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  Meet the Races of WarMage Battlegrounds
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]


For nearly a thousand years the world of Kator has avoided the scourge of war by settling disputes on sacred battlegrounds. WarMages, magic wielding leaders of the different factions of Kator, engage in ritualistic battles to hone their skills, increase their prestige, and resolve differences before they become widespread conflict.

But now, strange winds stir. WarMages are being attacked outside of the sacred battlegrounds by enemies not seen since the Great War. It is time for WarMages to learn as much as they can about the strengths and weaknesses of each other, as well as the recently reappearing evil and corrupted forces. Read the gathered information to increase your chances of survival and victory in the increasingly dangerous WarMage Battlegrounds.

Today we shall take a look at the various races found within WarMage Battlegrounds, provide you with a brief bio and reveal their strengths and  weaknesses. This information came at a great cost, and as a WarMage, this  information could mean victory or spell defeat!




HUMANS  - The most populous of the races of Kator, Humans live in nearly every environment and fight over them as well. While Humankind may sometimes relish in war against those who cross their path, they are also one of the most industrious and hard-working race. Humans build to conquer and conquer to build and even destroy that which they have built in order to build it again.

Unlike the other races, Humanity has no favor or disfavor for any particular element. They are a jack-of-all-trades, a master of the elements and fight hard for every inch of ground they are forced to defend or choose to take.

Elemental Affinity: Humans are general specialists in all types of magic, and have no specific vulnerabilities.


DRAGONKIN - The Dragonkin are an enigmatic race that claims to be descended from mighty dragons themselves. Regardless of the truth of the matter, the Dragonkin are powerful, fierce f  ighters who wield deadly magic and possess a strength that few can match.

They make their homes in great caverns beneath the towering peaks of the Mountains of Flame. It is in atop these mountains and in the deep spaces beneath the earth that the Dragonkin wage war with the races of Kator.

Elemental Affinity: Dragonkin are specialists in Life, Death and Fire magic, but are vulnerable to Air, Earth and Water.  


LYCAN - Fast and nimble, but often misunderstood and rarely trusted, the Lycan are a deeply philosophical and mystical race who reside in the Sullen Marsh at the mouth of the Banotrys River. There they live in tight-knit clans, each vying for control over dry land and resources. Because of their clan social structure, Lycan WarMages and armies are rare, but they often hire themselves out as mercenaries to other WarMages.

Lycan armies have been known to withdraw from a battle if the portents are unfavorable, even going so far as to surrender in order to avoid a terrible fate.

Elemental Affinity: The Lycan are specialists of Death magic and Piercing attacks, but are vulnerable to Life and Fire magic.

SINTA - The Sinta, or Great Cat, are a collection of species that are collectively grouped together for similar feline-like features. All species of Sinta form a federation of people who roam the vast Plain of Talsinta (Plain of the Great Cat).

Only a few Sinta-controled cities remain in the most remote lands of the Talsinta, but they are well-protected and guarded. Even the battlegrounds of the Talsinta lay far from the settled regions, but closer to the ruins where many say ancient artifacts and items of power still remain buried to this day.

Elemental Affinity: The Sinta are specialists in Death and Air magic as well as Slashing attacks, but are vulnerable to Fire and Earth magic.

ELVES - An ancient people who have a deep love of nature and of the wildlands of the world, Elves are rarely found in the great cities of the land preferring instead to spend their days among the trees of the Forest of Anthrok. There, amongst towering giants many hundreds of feet tall, the Elves study the essence of nature, compose great songs about the beauty of the wilds, and fiercely protect the borders of their forest kingdoms.

Many a WarMage has fallen prey to the quick and nimble Elven armies who attack from afar with arrows and deadly spells.  

Elemental Affinity: Elves are specialists in Life and Air magic as well as ranged attacks, but are vulnerable to Death magic.


MINOTAUR - The Minotaur are a proud race often misunderstood by outsiders and called violent or irrational. Yet, as a people they simply prefer to solve their differences through martial combat; the victor's argument is proven to be correct. They are, in fact, a brilliant and ancient people who are not barbaric, but were once the greatest builders of the known world.

Tragically, their vast empire has fallen to ruin with the emergence of the WarMages. Now, the remnants of that Empire are scattered and its peoples counted among more than a dozen kingdoms. The great stonework and sculptures of the Empire have been re-used to build newer monuments or toppled and buried by the ages.

Elemental Affinity: The Minotaur are specialists in Earth, Life and Fire magic, but are vulnerable to Air magic.


GIANTS - Towering above the other races of Kator, the Giants are a power to be reckoned with and a force any WarMage would gladly have on his side. Giants may be slow moving, but they make up for their lack of speed with powerful, deadly attacks and a resilience that is unmatched on the battleground.

Beyond the Mountains of Flame, on the southern edges of the Shivering Plains the Giants make their homes. There amongst densely, forested hills and steep, often perilous valleys, the Giants build massive fortresses and fight to protect that which they claim Thorok himself gifted to them ages ago along with his strength.

Elemental Affinity: Giants are specialists in Water magic and Crushing attacks, but are vulnerable to all magic except Water.

DWARVES - A people of strong convictions, quick to anger, yet just as quick to forgive, Dwarves tend to evoke powerful emotions in both their allies and their enemies.

On the battleground they are a fierce and powerful ally, but a dangerous and deadly enemy. There is an old saying, "a wise man keeps one eye on the ground and one eye on the sky when there are Dwarves about." Many proud WarMages have failed to heed the adage and have tasted bitter defeat at the hands of Dwarven steel and earthen magic.

Elemental Affinity: Dwarves are specialists in Earth and Life magic, but are vulnerable to Water magic.

FAERY - For centuries the Faery were thought to have vanished from the face of Kator. It was said that they were weak, that the Elves protected them for too long, and that Razzus or even Satarus himself chose to take them away. These rumors could not be further from the truth!

The Faery live hidden away in the most remote regions of Anthrok, where they build cities high above the ground in the branches of the great trees and contemplate the nature of Life, Death and of the world itself.

Once engaged in battle the Faery are merciless, fast moving, and armed with powerful spells of Air, Life and Death.

Elemental Affinity: The Faery are specialists in Air, Life and Death magic, but are vulnerable to Fire magic and nearly all physical attacks.  


About WarMage Battlegrounds

WarMage Battlegrounds is the ultimate online multiplayer turn-based tactical combat strategy game! Within minutes, players can create an account, customize and craft their very own WarMage and begin commanding squads of mighty battle units, and wielding powerful magic in exciting turn-based tactical battles.  

Game Features

  • Ranked PvP
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  • 5 Game Modes
  • 100's of Collectible Items
  • Customizable characters and battle units 
  • Matchmaking Queue
  • Clan and Group Support
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