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October 16, 2018
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Media Consumption: Koei's Mike Bond ( Fatal Inertia )

Media Consumption: Koei's Mike Bond (Fatal Inertia)

January 23, 2007 | By Alistair Wallis

January 23, 2007 | By Alistair Wallis
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For this weekís Media Consumption, a column that looks at the media and art diets of our favorite industry personalities, we speak to Mike Bond, lead designer on Koeiís upcoming next gen racing game Fatal Inertia.

The title was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, though the game will also be coming to the Xbox 360. Both versions are slated for release in March, with Bond noting that the development team are currently ďfocusing on finishing up tweaking the gameplay and adding online multiplayerĒ.

ďIím very excited about Fatal Inertia,Ē he continues. ďI think people will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game when itís released. It has a very different feel to it than most futuristic racing games - WipeOut, F-Zero, etc. - and I donít think players have ever experienced a game like this before.Ē

We spoke to Bond recently to ask him about the portion controlled servings that go into his media diet at the moment.

Sounds: "To be honest, I donít listen to all that much music. Iíve always leaned towards 70ís and 80ís classic rock, though I enjoy many kinds of music including classical and jazz. I used to play the trombone in several jazz/blues/pop bands throughout high school and there are times when I really miss it.

I canít say Iím a huge fan of listening to jazz or blues but, for me, playing it is a completely different experience."

Moving Pictures: "Iíve always been a fan of James Cameronís films. He has a great ability to create exciting and believable action movies - at least relative to the often absurd Bruckheimer films.

Lately, Iíve been watching more TV series than movies. Iíve really gotten into Battlestar Galactica and Firefly and am trying to find time to get into 24, Band of Brothers, and several others. Battlestar and Firefly both have very unique styles which are very refreshing after years of stale, sterilized, Star Trek-style sci-fi."

Words: "Iíve always enjoyed reading science fiction novels, though I must admit that I havenít had much time for reading lately, with the schedule of Fatal Inertia. My favourite authors include Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Canadian sci-fi author, Robert Sawyer. My favourite novel would have to be Arthur C. Clarkeís Rendezvous with Rama, as well as its 3 sequels.

Right now, Iím reading The Two Towers. Believe it or not, Iíve never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy before and am generally not a big fan of fantasy. However, I am definitely enjoying this series so far."

Games: "Hands down, my favourite game of all time is the original Super Mario Kart. Almost 15 years later, I still pick it up every so often and itís just as fun now as it was back then.

I like games from many different genres but I prefer games that can be quickly picked up and put back down without the need to learn complicated controls or that require a large investment in time. I also prefer these games to be multiplayer as the level of fun increases enormously when the experience is shared with a friend.

Lately, I have enjoyed playing Flat Out 2 on PC over the network at work and a little bit of Full Auto on Xbox 360). Motorstorm is also a game that Iíve been very impressed with - we have the Japanese release in the office. Iím looking forward to the North American release so that I can play it with other people, since the Japanese version has no multiplayer."

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