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April 18, 2021
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Press Releases
  Jerpix Launches New Digital Collectible Card Game: Orbs CCG
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]

San Francisco - July 17, 2013 - Jerpix, an independent developer with a passion for strategy games, today announced their first project - Orbs CCG. Named a " Digital CCG to Watch in 2013" by, Orbs CCG offers a unique take on collectible card games (CCGs), combining strategic elements from popular fantasy-themed CCGs with the convenience of being able to play in either real-time or asynchronously, one turn at a time over the course of days.

Playable online from any browser, Orbs CCG is a deep strategy HTML5-based CCG by Jerpix, a startup game company backed by Y Combinator, the top-tier startup incubator in Silicon Valley. The Orbs CCG team includes ex-Google engineer and Jerpix founder Jeff Pickhardt, and Tom Martell, professional gamer and winner of the 2013 Magic Pro Tour Gatecrash (the highest form of competitive tournament for Magic: The Gathering).

In addition to basic multiplayer, Orbs CCG will also feature online tournaments, including drafting. Furthermore, Orbs CCG boasts an epic single-player campaign mode in which the player must obtain all six Legendary Orbs and save Orbworld from its impending destruction.

Orbs CCG features four types of cards: 

  • Allies, who attack opponents and defend players' life totals.
  • Objects, which players play to their board for their desired effects.
  • Actions, which have an immediate effect and then go to the graveyard after being played.
  • Traps, which are played face down and triggered on an opponent's turn.
One of the core game mechanics of Orbs CCG is a game zone called the Bench. Beyond playing cards normally, players may bench cards by paying the cost of their Energy (acquired by discarding cards from your hand) and playing them face down in the bench area. These cards may then be played for free later on, making bluffing an important part of the game's strategy.

"My motivation for making an asynchronous collectible card game is that I personally used to play Magic with a lot of my friends and family," says Jeff Pickhardt, founder of Jerpix. "But for reasons of time or location we're just not able to play together anymore. Orbs CCG makes playing a trading card game with friends and family much more accessible and convenient."

"As a pro gamer, I really like deep strategic games - the kind of games that I and other Magic players have fun playing," says Tom Martell, co-game designer and consultant for Orbs CCG. "That's exactly what we've done with Orbs CCG. The game offers creative deck building, and every turn features strategic and interesting decisions to be made."

Orbs CCG Key Features:

  • Engaging, competitive, and strategic gameplay   
  • Asynchronous or real-time gameplay: Players set their own pace. Orbs CCG can either be played asynchronously, in which players can play turn-by-turn at their own leisure, or in real-time, in which each turn must be completed in less than three minutes.   
  • Creative deck building options: Orbs CCG features an extensive selection of well-balanced and carefully crafted cards.    
  • An immersive single-player story mode: In addition to its multiplayer modes, Orbs CCG will challenge players in a solo storyline to save Orbworld and reunite the formerly allied guilds.   
  • Online tournaments: Orbs CCG includes draft, sealed, and regular tournaments for prizes.   
  • A "benching" mechanic: The Bench allows players to play cards face-down so their benefits may be reaped in later turns, also providing additional incentive for bluffing.  
  • No "mana flooding": Maintaining a strategic, six-color resource system, ANY card in hand may be converted to energy of its color by discarding it. Energy regenerates at the start of the player's turn.
  • HTML5 developed:  Orbs CCG is accessible from any modern browser on any OS without having to install any software or Flash. HTML5 allows for features like spectated matches, referral links to earn free booster packs, and easily created/shared deck lists.
Orbs CCG is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter to support development and artwork costs. A wealth of backer tiers and rewards are available to those who wish to support the game! Stretch goals include mobile and tablet versions of Orbs CCG for both iOS and Android devices.

For more information on Orbs CCG, be sure to check out the official Orbs CCG website and Kickstarter campaign:

About Jerpix

Jerpix is a startup game company based in Silicon Valley, California, with a mission to make deep strategic digital games, the kind that can support professional tournament gameplay. It's currently developing Orbs CCG, a competitive online collectible card game. Jerpix is backed by Y Combinator, a top-tier startup incubator that also invested in and Dropbox.