system as a player, I found that it's at it's best when playing a simple multiplayer game with a friend. It seems that local co-op and split screen play -- or as we call it, couch co-op -- has been lost as the major consoles push forward. I look forward to more simple and social experiences on the system. I have yet to see a meaty single player experience I would rather play on my Ouya, as opposed to, say, my PC. Our next game, which is more arcade style, is probably a great fit for the platform so I am eager to see how that goes.

E McNeill, Bombball

The Ouya is hugely different from other indie-friendly platforms, and that's its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. Bombball was made for the Ouya, and it will be an even harder sell on other platforms like PC or mobile, where controllers and big-screen local multiplayer are rare. And most games that were designed for other platforms will be awkward on the Ouya at best. It was definitely the right place for Bombball (where else could it go?), but I'd have to consider other games on a case-by-case basis.

Adam Spragg, Hidden in Plain Sight

My first game was a port, so it wasn't a whole lot of effort.  No current plans for my next game, but I'm looking closely at Unity and targeting Ouya, among other platforms.  Basically, as a hobbyist with a tiny budget, I'll release on any platform that makes it easy on me.  So far, that's been XBLIG and Ouya and PC.

Shay Pierce, Get on Top (Ouya port of Bennett Foddy's game)

I do think it was worth the effort, and I'd like to bring more games to the Ouya. The bottom line is that 1) this is a $100 console, so the potential userbase is very large; and 2) they're continuing to fix the issues. Remember that Steam had a very shaky launch...but they proactively fixed all their problems, and look at it now.

For me the point was never the Ouya; the point was "cheap hardware, an open app store in the living room, and pack-in controllers." It's the first game console that fits this description, but it's not going to be the last.

Joe Albrethsen, DubWars (Mura Interactive)

Yes, we see Ouya as a worthwhile investment for releasing future games. We would never release an exclusive title, but having it as another platform is profitable because of the accessibility and minimal cost.

Mura Intreractive's DubWars

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