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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

WHAT:           MapleSEA fires up the June school holidays with the launch of two characters and a new hangout for players as it releases part four of its Season 2 content today.

The first character to be introduced is the final hero who helped to seal up Black Mage, Luminous. During the battle, Luminous and Phantom were the last to arrive upon Freud's instructions. When Luminous entered the Black Mage's throne, he found the injured Freud and through telepathy, Luminous was told to seal off the Black Mage once and for all.

However, in the midst of Freud and Luminous fighting to activate the seals, Black Mage attempted to break free and Luminous had no choice but to physically clash with him. Though Black Mage was ultimately defeated, Luminous was tainted in the process.

100 years later, as Luminous woke up and found himself in Ellinia, the dark powers within him gained control and he annihilated the entire area.  Slowly, he gained control over himself and realised that his light and dark powers are at an imbalance as the dark powers he gained from Black Mage started to show its true form and therefore, he had to make the choice between the Light and the Dark.

As a Luminous, players will be able to choose either the Light or the Dark powers to embark on an adventure with the challenging character. They would have to maintain the balance between these two powers to unleash the most damage upon their enemies.

For more information on Luminous and his skills, please refer to the following link

While Luminous is caught up with the balancing of his powers, a new       character is also rising in another part of the Maple World, Pantheon.   Kaiser also originates from the Nova race like the Angelic Buster. He was                the

defender of Grandis 100 years ago, and went off to battle Magnus, one of Black Mage's commanders after telling his comrades to stay behind             and protect Pantheon.

Unfortunately, even when he transformed to his final stand as the battle               wore on, Magnus proved too strong and Kaiser had to unleash an attack       that eradicated both Magnus' forces and himself as a last resort. It was            kept as a

            secret that Kaiser would eventually reincarnate as a Nova child.

Forward to the present times and a little boy called Kyle formed the Heliseum force with his friends, Tear and Velderoth. In the same battle where Tear became the Angelic Buster, Kyle killed one of the priests, who tried to seize a relic, after Tear was defeated. At the same time, the Kaiser powers awaken within him and he killed the remaining priests.

When Kyle regained consciousness, he was told that he is the reincarnation of Kaiser and from then, he had to accept his destiny as the defender of Pantheon.

Players will have to fill up a morph gauge by using skills to attack their enemies, before they can transform into Kaiser. Once transformed, players will be awed by the power Kaiser during the battle.

Discover more about Kaiser and his skills from the Interactive Factsheet via the following link,

Other than creating new adventures with the new characters, players can also travel to the new Gold Beach resort for a breather and hang out with their friends at this sunny recluse.

Gold Beach is a new theme dungeon where Gold Richie is in the midst of setting up his resort business with his son, Gold Richie Junior. Set against a backdrop of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, players will need to help Gold Richie overcome some of the problems he encountered while trying to start his resort business

Open to level 40 and above, players will need to accept a quest to be ported over to this new map. Otherwise, they could head to the Six Path Crossroad and look for Pilot Irvine if they needed an escape to the sunny paradise.

In conjunction with the launch, there will also be a plethora of events and activities waiting for players to participate and explore and win attractive rewards and prizes. Players can also keep a lookout for a unique party experience that will be coming soon to celebrate MapleSEA's 8 th birthday too.

Therefore, stay tuned to MapleSEA’s website at or MapleSEA’s Facebook Fan Page at to receive the latest MapleSEA news, updates and events!

WHO:             MapleSEA

WHERE:        Online

WHEN:           12 June 2013

MEDIA:          For more information of the event, please contact

Ian Purnomo at , +65 9008 4538, or

Alvinia Lee at, +65 9792 9656

     +65 6825 8532

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